1. I had enough of this ridiculous movement! I'm 5 foot 6 I weigh 208 lb right now I used to be 238 I lost 30 lbs and I'm planning to lose more weight. I want to be between 175 and 185 I have a wider frame so that would actually work and be healthy for me. I am Man enough to admit I am like this because of laziness but I am working very hard to lose this weight and get healthy this fat acceptance is nothing but a bunch of bullshit trying to post this as a good thing is horrible for people!

  2. These whales probably know someone who is fat but healthy and using that to think they can too.

    Yep there’s also smoking grandpas who eat like shit who make it to their late 80s. It’s rare and you shouldn’t think you can live like that.

    Healthy weight people already are at risk for disease depending on their diet and hereditary factors so being fat just increases that risk.

  3. If you are ok with being fat then go on with your chubby self. However you need to understand it's unhealthy and you might not fit in the seats provided by public businesses.

  4. My opinion: people should do as they please
    Fact: If you're as big as these girls, there's definitely something wrong with your body, either you can't stop eating garbage and if that's not the case for you and you exercise and eat healthy and still have that body go to the doctor cause that ain't normal.

    But definitely stop acting like being obese should be praised, you don't go and tell someone with cancer "it's ok just accept yourself and celebrate your cancer" no you would be a fucking asshole if you do that, it's no different with this ladies, they wanna recognition for being unhealthy and thats fucking stupid, think what you want of me but what I said is a fact period.

  5. If you are fat and you’re happy great stuff👍 I don’t see the need to be nasty to any one. But I will not promote obesity on my kids and say it’s a good weight to be because it’s not. It’s a very bad health wise, state to be in. ✌🏻

  6. If you're waist measurement is greater than 40 inches for men, and 37 inches for women you are at an increased risk for obesity-related diseases, regardless of how active you are.

  7. Dont be concerned about stigma towards your fat from society instead be concerned about heart diseases, cardio vascular problems, diabetes. Stigma is opinion I guess so ignore dont ignore your failing health.

  8. These delusional land whales are infuriating. Acceptance is fine, but quit with the denial. How can you seriously sit there and say "Just because I'm morbidly obese, it doesn't mean I'm unhealthy"?

  9. Nobody gives a single fuck about your eating habit just dont pretend like whole world is fucking against you because you are fat.Some people are just attention whores.

  10. We don’t come fat, you become fat stop trying to make people feel okay of a problem such as being fat (overweight) to where your body can’t perform at the level it needs to. Your breathing slows down you become slow and all types of shit.

  11. Obesity is the second leading cause of death, second to tobacco, not only you’re killing yourself when your fat. But you’re also killing others due to millions of dollars spent on rebuilding the hospital doors and wheelchairs, other than something else that’s important to spent with that money, like cancer or trying to reduce the rise of health conditions connected to obesity

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