Why I’ve Gained Weight / Gaby & Allison

Why I’ve Gained Weight / Gaby & Allison

– Welcome to Just Between Us…
– Extended – Three point oh
– Extended version – What?
– Added bonus footage – Look
– Added material – Things are about to change big time
– But in a good way, not in a bad way, not in a “Is This What You Want” way
laughsnot in a one video a week way a… am.. a more content way don’t freak
’em out – oh yeah sorry, hope your not freaking
out here’s the thing, a couple of things are happening, one: Gaby is writing a book
– I am, I’m writing a new book that’s coming out, yes
– Yeah everyone knows – Okay
– I’m also working on a variety of things – Yeah, we both are
– And um and basically what’s happened is we don’t have time to make sketches
anymore – Yeah
– At least for now – Yeah, we have other things that you guys
will see that are coming out – Well I wouldn’t go that farlaughs
– I think they are your thing’s coming out – Oh yeah
– My thing’s coming out – Oh yeah
– Our stuff is gonna be for consumption – I… at least half of our stuff will
eventually be for consumption – Reach your ears and your eyeballslaughs
– We, were thinking about it and so now that we really only have time to do the
couch show, – Yeah
– We kind of like talked about what will the couch show be, mostly because this one
girl left a really mean comment – It wasn’t mean
– It was pretty mean at one point she says Maybe try being friendly to your fans
instead of condescending and insulting as F**k at pretty much every opportunity
never mind the fact that Allison is becoming unlikable in my opinion.
– Oh that part was not nice – So you don’t think that’s mean?
– That part wasn’t nice, there was some genuine…laughs
– There was some constructive criticism and then that part was just mean. What do
you mean you can’t read a comment isn’t that the whole reason they write comments?
It feels like you have stopped caring about the quality of your content. The
half a**ing thing was endearing at first and much less so now. I used to love this
show so much, then she kind of bashes me a bit more. A.. all of the criticism is just
directed towards me. – Yeah I guess that’s why I didn’t think
it was meanlaughs– It ends with her knowing, I’m
unsubscribing but I love this show and felt like I wanted to say something
because I’m so disappointed and still somewhat hopeful, not really if you
unsubscribed. My first reaction to that quit…
– Quit the show? – Quit everythinglaughs
– I don’t want you guys to think – No I do like nice things I’m just saying
– I don’t want you guys to think we don’t hear your nice comments we definitely do
– Of course there are nice things that’s why I’m still here
– No because there are people who genuinely are like this show helps me I love
it I wake up and watch you know what I mean – Well so that’s why I’m not giving up and
– Right -instead we’re going to become more of your
generic channel -pff, I’ll, no Allison all we’re doing is
making the videos longer – No that’s not all were doing you think
that that’s somehow all we’re, we’re not answering advice questions anymore
– Oh yeah – Wer’e picking topics instead of questions
– Oh yeah – We’re going to be more real and less jokey
so what are you talking about that it’s just longer?
– I think we’ll still be jokeytheme music plays– Welcome back to JBU three point oh
laughs– so since we’re not going to have advice
questions, at least for right now -mmhhmm
– You know give us the room to grow and to change and to revert umm
– Revert, go back? – Yeah we could revert who knows?
– Go back to how you were? – Maybe, maybe we’ll get really unbusy and
then we’ll have a sketch every week. – I see yeah because everything could just plummet
– Yes – All of our other projects could die
– Right – When planning this episode..
– Uhuh – Rigorously
– Sure yeah I saw… – And without, and without arrogance,
I was like what topics do I wanna talk about and it’s something that’s… this feels so weird
– no tell me – This new, okay, oh my god
– This is like we’re having a conversation Tell me
– Okay, so weird we haven’t talked in years umlaughs
I’ve been struggling with lately -uh huh
– maybe forever but lately for real is my weight
– Really? – Yes
– Really? – So I don’t know if you’ve noticed
– But you work out so much – Well here’s what’s interesting, I’m,
I’m currently the heaviest I’ve ever been. – What?
– I’m also probably the strongest I’ve ever been – Yeah you work out so much, you think that’s why
– It’s because of my medication – Ohhh
– So after my breakup in April – Mmhmm
– I spiraled real bad to be fair the spiral was coming
– Yeah – It wasn’t like oh and then that happened
and then I was suicidal it was like oh and then I just became suicidal, what?
– Yeah no I know what you’re saying – Okay yeah
– I’ve done the same thing – Yeah w.. tip of the iceberg anyway,
after years of not being on medication since I was twenty-one
– mmhmm – I, I needed to go on it, and I listened
to myself and my therapist –laughs
– And I went on Zoloft – Yeah which is what I’m on
– Still, your’e supposed to be off of that – I’m on Zoloft and the other thing
– Okay – I’m on two things
– Me too, so I’m on Zoloft and I’m also on Bis.. I don’t know anyway I think it’s
caused me to gain weight. Probably also my eating habits. I’ve had a couple people
mention to me that I should go off, people very close in my life, said that I should
go off of the medicine –gasp
– In order to lose weight – No
– And switch, and switch medicines and try to find a different medicine in order to
lose weight – But that’s not there, there not
prioritizing your mental health which is the most important thing.
– Right – ‘Cause finding one, a medication that
works for you is so hard – But I know it’s so that’s what’s been
this interesting thing where I’m like unfortunately my bathroom is full of
mirrors, every single day when I shower I’m, I stare at my body and my body has
very much changed and I have…Sugar barks
Get up, get up you stinkerAllison attempting to make dog noises
– What I wanna know is what’s her plan after she barks at that?
Sugar continues to bark
– No they just leave. Everyday in my
bathroom… – Yeah
– I have to look at my body and how it’s changed and then I have to prioritize
what’s more important because it’s not like oh there isn’t a different medication
and that won’t also work and I won’t gain weight onGaby sighsBut I’m kinda in the
most busy part of my life ever, I have like the most obligations and the most
responsibilities – And changing meds is like you might get
nauseous it might not work It’s like… – Right
– You might start crying randomly you don’t know
– ‘Cause I’m on the meds, the weight gain doesn’t affect me that muchlaughs
– Right – Like ’cause I’m like so fu**in’ chill
now that I’m like yeah I’m fatboth laughing
– You’re not, first of all you’re not – I mean
– You’re also very in shape though – Well that’s what’s interesting is that
I’m by, I’m by far the strongest I’ve ever been and probably in the best shape I’ve
ever been in – You have a trainer
– Yeah – You’ve like…
– I can do a lot of push-ups – Your mental health matters more than any
weight gain also this idea that a certain weight is better than another weight
– When it happened, I went to John, my boyfriend and he was like well I just
think that people have different healthy weights and I’m like I think that you
look healthy – Yeah
– Like I think that it looked, you know what I mean and that like I’m not a stick
and also like my sister, her, it’s like taking me a really long time to just
like realize that my body shape is never gonna be her body shape.
– Certain people like being a different size, certain people’s partners like them
being a different size like it’s not like this one si.. I mean other than the media
being insane but there’s like not this one size that is like attractive like I’ve
been attracted to people of all kinds of body sizes, people are happy at all
different sizes like it doesn’t matter – Yeah, yeah and it definitely helps to
have a partner who is so supportive and so – mmhmm
– and so, and so like um, what’s it called like if you say nice things? Complementary
– Complementary. Well you say this all the time. It doesn’t matter what it actually
is, it matters what you think of it. – mmhmm
– So it doesn’t matter what your weight is it matters how you feel about it.
– Yeah and so right now I’m.. I’m.. I mean am I thrilled when I see myself in the
mirrors, uh, no but I am thrilled that I’m doing better and that I’m like happier
because a lot of times I’ve been much skinnier and miserable.
– You also have no concept of what’s the best part of you, like you’re like when
people are like Allison’s thick… – But in my defense
– You’re like eww – In my defense
– And like they love it, thick is a complement
– I did not think I was getting fat until it was pointed out to me so it’s not like
oh this is all my internal things – You’re also not.. you’re also not at all
like the stereotypical definition of fat. – Yeah but if you go to any of our videos
there’s at least one or two comments recently that’s Allison’s getting fat.
Allison’s getting fat – Oh people say that about me all the time
– Yeah but I’m just saying it’s not like it’s an interesting thing to have it come
from an external source. – mmhmm
– Where like for the first time I wasn’t.. – You were happy
– Yeah I wasn’t bringing it on myself and then to have other people do that was like
it was kind of devastating – Awe
– Anyway, real talk with JBU – I also think that people that come at
us and be like Gaby’s getting fat or Allison’s getting fat are um misguided in
what is an insult. – I find that comments from other women
are so much more hurtful to me than comments from men.
– Oh me too – Like I had a Instagram photo recently
and this girl just like ripped into me and like make me so sad that like that’s how
she talks about other women. – Yeah I always think about that.
– It.. It like.. it was.. I was like so.. I like.. I almost wanted to like find her
mom and be like… – Are you okay?
– Hi like your daughter is speaking to other women like this.
– They’re viewing it as if you should be like Kendall Jenner,
do you know what I mean? – mmh
– But they are not Kendall Jenner – I think this girl thought she was.
– Do you know… – Her bio was
“I’m doing better than you are.” – What!? The fact that like anyone would
think that you would be upset to gain weight too, implies that gaining weight is
bad or that being a certain body size is bad which is like, if you’re happy,
not true – And I also think it’s we’re not quite
there yet where that’s not still an insult – Of course!
– It’s still.. like in our current society it’s intended to be an insult
– I know – And I think it’s hard for it not to be
taken as such – Like the best thing that’s attractive is
like confidence and happiness and then when someone comes onto a video and
is like “Gaby’s getting fat” I’m like oh they’re sad
– Oh absolutely but I think it’s also like for me it’s.. it’s comparing what I used
to be like, it’s comparing.. it’s not like oh I’ve never been skinny and I’m just
like obsessed with the idea, it’s like I have been significantly skinnier.
– But you’re skinny now. – Am I?
– I mean I just think it’s with age like as I’ve gotten older, I look
completely different and I.. and I was like “oh why don’t I look like I did when
I was a teenager?’ and it’s like of course you’re not going to, and I also like part
of me, I like have a lot of problems with my weight too and like with my body and
part of me is just like you know what like no one’s gonna be like I don’t want to
have sex with that girl. Like.. like I’m nit picking these things that like I have
to just realize that no one else cares about
– mmhmm. I’m just happy that I’m in a place where someone can say that to me and
it doesn’t ruin my day. Someone could tell me oh I should get off my meds and to..
and to lose weight. And that’s how fat I am that I need to change my meds
– Just f*ck up – And for me to just say no I’m going to
stay on my meds, I’d rather be happy like being in that place is so much better that
being skinnier.Music Plays– ‘Cause you have nice perky boobs, my
girlfriend has perky boobs, so it’s like what am I even doing over here
– You have big boobs – I know but, I feel like the.. all the
women you see in like magazines and stuff have these like perky, little titties.
– What magazines are you getting? – Just perky titties magazine.laughs
– I bet that exists.Gaby laughs againSubtitles by the Amara.org community


  1. Get off the medication to be off the medication. The US is the king of pumping medication into people as an answer to their problems.

  2. I strongly disagree, your mental health imo in the last consideration when it comes to overall health. If you're dying no one is caring about the person's mental state. Whats important at that moment in time is doing what needs to be done to make sure they dont die. ANd this typically entails things like making sure theyre still able to take in oxygen or making sure that theyre heart is still beating and in a proper rhythym or making sure the body temperature is properly regulated and making sure theyre not bleeding out or not clotting too much. All of these things have to do with physical and medical health. If these two types of health arent being taken care of it doesn't matter your mental state, you will die. Being at a healthy weight is very important when leading a healthy lifestyle and it's not any less important than one's mental health.

    Allison has obviously gained weight but it doesn't look like shes gained enough to put her in the overweight or obese category. Its certainly not something she should be worrying about just yet, however, if the trend of gaining weight continues and she becomes obese she needs to do something about it. A lot of people make themselves very sick because they don't take care of their physical health.

  3. I gained weight after starting my anti-anxiety meds too! I don’t know if it caused it, but there’s definitely a correlation. I feel SO GOOD mentally though. Like so good that I don’t really care. I’m the past I would have cared, but right now I’m just too busy being content for the first time ever

  4. I liked the jokey attitude. I feel like people that don't go through mental health issues don't understand that being jokey about it is so helpful. I relate so much to your jokes! Obviously we can be serious, I think we're all very aware of how serious our shit is, but joking about it is a nice way of coping with it. That way at least half of our lives isn't serious.

  5. I really hate that phrase that Allison says @7:11 "I'm not a stick". It's so rude and it is skinny shaming. Skinny people are not sticks.

  6. Don't settle for being fat. Try to figure it out. I could tell you the answer. Also, all those drugs is crazy. Something is very wrong with what they are doing with their lives to be that unhappy. Also, I think a big part of being unhappy is that she has been living the feminist lifestyle, which has left her unmarried and childless.

    The feminist lifestyle says young women should work primarily for money in the 20's and 30's like young men. Then if they are able to get married and have children it says they should not raise them, but send them to a service like daycare and schools which keep them all day. Feminism views femininity as weakness and only sees masculinity as having value/power. But that is a great diservice to everyone. Femininity and masculinity are both important for men and women and each specializes to a greater degree in each.

  7. you're stronger because you bulked. still not healthy. Eddie Hall is a freaking monster power lifter. He's strong af, doesn't mean he's healthy.

  8. If you're unhappy with how you look you can change it WITHOUT changing your meds. It might be HARDER bc the meds but its possible. If you're not unhappy enough with your body to change it then cool. But..just remember its A LOT HARDER to shed the extra unwanted weight the older you get…once 30 happens it's NOT like when youre 21 and can drop 5vanity-pounds in a week…15lbs will take MONTHS….and its not just about the look of it. As long as youre being health then cool..if youre eatting pints of icecream and bags of chips while deep diving on YouTube every night Thats not good for body nor soul…

  9. Over the past year, I've put on a substantial amount of weight. I went from being told daily that I was "so skinny" to now having a hard time finding clothes that fit me. I had medication changes for anxiety and I feel the most calm and myself I've ever felt. Your mental health is so much more important than your size. I look back and see that I was actually an unhealthy weight and my body is shaped more womanly as it should be. Should I exercise and eat better, yes. I think anyone could say that. I'm doing well mentally and I'm proud of myself and I'm so proud of you for taking control of your health. You are such a great role model for women and so talented. Thank you for being so open about this topic for all of us who needed to hear it 🙂

  10. Take pictures of yourself now. Then when your 50 look at them and try and figure out why you thought you were fat. You will be perplexed. You look great. Enjoy it and have lots of sex.

  11. I like watching videos months apart,, to really appreciate the content more because of memories attached to past vids?? idk lol

  12. I haven't seen Allison in videos since she left Buzzfeed (2015), so her weight gain came as a shock to me.

    I just want to point out the fact that people used to think they would get FAT from working at Buzzfeed because of their snack stations etc. However, it's usually when you drop out as an employee and start working for yourself, you have A LOT LESS time to take care of yourself, because you have to dedicate a lot of time in making, perfecting and maintaining your product.

    Best of luck Gaby and Allison, and take good care!

  13. The most important thing is health!!! and I congratulate both of you to follow that idea. Weight doesn't matter until it unhealthy (both ways, skinny or fat) You are great, don't worry about bad comments, they are just heartless people.

  14. I agree with the mindset that your mental health is more important then your weight. Though our physical health is also important, and having excessive fat, even when you're not obese, isn't healthy. Mental health might come first but don't forget physical health. Allison was still fine I guess. But Gaby saying that a certain weight isn't better then other weights, is not true. But it does indeed depend on the person. I think what I just mean by this ramble is that fat acceptence shouldn't lead to denying health facts and stopping people losing weight.

  15. Yall are so lucky to have each other in your lives. I wish I had a best friend, other then myboyfriend. Allison you are a sexy classy gal and you need to look in the mirror and own it and believe it!

  16. I am kinda shook to see her like that. Don't get me wrong, what I want to say is that she was always the skinny girl trough buzzfeed videos, like she even appeared in a video about that.

  17. I just subscribed and that's the first video I've seen. My god girls, I didn't recognise you! You're sooo different from buzzfeed time… I love your haircuts

  18. "It doesn't matter what your weight is but how you feel about it" this is true up to a certain point for sure, as long as you are healthy then definitely yes. But you shouldn't let it get into your head then stop caring and eventually gaining like 20 lbs of fat.. because then its not what you or others think about it, but rather what your body thinks about it… Obesity is such a huge epidemic and people treating it as something fine is not okay. I don't think either of you is obese of course, and I totally agree with ur point there.. but I don't think its a good idea to present that to such a large audience without explanation. Yes Allison is gaining/gained weight compared to her buzzfeed days, and yes she's probably overweight, but if she says she's healthy and doing great then its no one's concern. But if she continues to gain weight (primarily fat) then its probable that she's sacrificing her physical health. I think she shouldn't take the negative comments about her weights personally, especially from her close friends/relatives. A lot of the time people say things like that for your own good, not to hurt you. It's irrational to think that everyone who says something about your weight is against u or wants to hurt you. The thing is, if she doesn't gain fat any more than this, its seems all right and still in a 'healthy' range, but she will probably continue gaining weight as she ages (its completely normal) so she should be careful. I hope that my comment wasn't offensive, but please, whatever weight you are, make sure that you are healthy.

  19. I started meds and I gained weight as well but it wasn’t a causation but a correlation because I was happy, I ate more instead of starving myself due to depression and anxiety. It’s a complicated thing where health must be balanced. Everyone needs to be mentally healthy and physically healthy. Need as in it would be the best for them.

  20. I gained 30 kg in 5 years, i was miserable trying different diets starving myself one day then eat like a monster the next day , in the past year i stopped i am just eating what i want and guess what, i lost 10 kg .I am accepting my body and i feel better.
    Sorry English is not my first language

  21. Allison you looks just fine, if you are working out a lot you are going to gain muscle which weighs more than fat. That could very well be the reason you're gaining weight because you are putting on muscle. Another thing from a person that suffers from mental illness like me, I will not recommend for you to go out of your meds if people are care about you they would accept you the way you are because you are a beautiful lady. Last haters are going to hate regardless you do you and be happy!!!

  22. 1st – Stop smoking THC in any form or take any mind altering drugs of any kind. I am a past user and I can tell you it does mess with your brain chemistry if only by creating/nurturing thoughts that then render or create a brain chemistry change. The younger you are, the harder it hits.

    2nd – I feel that Americans are VERY "grab a pill" reactive to struggles in theirlives. Unless you were born with a brain chemical imbalance, you don't need (long term) drugs to re-balance during or after a trauma event. Research shows that sustained negative thinking, repetitive trauma, single large trauma events etc. alters the levels of Amino Acids. When the imbalance is not corrected, the imbalance goes on to reinforce negative thoughts and feelings which in turn reinforce the chemical imbalance (it's a self-perpetuating cycle). There is an informative book called the "Mood Cure" that discusses this in detail.

    3rd – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)….get onto it.

    4th – Neuro
    Linguistic Programming (NLP) has a wide range of options to support natural aligning of mental responses. NLP has techniques to "hack" the trauma response that leaves the memory while removing the emotional "sting" – You know it occurred but you are not so close that you emotionally "relive" it when triggered.


  23. omg the reason I stopped taking antidepressants was because I was gaining weight and I hated myself and I wasn't able to get therapy, god it sucked so much, and I was in unhealthy relationship too, it was shit lol

  24. Obviously, mental health should come first but It feels like such a lie to say that one size is not better than another. Not that Allison was anywhere near this size, however, if given the choice no one is going to choose to be a size 22 over an 8.

  25. First thing I thought when I first saw Allison’s current body shape was… she must be happy. Relatively, because that’s how I get whenever I’m happy 😊

  26. Mental health medication is so normalized, but also pain meds too. The American pill culture has made an entire population dependent. Here's a personal example (not mental health thou), recently a friend from the states (Texas) , was telling how she would take 6 midol pills for her menstruation cramps and it was not helping. I was so shocked SIX pills a day of midol. I never grew up in the states so when I went to visit (20 years old) I was introduced to midol and it was a miracle drug, 1 pill within 10 minus the pain is gone, clearly strong shit. When I told my friend she explained she started taking them after her second menstruation (so really fucking young) anyways, my point is sometimes you need to get a handle of things sober (without numbing yourself so your tolerance to pain grow, and in regards to mental health, talk to someone, avoid using medication, use the life tools to manage. Life is hard, depression affects everyone at some point.

  27. Hi alisson, I think you look great anyways but if you’re concerned about your weight you could ask your doctor about lexapro (escitalopram ) , which has the same mechanism of action as zoloft but without some of the side effects. Also, i tried prozac once and I lost weight haha, it decreases hunger in some people. Keep being happy ! I am your fan

  28. Why is everyone glossing over the fact she said her medication made her gain like most antidepressants. Meaning she’s leading the same lifestyle that she was when she was skinny. Meaning she’s not whatever disgusting stereotype these comments are pushing. Yikes y’all don’t know much about the human body as y’all say 👀

  29. These videos are amazing. I rewatch JBU videos all the time because they speak truth into my life like no other YouTube channel does. These girls are so incredibly wise and insightful and I am so thankful for them. ❤️

  30. If they were fat or overweight everybody would be hating and saying that fat acceptance is bad and how they need to lose weight

  31. Im really happy that I gained weight as I got really sick over the summer which caused me to become VERY skinny and staying that weight reminded me of how sad and ill i was so now im a healthier weight im so happy because it shows that im somewhat better

  32. Health is the most important thing forget the others who value anything else more they are not happy in the long run, happiness has more to do with how fit u feel and not how you look

  33. I love the content. I just started watching your videos again. The only problem is that I can't concentrate because your dog steals all the attention.

  34. I'm really really sorry that a lot of people comment on your guy's weight! You are beautiful and your videos have helped me so incredibly much. I wish you guys only good vibes and positive feedback! Especially for giving us all such great content and putting yourself out there on the internet. Cause like that shit's scary

  35. I’m so glad you talked about this. The summer before high school, I gained a significant amount of weight because of a major hormone imbalance (I wasn’t making any progesterone which is essential for weight/emotional/mensuration regulation). I’m not “fat” (even tho that’s not even a bad thing and isn’t an insult) but I was heavier than I’d ever been, and I saw the physical changes, and I was jarring. There are days where I still feel insecure, but there are also days where I feel amazing about my body and love how I look. But despite that, I know that I’m strong and healthy, and that won’t change even if I’m a little fatter than I was 2 years ago.

  36. It bothers me how Gaby said ppl call me fat all the time and Allison didn’t offer any reassurance to her when she was seeking and getting it from her that’s making me angry in fact then she also says she didn’t even used to be skinny and anyone can loose weight even without changing medication

  37. Meds Suck!! You three are lovely( Allison, Gabby, Sugar!!)PS I 💞lgor😂😭😍🐶😘💖💞

  38. I love you two! And Allison, you look gorgeous. Take care of your mental health first, and realize that your haters are super fucked up people who resent people who are prolific and happy. You are perfect. Gaby, you are also a fucking badass. I'm so glad I stumbled across this show.

  39. Honestly, Allison looks great and healthy, her hair is so pretty and her face is super cute. I wouldn't mind gaining a few pounds if I got to look like her. Plus, she's also fit. She has nothing to worry about. Haters gonna hate.

  40. 3:58 with all respect to Allison(I love you) but Gaby is a HORRIBLE liar. I feel like her reaction to Allison’s confession made things worse.

  41. Hi Gaby and Allison,
    Thank you so much for this video. I gained weight from antidepressants recently and although my mental heath is much better, the weight gain bothers me. To see that Allison has to deal with this as well makes it somewhat more okay. If Allison can handle it, then I can too. I really appreciate you both, thank you for being yourselves.

    All the love,

  42. Each of you are healthy (as y'all know) and we love you! block the haters and take care of yourselves! each of you are beautiful inside and out

  43. I watch this whenever I'm feeling down, because my prozac caused weight gain. My dad is constantly pressuring me to wean myself off my meds, because I got fat.

  44. It's always the fucked up guys that make us go into medication..have you ever heard a guy commuting suicide for a girl or taking medicine for a girl…Alison I gained 10 kgs on medication..Then after I decided not to have it again.i started doing yoga and excercise

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