Why I’m Coming Off the Pill | The Hormone Diaries Ep. 1 | Hannah Witton

Why I’m Coming Off the Pill | The Hormone Diaries Ep. 1 | Hannah Witton

(dance pop music) – So, this is gonna be the
last time I take my pill. Before you freak out, I am
not trying to get pregnant. No. Uh-uh. Nothing happening down here. No thank you. Not today. Also, it’s just really hot
in the UK right now, so bear with me. Whoo. So first, welcome to my new
series, The Hormone Diaries. If you were at VidCon at one of my panels, you would have heard me
announce this new series. But if you weren’t
there, like most of you, then I’m making a new series. It’s called The Hormone Diaries. What? In various places online recently, I keep on mentioning how I
wanted to come off the pill and how I want my body to do its thing, its normal, hormonal thing. And I decided to make a series out of it. This is gonna be an adventure. This is probably gonna
be the most personal I’ll ever get on this channel. We’re talking about my
body, my periods, my moods, my contraception, my sex
life, all of these things. Well, maybe not too much
detail into my sex life, but you get me. So where do we begin? Episode one. Also, I want you to feel
like you’re involved in this journey and
involved in this series, so let me know what topics
you want me to cover, any guests you want me to have, any products you think I should try. I thought for this first
episode I would talk about why I’m on the pill that I’m on and why I want to come off it. I first went on the pill when I was 17, and I was put on a pill called Cerazette, which is a progesterone-only pill. You can get two types of pill: a combined pill which has
estrogen and progesterone in it, or the progesterone only. The reason why I was put on
the progesterone-only pill was because of my ulcerative colitis and other medications that I was on, and the combined pill would
have clashed with that somehow. I don’t know. I’m not a doctor. Now, the thing about Cerazette, which is different to
a lot of other pills, is that you don’t take a week break. On most other contraceptive
pills, you take it every day, and then you have a week
break from taking it where you have your period. And then you go back on it. But with Cerazette, it’s just continuous. No break. You just keep on taking that pill. Some common side effects of Cerazette is the reduction or just
complete stoppage of your period, and I got the latter. Here’s the thing. I haven’t had a period since I was 17. I haven’t had a period in seven years. That’s more time than I
actually was having periods to begin with. I started my period when I was 11 and then went on the pill when I was 17. So I’ve had six years of periods and then seven years of non-periods. I don’t remember what it’s like. When all of my friends are
talking about their periods and how it feels like, I
feel so distanced from that. I feel like someone without
a female reproductive system. I feel that distance from it that I can’t empathize
with their experience. Now you’re probably thinking I’m crazy. You’re like, “Hannah,
you don’t have periods. “That’s amazing. “You’re so lucky. “Why would you want to come off the pill?” Well, maybe I am crazy. (shudders) I just really want my
body to do its thing. And this is gonna sound crazy, but I really want to have a period. I just need to know that
everything is functioning properly. I want to bleed. For the past year, I’ve casually talked about wanting to come off
the pill with friends, but I just never have, because I just, I love not having periods. It’s really great. And learning a lot about
hormones and the pill, and how it not only affects your periods, but it also just affects so much, because the hormones aren’t
just happening in your uterus, they’re happening all throughout the body and could potentially change your mood, who you’re attracted to, your sex drive. There’s so much stuff. And the more I’ve been
talking about it with friends, especially friends in their 20s, it seems like there’s
just this cultural shift and a lot of people are
feeling scared of hormones. And I feel like I’m
definitely in that camp, because I’ve not really been taught about what the long-term effects
are of being on the pill. I don’t know. Guys, I’m just really excited. So here’s how this is going to work. This morning, I have a
doctor’s appointment, because I’m going to go and ask my doctor about other forms of contraception
that are non-hormonal. Talking through all of those will probably be the next episode in this. We’ll see. It’s gonna just be very casual, and I’m gonna talk about
whatever’s happening to my body as it’s happening. Oh God, I’m gonna have to go
shopping for period products. I don’t have anything. I’m not prepared. Should I do a period haul? I genuinely have no idea when my period is going to come back, because even when I did have a period, it was so irregular,
because I’d just started. And we all know that when
you first start your period, it takes a while for it to become regular. But also, in my teenage years, I got ill a lot with ulcerative colitis. And every time I got ill, my
body was just like, “Nope”, and stopped my periods, ’cause it could only deal
with one thing at a time. You know, your period, it’s very clever. Your body’s just very smart. So when I was ill, I
wouldn’t have a period. And then when I got better again, it took a while for my
periods to come back. So I’ve never experienced regular periods. (sighs) Why am I doing this to myself? I need to, I need to. I have to come off this pill. I just really need to
know what my body does when it’s untampered with. So, what can you expect from this series? We’re going to have a lot of period chat. We’re gonna talk about
periods and different products that you can use to
help with your periods. We’re going to talk about hormones a lot and kind of the way that
my body has changed. So that means things like my boobs, weight gain or weight loss, libido, mood swings, pains. What else? I don’t know. What else happens? We’re gonna find out. Whatever happens to my
body, gonna talk about it. We’re gonna talk about different
forms of contraception, hormonal and non-hormonal. And I really wanted to
have a part of this series where I have a guest on who talks about their journey
with their contraception, their hormones, their periods. Just from talking to close friends about my plans for this series, people have opened up to me and told me so many different things
about how their body works, and about how their hormones work, and what their periods are like. And everyone is so different. Everyone has got different stuff going on. Gonna leave it there. I’m gonna go to the doctor’s and find out about some
non-hormonal contraception. And let me know in the comments what you want to see from this series, if you’re excited about this series. I’m very excited about it. Please give this video a thumbs-up if you’re excited about this new series. Ah! And don’t forget to subscribe, so you don’t miss another episode. And I’ll see you guys soon. Bye. (dance pop music)


  1. With that pill, progesterone only, I had my period 3 times in a month… I had to stop. I'm feeling hopeless about contraception, I really don't know if I should try with a IUD (and spend a lot of money on it with a high chance of having to remove it soon after) and see if I have side effects with that too, or just give up and rely on condoms only. I have Hashimoto disease, so it's been impossible for me to find a pill that worked without major side effects.

  2. I've com off my pill. I understand you completely. I went on the pill to regulate my radical schedule of periods. now that I'm in my 20s and have been diagnosed with lupus. I want to be completely natural. To hopefully give my body a better chance a longer shelf life of having children when I'm older. Not having periods for a a long amount of time years actually was great. now that I'm off it and having my body become regulated again it's a journey for sure! A rememberable of a painful journey.

  3. I've just stopped taking my pill for the first proper time in 10 years and totally agree with your want to feel "normal"….it makes sense! Great video!

  4. I was taking a combination pill and have Ulcerative Colitis. Curious to know what medication you take for UC. I take Sulfasalazine. I am currently pregnant though due to have bubba in a few weeks.

  5. Hey Hannah! I just came across your series and I was wondering. When you started noticing you didn't get your period, didn't you go to the doctor? Did your doctor advise you to continue taking the pill?

  6. I don't always get my period…. I can go eight months without it and it's bad, I tell my friends I miss my period, and I feel like the only way I can get my period is forcing it, how? well taking the morning after pill…. well I had to take it but I just thought it's the only way I can force my body to having my period…if there's a doctor that reads this can u help

  7. I'm watching this videos because I'm EXACTLY the same! I've haven't had a period for about 5 years and I just wish I could get one!

  8. As someone who has PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) I also haven't had periods for years because I've gone untreated. I COMPLETELY understand wanting to have a period though. I started meds recently that will get my reproductive system working again and I feel the exact same fear/excitement!

  9. this question is sort if ignorant but, what does the pill actually do to your body? do they increase your breast size or something like that? i heard you can gain weight

  10. I was on the nexplanon implant for a year and a half, then switched to the progesterone only pill and I couldn't take it… they both messed with my mood so much, I got really depressed and irritable and I gained so much weight.
    Been off contraception since September 2016 now and it feels amazing knowing when I'm going to get my period and how long it's gunna last, and I'm enjoying tracking my ovulation as well (not trying to conceive atm, using it for the opposite reason lol).

    I would love to know about other non hormonal types of contraception though, because even if we're using condoms I always get paranoid every month that I might get pregnant lol

    also I had no sex drive whatsoever, so it caused problems in my relationship, adding up to the fact that I was depressed and got angry very easily sometimes for stupid reasons as well….
    it's all good now though πŸ™‚ I think getting off contraception was one of the smartest choices I've made

  11. I would like to get off the pill, but during my period I was in very strong pain and all my doctors said that not taking a pill could be a danger to life…

  12. I understand you wanting your period. I get you. Until about a year ago I was really over weight and had been since the age of 9, so you can imagine that when I turned 11 the extra weight really affected my period, they were never regular.. I mean i'd be having 4 a year. Anyway when I finally lost a certain amount of weight at the age of 25 my body started doing it's thing and I was just so happy that everything was working again and functioning how it should… I felt female and weirdly empowered that my body was doing what it should every month… granted the cramps are not the best but I have this sense of pride that my body can do all this… it's so clever, well done body. I digress but yeah I get you. emx

  13. I can completely relate to the feelings related to lack of periods, I was on contraception like the pill basically when I started, got the implant very early and hated it, had it removed not long ago as I wanted more control over my body and since I've had it removed I've not had a period. Getting tests for pcos, but that's another story. I went through what you're going through and still on my journey to get normal again.

    I haven't really spoken about it but it feels like a lack of womanhood, like you aren't a girl or female or like your role has been stripped from you. Really upsetting…

    Thanks for your journey, extremely relatable and helpful, such respect for you making something personal public to help others. Xx

  14. I stopped taking the pill because my eyebrows fell out a LOT. I used to have full eyebrows but now they're sooo sparse. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, I could not stop eating so I gained a lot of weight…

  15. Am I the only one who wants to put handcuffs on her? I love expressive people but OMG her hands are just everywhere, this video is not too bad, bus watching some of them make my eyes bleed…

  16. My childhood…….when I was innocent, sinless and clean……where I found joy in the little moments of life….when life was simple, clear, no confusion…..will those days ever come back……..I yearn to go back………sometimes when im home alone……..or when my wife and children are sleeping……..I shove my hand up my butt and pretend to be a basket

  17. I am also on this pill and want a break from it, I've been on it for 4 years atm, my only concern is I am currently in a relationship and I don't want to get pregnant πŸ™ˆπŸ‘ŽπŸΌ

  18. Hi,
    I can relate to you so much, I've been on the same pill for 8 years,
    no period for 8 years, I'm 23
    How has it been coming off?
    Im planning to come off in a few years to start a family!
    Love your videos – new subscriber πŸ˜€

  19. Hi Hannah! I discovered your YouTube channel about a month ago and I love the way you're talking about all those things that, unfortunately, are considered a taboo in our society. Really, you're amazing πŸ™‚ I'm writing you because the doctor told me to start taking the same pill as yours (Cerazette). Can I ask you which side effects did you notice on your body? I'm pretty scared but I don't want to freak out.

    Thanks for all the interesting videos. Love from Italy (I'm Italian, sorry if my English isn't 100% perfect) πŸ˜€

  20. I'm just now getting into watching these. I just recently stopped my pill after being on it for almost 12 years. I was exactly like you and wanted to get my body back to normal. I've had a horrible time since I came off of the pill. I have been off it for over 6 months and still have yet to have a period. I have lost all sex drive. After some research it seems that my body has forgotten how to produce the hormones for my body. Still glad I went off the pill but just wish I could get my body back to normal

  21. I love how you started off by saying you were not trying to get pregnant haha! Every time I go to the doctor they ask the usual, "How many sex partners over the past year and throughout your entire life" yadda yadda. Then the question of, "Are you on birth control," comes up. When my response is no I immediately get asked if I am trying to get pregnant or do I want to be pregnant in a very judgmental tone. I respond with, "Not right now, but maybe in a few years". Of course then I get lectured on how by not taking anything that I am asking to become pregnant.
    1. As a doctor you should try to keep your opinions that are more personal than medical to yourself.
    2. If you would like to suggest my options, tell me all the side effects with me and talk calmly about it then I would gladly have that conversation.
    3. Considering we go over this every time and my answer is always the same, I would suggest just politely asking me, "Did you want to start looking into birth control?"
    Personally I know 6 people who were on birth control who got pregnant. I know that there are many many many factors that can contribute to their pregnancies. I was also told by my mother that birth control should really be used in case of serious irregularities or medical conditions that would kind of help those. So my idea of people who took birth control was either someone who seriously needed it or someone who was having sex. Which, for the most part, I think is true. When I got older I realized that my body took care of itself. Sure, I run the risk of getting pregnant. I still use other forms of contraception (aka condoms). I know those are risky and can break. I know the risks. It says it on the box. But I also know you can get pregnant on the pill and that condoms won't mess with my natural body system.

  22. I got my period when I was 11
    I went on noriday when I was 15 and only got my period every 6 months
    then I changed to cerazette when I was 17 because noriday stopped working and I had my period for an entire month
    and now I'm 18 and have implanton because cerazette cause me to be irritable and just feel bad

  23. So completely honest watching almost 6? months late? I will say that doing this for those wanting to have children. This is SO important, even if you do not want to have children. Honestly #1 I'm sitting here trying not to freak out that I'm 11 years older than you… no biggie lol but #2 the pill does hide SO much of your body from you, the signs of when you're starting your cycle and SO many other things… good luck

  24. I had such a bad experience when I was on the pill to try and sort out heavy periods. I was put on the combined at first but it completely messed me up. It completely changed me as a person. I was very moody, then began to not sleep and got horrendous anxiety to where I couldn't leave the house without having several panic attacks first. I was very aware of time for some reason and never felt like there was enough hours in the day. I said things I don't remember saying at all. I wad in a complete daze of lack of sleep and inability to get anywhere. I just was uncontrollably breaking down all the time and began to show signs of serve mental disorder. I went to the doctors and came off that one but then went on the one where you have no periods at all, but the same thing happened again! Then they put me back on another pill but noticed the no sleeping returned. I said I didnt want to go on another one after those experiences and I was then perscribed Tranemexic acid that I took twice a day on days 1-5 of my period and it work amazingly as an alternative to hormonal ways for people
    who have heavy periods but can't take the pill!

  25. I'm very late to this, but how were your hormones without the pill? I have been on the pill since i was 15 (I am 21 now). I do have breaks in mine as its a combination pill and i have changed a few times to find one that is better for my moods and skin. I have considered coming off the pill as a cleanser because I feel my body has been tampered with and also because I do suffer with anxiety and wonder if being pill free will help with that. But.. I am in a relationship and do not fancy being pregnant any time soon. Thoughts?

  26. Hannah, I didn't know you have ulcerative colitis. I have crohn's disease and just recently got diagnosed (I'm 16). When did you get diagnosed? I've watched you for ages, but have only been subscribed for about 3 months. I love your videos so much. I love you drunk advice videos. Love you xxxx

  27. Got the implant when I was 17 got it out when I was 20 basically went straight on the combined pill which despite giving me worse headaches I messed around with for nearly a year been off it properly now since the start of summer and I'm like I need something else!! Cause I've been in a relationship since I was 16, but at the same time I like knowing that my body isn't being messed with by extra hormones. So torn

  28. I'm 13 and I'm so into this series. I probably wouldn't be watching this if I wasn't young and on my period. I want to learn more about the whole female reproduction systems/vagina, how different people's body are and how body's react to being taken off of contraceptives. I think that it's great to find out about these things as I may want to make some of these decisions when I'm older so by watching this at a young age I can be open minded about it and understand more about my own gender

  29. It's important to take a break from your pill, I am on the exact same pill (or POP) due to my migraines and every four/six months take a few weeks off to give my body a break from the chemicals within the pill and allow my body to run a cycle. I find it works really well for me, as I can avoid suffering chronically painful cycles every month or when it's inconvenient, definitely recommend 😊

  30. I feel the same, my period is very irregular and it comes like once every 6 months so I don't feel like a girl when others speak about periods and ugh

  31. Im going to be put on the combined pill because i have extremely heavy and painful periods. Im 14 and have been on mefanamic acid for 2 years which was helping until… I started being physically sick every time i had a period. My worry about the pill is telling my friends. Im worried ill be called a slag because its a contraceptive and im scared they tell a boy by accident and it spreads amongst the school. Do i tell them? Also does it affect your daily life negatively? Or does it actually improve your life style? Its scary how i could be on this for the rest of my period years.

  32. Has anyone used the Cerelle pill? Similar to the one Hannah has used in the sense that it is progesterone only. I have been on it for a month and a half and have had FOUR periods in that duration πŸ™ will this stop once the hormones have settled in my body or should I ask to swap to something else? I'm not sure whether to give it more time or whether this is not normal z

  33. Check out FAMMMMMMM Fertility Awareness Method
    It's changed my life
    AND the book Take Control of Your Fertility should helps LOOOTS with your period regularities as well (informing you ofc)

    ALSO when it comes to periods I recommend the Diva Cup :)))

  34. I have endometriosis and am on the pill where you still have periods once a month. Honestly, it's awful. I'd rather never get a period again tbh I'm practically housebound when I'm on my period

  35. I've only been on the pill for about 6 months but I'm already wanting to come off it, my moods are awful, I feel sick everyday and my sex drive has gone completely, need to make an appointment and get it sorted and this encouraged me to finally do it! πŸ™‚

  36. i came off my pill two weeks ago and haven't had sex since. im so so paranoid about getting pregnant when just using a condom

  37. I've never taken it and I don't plan to. Birth control has never had a positive reaction with the women in my family plus I just don't like the idea of taking synthetic hormones at all. When my period was lasting for three weeks I was prescribed progesterone and didn't even take that because it was starting to come off and the side effect basically made it seem like PMS in a pill. I've never had a boyfriend and have never even had sex, however when the time comes I'm going to look into non hormonal forms of birth control. If it works for other girls then great! But as for me, it's not an option.

  38. Do a video with a non binary/trans person talking about mensuration before any sort of transitional hormone treatment please

  39. Do you have a video about Ulcerative colitis? I have this as well and don't know anyone else that does would love to see what food effect you! Or what triggers you have!

  40. Eh… no periods for no sex drive? no thanks. I prefer non-hormonal IUDs πŸ˜‰ you'll get your periods! and you won't have babies! it lasts 12 years.

  41. Yes I have the same issue. Started mine at 12 and started the pill when I was 15 I'm nearly 19 and I kinda feel left out but mostly I'm trying to loose weight so I dunno what the best thing for loosening this weight cause that's the reason why I was given the one hormone pill

  42. Oh my god, thank you so much, this must be a sign from the universe for me! I found your channel today through the video you made with Tom Scott and Matt Gray, looked at your playlists and couldn't believe my eyes. I'm currently on the pill with no oestogen (forgot the other hormones name and sry for the misspelling, my English is bad) for a few years now because of my migraines but am more and more thinking to stop taking the pill to experience my period again but mainly to get my libido back which like died completely a time ago. I'm hoping to get much information out of this series and am glad that there finally is someone out there dealing with a comparable fate. Thank you so much Hannah!

  43. im having the worst headaches some days and i think it might be the pill, so im stopping, like right now, today!
    i hope it Goes well πŸ˜€

  44. i know this video is old but man i feel he exact same way about not having periods. due to lots of complicated stuff, I don't have periods or pubic hair, and it makes me feel really invalidated and shitty about that part of myself.

  45. I've just come off the mini pill 'zeletta' after being on it for nearly 6 months and I didn't have a period! That was weird enough for me, so 7 years is crazy!!

  46. a period haul is called being a Broncos fan…cause they are going thru a bad one…boom ! Tampax will become their new sponsor. ..boom boom…

  47. try and not use your hands too much…otherwise you'll get RSI Apparently. ..save them for your man…if you know what I mean…

  48. Have you thought of getting a menstrual cup? You will save so much money from the tampons and pads. Its so much easier then it seems. Saved my life!

  49. If I may say, you are very charming. Your videos are very well done. Anyway, I'm still waiting for them to make a pill for men. It's 2018 now…

  50. I have crohn desease, and when I took the combined pill it made me have diarrhea, and now I'm on the progesterone pill and it's all fine πŸ™‚ I love not having my period because I had the worst cramps, and I could only take a certain type of medicine to deal with the pain bc of my problem. Besides that I have the tendency to gain ovary cists which resulted in a lot of pain , so it has stopped that too.

  51. Kind of an old video bur I just realised how little I know about this:
    What does the pill do?
    I know it can regulate or entirely prevent your period from happening, but what is it doing to your body to preven the bleeding?

  52. Best thing I ever did coming off the pill! Hasn't been an easy journey but getting there! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A_H3pWGCHE

  53. I have to stay on this shit because I had a chocolate cyst and after surgery to remove it- it was kind of coming back. Cerazette is supposed to stop it coming back and keep my endometriosis at bay.. πŸ™„

  54. Can you suggest best birth control pills so that the side effects would be less, i am taking overal L from last 15 days and i am having stomach cramps, headache, weakness, chest pain , foot pain I'm scared, please help.

  55. A period free life sounds like a dream. Ive been on the combined pill where you get a bleed every month which is a pain. But I have no side effects from it so am reluctant to come off or change because it suits me really well

  56. I wont ever take hormonal contraceptives, I’m happy with my hormones as they are and condoms exist so

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