Why Pam Slim is Down on Inspiration (and What She’s Up For)

Why Pam Slim is Down on Inspiration (and What She’s Up For)

I’m Michael Bungay Stanier from Box of Crayons and I wanna tell you why
when you’re looking for your purpose or your meaning; or your vision…Pam Slim is against you relying on inspiration. Pam and I were talking in preparation for the Great Work MBA, the virtual conference and you probably know Pam from her first
book Escape from Cubicle Nation which gives you cool ninja moves to get
out of a job where you really not flourishing but what I’m really excited about is her
next book, Body of Work. And, got me thinking was the word “body.” Now, for me, sometimes and by that I mean often, my body is used
primarily as a “head transportation machine” A bit like the character from a James Joyce a short story who, and I quote, “lived at a little distance from his body” but there is wisdom in your physical self.
It really connects you to reality. Just notice your feet on the
ground right now there. Remember a time when you
got your socks and your shoes off and it’s just you barefoot in the grass now I love that originally the word
“humble” means “on the ground”… And I also love that it’s from here you can
connect to your roots. That’s different from inspiration the origin of the it would inspiration
is the Latin word “Inspiro” and that means “breathed into”. External. Perhaps turbulent, but to draw your past your roots means
having deep wisdom: the rough and the tumble. Your heritage, the traditions, your stories, your scars. Dolly Parton, that true philosopher, probably said it best when she found a way
to combine them both both, inspiration and deep rooted wisdom, she said “Storms make trees take deeper roots” I’m Michael Bungay Stanier from Box of Crayons and if you want to tap
deep into some provocative wisdom doing more the work that matters
please do join me and Pam Slim and 24 other fantastic speakers sharing insights and strategies to do
you more great work and a free Great Work MBA virtual
conference the link for that is right below:


  1. HI Michael, Enjoyed your short video about Pam Slim and her latest work and the importance of using our body's wisdom. I so believe in this! Looking forward to attending "Great Work MBA"!

  2. Loved this creative genius video, Michael – even though I love inspiration too but I do prefer roots and becoming grounded.

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