Welcome To The Cookout - A resident wellness video by MSM OBGYN

Welcome To The Cookout – A resident wellness video by MSM OBGYN

I only Venezia not anymore tell you I have to be ready please we've been working on the night I want to be here like a tiki to burn out gathering food don't have to care down okay we will eat don't forget about what happened last night I like that get rid your old face dress like you want to be here that's the first time we had to do something that's to work him there's food y'all it is a little okay I mean let's make the best out of there driving fun it looks like you're having fun okay so I guess since we here we might as well make the best of a situation all right let's do it y'all let's do it and they do that fool at Morehouse School of Medicine we pride ourselves in resonant wellness we seek to create an enjoyable working environment we have residents to come to functions such as these to come in and relax let their hair down and just have a good time we know this is attending we all try very hard to allow the residents time to relax we spread such as hosting the party which I am happy Hosting for the last two years we also have two parties to try to so that they're able to get a job we have Department of Psychology we rule oh that wellness is not also in making sure that residents have access to things that allow them to have at least he also believes are including families and friends as well as the levels of our capital I'm there we go we later

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