WHAT I EAT IN A DAY TO LOSE WEIGHT – Busy Lifestyle Edition!

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY TO LOSE WEIGHT – Busy Lifestyle Edition!

good morning my beautiful babe it is a
nano for at the moment wow I really do wake up with like this already
pip must’ve so this video you guys is gonna be for all of you who have crazy
lifestyles a lot of you guys reach out to me that are moms or you guys go to
school you guys go to work and you guys need something quick for breakfast we’re
gonna do something a little bit different this time we’re gonna have a
protein shake and we’re gonna have some fruit a lot of you guys asked me what
protein shake I use I’m actually gonna try a brand new one today by three
trending Trisha and I’m going to show you guys we’re gonna taste test their
protein shake together and I’m also going to show you guys a starter kit
that they sent me Haley Ben we’re filming please behave
accordingly so right now I’m on 13 to 14 hundred calories I went through a
plateau before where I kind of work myself up to maintenance and kind of did
well may reverse diet and now I’m back on my deficits am five foot one and I
currently weigh around 130 pounds I told you guys in my last vlog 2019 I’m going
to have my dream body watch it wait for it if I go to the gym
around two three times a week right now and I do one hour workout I would say
90% weight lifting and weight training and then like 10% cardio for those of
you who are kind of new to it I know it seems a bit scary just like a freezing
cold pool you guys have to kind of dip your toe in or else you will never take
that leap or that jump I definitely will leave a few links below as to some of my
workout videos they are super fun and if you guys get bored you can always refer
to them so to find out how many calories you guys should be eating according to
your stats make sure you guys check out the link down below for the calculator
make sure you guys keep it on maintained and then take off 20 to 25% off the
amount of calories that it gives you so I am working with 310 nutrition you guys
and they sent me a couple of things I’m gonna go through with you so they sent
me their vanilla protein powder this is what I’m gonna be using for breakfast
today their proteins are plant-based I’ve actually never tried plant-based
before so I’m actually very very curious they are very low calories so for one
scoop it is a 90 calories and you get 15 grams of protein but they’re sugar-free
dairy-free soy-free egg free nut free and gluten free this starter kit comes
with everything that you need if you guys just want to try out their product
first I’m gonna show you guys a couple of the stuff that’s in it a little bit
later on you guys try out the starter kit I will leave my
link down below it gives you 70% off the starter kit and it ends up being under
$40 which is super super affordable also make sure you guys use my coupon code
down below to get free shipping on any order over $50 just in case you guys
want to try anything else for them oh that’s smells good okay so we’re
gonna take one scoop and what I love about this is that it comes in a bag
like this the ones that I usually get they come in like these round tub
bottles and I feel like they’re not very good for a saving space inside your
cupboard so I actually really like that about this one so I’m just gonna put it
inside of my bottle here it tells you to put 12 ounces of milk in here and it
actually comes with the measuring on the side here so excited to try this
so just shake the fehb taste test time my very first plant-based protein shake okay I’m actually very surprised I can’t
wait to have this for breakfast I’m gonna move on and make my banana you
know what it is this pendulum tastes bougie I like bougie the next part of
our meal we are going to cut up our banana if you guys don’t know how many
calories your banana is I go on Google and I literally just type up banana
calories and it will give you different measurements it’ll tell you like if it’s
six inches seven inches 8 inches is this much we’re just gonna put that over top
I’m gonna use two tablespoons this cheese so so good I love the mixture of
the maple syrup with the banana but it’s time to prepare kind of for
lunch and also for a pre lunch snack I’ve just freed my pan with a little bit
of my Pam olive oil my favorite spray I’m gonna adhere my pin tease chicken
breast fillets I love these guys so much I threw out the box and I just kept the
bag just because it takes up so much room inside the freezer I will leave a
picture right here so that you guys can see the package that I use it says for
approximately 1 piece that is around 100 calories which is so good we are gonna
use one of our breasts for a Caesar salad because I want to show you guys
how to make a super tiny meal if you guys need it and then we’re gonna use
the other one for a lunch recipe with a little bit of rice on the side I am
going to be using some iceberg lettuce again and I’m just gonna literally be
breaking them up just like this I love this salad because it’s so quick and
easy it’s a little bit of red onion I like to slice these up as soon as
possible and put them at the top here those are you have leftover calories you
guys can do up one of the back bacon and add that in as bacon bits over top I’m
gonna take the smaller piece for our salad here’s a little trick if you guys
cube up the chicken into little bits you guys will actually feel like you’re
eating a lot more because there’s more pieces now we’re going to add our
chicken over top just like that what do I use as my tourettes singing I use it’s
actually in the wrong bottle at the moment you guys – do not think that it’s
this because it’s not this one says roasted garlic and onion but it’s not
what I use as my Caesar dressing is horse radish sauce that’s what I do I
actually put it inside of this bottle because it has a much better nozzle but
I actually will put a picture of if I can find it the actual picture of the
horseradish that I use has that very zesty sort of garlicky flavor to it mix
it with a little bit of water just to make it a little bit more watery and you
also lower down the calories just gonna grab a tablespoon I’m gonna put my sauce
in it just like this and for me to be honest with you guys I don’t really like
a lot of sauce on my salads because I feel like it kind of takes away and it
just becomes a little bit too much a little bit of Parmesan cheese of course
your girl got your back I’m just gonna sprinkle this over top it says 1/3 of a
cup is about a hundred calories but I’m not gonna be doing that you guys I’m
just gonna sprinkle it over top the last thing we’re gonna do is I have a little
lemon wedge over here and I love a little bit of lemon over all of my
Caesars it just gives it this very fresh taste and I just hang it over the side
there just just a little decoration y’all know I’m extra so what I have here is I already have
pre-made some tumeric rice what I use is just regular a long grain
white rice I put tumeric garlic onion powder
obviously salt a little bit of olive oil and I put it my rice cooker I’m going to
be putting a full cup of my tumeric rice it’s funny because I used to eat a ton
of rice and then when I went on the deficit and I saw one cup was like I’m
sorry that’s still a lot of rice and I was like oh my god one cup of rice
that’s so little and it was like really stuff like are you okay then we’re gonna
take the other chicken breast that we had from pin cheese and I’m actually
just gonna cut it into strips while we’re here I’m actually just gonna make
cuts just like that and as our sauce I’m gonna be using my presidents choice from
the blue menu might pull up sauce I love love love plum sauce with chicken and
filets this one per two tablespoons is 25 calories super low cal and that is
basically what I’m going to be having for lunch this is also a really good
lunch if you guys are moms kids usually love chicken fingers and breaded chicken
fillets you guys can also do french fries and bake them inside the oven if
you guys don’t want to do it with rice so I am gonna be having these as a snack
right now this is 3/4 of a cup of cherries as you guys know I went cherry
picking in niagara-on-the-lake it was so much fun my very first time I an
attorney eat a lot more of my fruits just because they are super health if
they have a lot of antioxidants and a lot of vitamins we are going to making a
taco Bowl and I’m so super excited this is actually gonna be something that I’m
meal prepping so the only thing you actually have to prepare for this meal
when you’re actually be making it again let’s say tomorrow is you’re gonna have
to make your little tortilla taco bowls so what I’m using is my very favorite my
Senora homestyle tortillas I get these ones from Sobeys I’m gonna be using a
pan just like this something that you would make a loaf out of last night I
just kind of came up with this idea and I’m like you know what this will make
some pretty decent taco bowls it kind of just makes them go like that and kind of
shape them into the shape of a bowl so that’s exactly what it looks like again
does not have to be perfect we’re gonna put this inside a be 350 oven I’ve put a
little bit of olive oil and I’ve also pre chopped some onion in
here so I just used a small onion gonna make these guys soft before we start up
the meat and now we’re gonna add in our ground beef I have here extra lean
ground beef you guys can use tricky if you guys want to make it a little bit
lower calorie I have pre measure this on my scale and it is about 16 ounces of
beef I’m just gonna add in a little bit of water there and a cup of black beans
a cup of corn in there as well no we’re gonna mix this all up some color going
on in there so exciting I’m going to be adding up some salt in there of course
I’m using here my taco seasoning from thrive market we’re just gonna put a lot
of that in there just because we want it to be super super flavorful paprika I’m
gonna add in of course some garlic powder it’s just so exciting this is
going to be great most spices they don’t really have hearty calories in it but
with this taco seasoning just make sure you check at the back of the package
because it says per two tablespoons it is 25 calories so now that our flavoring
is all in there we’re just gonna kind of let this cook up I have to show you
these took about ten you guys can tell when they’re ready
when the edges start to get brown there and they are can hear that they are hard
so now we have our taco bowls how cute are these I’m so excited oh my gosh what
I’ve done is I put my beef mixture inside a cup measuring cup and I’m just
gonna add this on to the bottom look how good that looks so you guys can add more
or less depending on how much you want to eat so in order to find out how much
it is per cup of this mixture you guys do need to measure your ingredients
separately so you have to add that and then you have to kind of divide how many
meals you’re gonna divide that into and then divide that number of calories and
then you’ll find out how much a cup is worth I have cut up some lettuce here I
have some iceberg lettuce I have diced up a little tiny pieces of tomato here
have some sour cream I have shredded cheddar cheese and also
of course of course cilantro that’s how much cheese I’m gonna put on top of
there little bit of our lettuce over top just like that I’m gonna grab a little
bit of my tomatoes and put those over top it’s just such a refreshing meal and
you guys can pull whatever you guys want on here you guys could put avocado to
make it as Mexican and as taco Bowl as you guys want to just gonna add that
over top there put my cilantro over top just like that I love cilantro so so
much look so cute this is so adorable oh my god I take so much part into my food
and I love dressing it up so that is basically it for our dinner you guys
make sure you guys try out this recipe at home and if you guys are moms this is
perfect for your kids they get to dress up their own taco bowl so they also sent me their starter kit
this kit is amazing you guys just because it comes with their protein
blend at the back you get to choose which flavor it also comes with one of
their 310 bottles this is really good if you guys just want to try them out and
you guys don’t want to commit to too much that comes with two of their detox
slimming tea it will also come with a $10 gift card promo card so that you
guys can use on any of the products on their website this is really really good
to kind of flavor up your water so this one’s called the 310 lemonade and I got
three different flavors plus this is filled with vitamins inside of it as
well you kind of get to do a little test drive with everything that they offer
which is super super cool when you guys have a busy lifestyle these are actually
really really good as well to kind of take with you and also these guys to
putting them inside your water you can easily put them inside of your purse you
guys are such a crazy busy lifestyle it’s very very convenient to use some of
the packets that they give you the shake is definitely something you can bring
with you if you’re traveling if you’re on the way to work and you don’t really
have time to make breakfast these are actually really really perfect I’m gonna
be trying the 310 a lemonade packet over here I am so excited I’m gonna put this
much first hmm okay let’s just put the whole pack in
there cuz he’s really good yeah we’re not here to play any games we’re just
scared to have some good old lemonade this is bringing back some really really
hardcore memories of me when I was a kid if you guys like juice and again you
guys are trying to get your water in but you don’t really like water and you’re
trying to figure out a way how to these packets are really really perfect for
that and it is super refreshing so again if you guys want to travel this charter
camp my link down below gives you guys 70% off the kit
I believe it only ends up being under $40 so that’s really really good so you
guys can kind of try it out they also have a coupon code for free shipping if
you guys spent over $50 this is a crazy crazy week for me I need to get all my
filming done I need to get all my editing done before I leave to New York
so that I can still have videos up for you guys I’ve got you guys don’t worry
if you guys enjoyed this video but make sure you guys give it a big thumbs up
and also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel thank you guys as always for
watching and I will see all of my beautiful babes in my next video


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