What I Eat To Lose Weight

What I Eat To Lose Weight

♪ ♪ What’s up, beautiful people? It is your
homegirl, Ms. Shameless, all up in your building. And this video is all about
what I eat to lose weight. I cannot afford to eat
whatever I want anymore. Since I turned 30,
life and body has changed. I went to the gym for the
first time since high school, and I threw out my knee. I had to go to physical therapy
for several months on and off again, because I didn’t
have the physical strength to support my aging kneecap. When 30 hits, your
body does some ish, okay? This is just like a disclaimer.
It does go through and change. So I could no longer
do the whole lifestyle of eating whatever I
want and not working out, because that was me up until 30. So I learned a lot,
and it made me realize, “Maya, you have this one body. Treat it right, and it
will give back to you.” That’s what kind
of put me on the path of fitness two years ago, and now that I’m doing
it for a healthy lifestyle, now I kind of want to push
it, set a new goal for myself, and that new goal is to get abs. And to be quite
frank, unless you are genetically born
with it, which I’m not — I wasn’t born with abs. I’m doing a lot of
work just to get something. It takes discipline both in
the gym and in the kitchen. And I learned a whole
lot about what I eat. Meals! What
exactly do I eat, Maya? In the morning, I love oatmeal. I love oatmeal.
It’s my comfort food. I eat the quick
steel-cut oatmeal. This is from Trader
Joe’s. It’s eight minutes. I used to eat the
quicker oats, the big oats, and I feel a little bit
more bloated with that. This is hearty. It responds well
to my body. So steel-cut oats. I like to throw in a
few blueberries in there and a dash of honey, just a
dash, and then some cinnamon. Also, I’m not a
vegan by any means, but I am mindful of
how much meat I consume, so when it comes to eggs, I sometimes I have a
moment where I’m like, I feel like eating eggs. So I’ll eat between
two and three eggs, and that can be hard-boiled,
or that can be over medium. I love my eggs over medium. But that is my
carbs and my protein that I have in the morning. Sometimes I’ll also
opt for a smoothie bowl. I’ll do that with my eggs: a smoothie bowl, half a
banana, some blueberries, some of my
favorite protein powder. The toppings, I like to
go ham on the toppings, whether it’s
shredded coconuts, chia seeds and little slices of almonds.
Not too much. Not too much. You know what’s another
thing I used to go ham on? I used to eat way
too many cashews. Cashews to the point
where, what is life? I had no idea I was only
supposed to eat like 11 cashews or 11 almonds in one sitting. I would eat the whole bag. Nuts has a lot of
fat. I did not know that. But I learned that
through MyFitnessPal. And for a snack, I do
like my protein shake, and I bring it in a
easy-to-go shake container. I’ll make a chia seed pudding. I’ll put it in a to-go
container with some milk, a little dash of
vanilla, some cinnamon, and clearly you can
tell I have a sweet tooth. And I’ll let that sit overnight, or if I forgot to do
this the night before, I do it just before I leave for
work, and I bring it with me, and the seeds just
need a few hours to soften. And then I toss in some berries and some
non-sweetened shredded coconut. I’ll also have a rice
cake with peanut butter and some little banana
slices on the top. So good. For lunch, I’ll
have a hearty lunch. So that’s my cucumbers,
my chickpeas that I soaked and boiled
overnight, red peppers, some sesame seeds just
to make it look fabulous, you know what I’m saying? When I’m cooking, I
like to cook with spray oil, whether it’s
coconut oil or olive oil. It’s so simple to just spray
it, and I get a nice coating, and I don’t overdo it when I
hand-pour it from the bottle. And I love doing
that with my tofu, some soy sauce, some seasonings. Get it all crispy
and then toss it in with the rest of my vegetables. And then I’ll either
make my salad dressing with sesame oil
and balsamic vinegar and shake it up and pour it, or I’ll use my
favorite, favorite, favorite — it’s anything
that’s sesame-ginger. I love sesame seed
oil, and I love ginger. So I’ll measure it, one
tablespoon. And that’s it. Maybe I’ll even throw in
some quinoa and some rice to add in some carbs in there. And then for dinner
I’ll either do a stir-fry, which is really quick and easy. I’ll switch it up sometimes. Instead of
stir-fry, I’ll have a salmon, and I love — oh, God. I
love salmon. I love fish. And that’s super quick and
easy to cook on the stove. I cook it through
for about a few minutes. But I like to season
it with salt, pepper and some seasoning
that I get from the store. I’ll put a little thing of
butter on top or some oil, just to give it that flavor-flav
so it doesn’t dry out. And that’s my dinner. So MyFitnessPal
helped me to understand food and calories and
nutrition facts. I would never look on the side
of anything to read anything, besides ingredients,
because I’m allergic to stuff. But I would never read
a nutrition fact, okay? Eighty calories? Eh,
what? That meant nothing to me. Now, with MyFitnessPal, I would scan the
items that I would eat, and it would tally up for me how much protein I would
eat in a day, how much fat, how many calories, and it
would log all my food items and how much calories
I’d have in every meal. Now, what I used to do thinking
it would get me snatched, was not eat properly. I would eat
something heavy in the morning and then go throughout the
day like, oh, I’m so hungry, and then have a
crazy, big-ass lunch and then an even bigger
dinner, and then I’d pass out. What I learned is,
starving your body also doesn’t lead to results,
because at least for me, what happened was, I
would get skinny here, then I’d have
this little pot belly where my fat was just being
stored, because it’s like, you’re in starvation mode. Let’s keep all
the fat and hoard it and save it for a rainy day. So that was a huge
discovery that I learned. Info box — I have
friends that are nutritionists, Thalita and Edwina
[ph.], and they can create programs for you
and help you on your path. For me, I think it
really is important to understand what food is
and what it does for your body. This app really helps
me understand, okay, Maya, so for breakfast,
where is your protein at? Where are your carbs at?
Where are your sugars at? And it helps me
understand food a lot better. The other tip I
learned was portions. I used to eat way too much, to the point where I was swoll
and tired and had the itis and would pass out on my couch. I’ve since learned that
I can eat smaller portions and more frequent
portions throughout the day. So instead of eating
like three cave-man meals, I would have a decent-sized
breakfast, a lunch and dinner, and snacks in between. So my body constantly has fuel
to burn throughout the day. That was key for me to learn. Learning carbs. Now,
everyone was saying, Maya, if you want abs,
cut the carbs and the sugar. And I did that. I did that
for a month before Trinidad, when I was
winding up my waist side, and basically to
get to this point, and I was just
like, you know what, I can’t live that life
anymore. I don’t like it. So now for me, I have
my carbs in the morning, because the carbs fuel my
energy throughout the day. I work out. I’m very active when
I’m not sitting at my desk. When I’m running out doing
errands throughout the day, I’m going to burn those carbs. And in the evening, I
like to eat my proteins. So whether that’s tofu,
which I do have for lunch, or even salmon — I do eat seafood
occasionally in the evenings, and that helps, especially
because I work out so much. I’m like, where’s my protein at? And I used to eat lots of
fruits throughout the day — apples, bananas,
mangoes, anything. Now, that’s okay, but again, if
you’re trying to reach a goal that doesn’t come
naturally to you with genetics, you got to tweak
and see what works and what your body responds to. Well, I realized, girl, you got
to stop eating so much fruits, because fruits does have sugar. Yes, it’s healthy sugar, and
yes, fruits are healthy for you, but if I want a
certain aesthetic goal, I need to be aware of how much. In my smoothies, I used to put
a whole banana and five dates. When I measured how much sugar
was in that in MyFitnessPal, I was like, girl,
you better stop it. So now I have half a banana with
a quarter-cup of blueberries. I love Garden of Life
protein, their raw protein. It’s vegan,
dairy-free, soy-free. I really love this stuff. It tastes the best from
all the stuff I’ve tried. Not sponsored, but open to
sponsorship, Garden of Life. And then I put
some toppings on it like I did in my
previous video over here. But sugar. Too
much sugar is no bueno. Too much carbs is no bueno. And more specifically, refined. Anything that’s
manufactured, artificial, whether it’s Sour
Patch Kids, which I love, Oreos, cookies,
juices. Oh my gosh, juices. Juice is a culprit.
Chips. I eat a lot of chips. But those are okay
in small portions, and just be mindful of them, because I never
used to pay attention. I would just eat everything. If I am trying to lose
weight, I need to get into a calorie deficit, which means I burn more
calories than I consume. My problem is, I didn’t
understand that concept. So you can eat that
cake, Maya, but know that that is 200 calories
extra that you have to burn, and if you don’t, that’s fine. You just gonna
gain a little weight. So if I consume
1900 calories a day, I need to burn
1900 calories or more. I have to burn
more to be in a deficit to lose fat and
to look different. The goal is to be in a
deficit by the end of the week. So those are some tips that I’ve
learned on how to lose weight. And I’m telling
you, this Before photo that I took two years
ago and this After photo is a result of being
mindful of what I eat, healthier portions,
more conscious portions, and working out. I work out between
five and seven days a week. Now, this is just an
intro video on what I eat. This is not a conversation or
an educational video on that, but I do highly recommend
this book in the info below. It’s called The
Renaissance Woman. But it’s the working
out and the eating combined that will get you the
results that you want. And it becomes a lifestyle.
Changing your lifestyle is hard. So don’t be hard on yourself.
Just take it one step at a time. So that’s what I
eat to stay snatched. I would love to
know what you guys eat. If you have any tips on
what you’ve discovered through your fitness journey, let
me know in the comments below. Make sure you watch
the previous video, How to Work Out and
Get Those Summer Abs. And that’s just specific
on this area and this region. Compound that with
cardio, and you good to go. That’s it for me, guys. If you like this video, make
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guys next Tuesday. Until then, remember to do you,
be you, and stay true, boo. Be shameless.
[Makes straining noises] ♪ ♪


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