hi babes I'm so excited to welcome you to your third weight loss workout especially made for unfit beginners please see your schedule for your week one you will do 10 minutes of work six times per week and this is an easy ten minute healthy strength workout focusing on burning fat and getting you stronger you will practice doing very easy basic exercises to build up your stamina for future or harder workouts the first couple of weeks please make sure to keep a ballerina like posture back is straight and be proud through all of the exercises breathe deep and do each exercise slow and controlled rather than fast and sloppy you will get more out of your workout if you think of your form if you're new to my training beware that when the video is in black and white you have your 10 to 20 second break and when you hear the bell and video goes into color you can start the exercise you will need a pair of dumbbells resistance band and a kettlebell but you can also just use dumbbells as your weights if you don't have a kettlebell at home please like this workout share with someone you think would enjoy it and good luck lots of love gym your back straight weight in the heels toes up a little cores tight look straight forward and push your hip back and down to a sitting position so a 90 degree angle maximum and not lower never go lower than 90 degrees on any of my leg exercises use your hips pushing yourself back up weight on heels always and we three-two-one keep soft knees slightly bent so you don't lock them keep your back straight push your bum backwards hinging at your hips and drag the weights down your legs close to your body keep your weight on your heels and not your front part of your foot make sure to keep your back extremely extremely flat and keep it really tight cores to suck your belly in really use your core and back and butt when you lift up back again and push through your heels on the way back up and let your toes three-two-one keep your back straight suck in that belly and keep your core tight look straight ahead and focus for balance lunge down holding a weight close to your chest your knees should come down to a 90-degree angle and your weight should be in your front feel and really make sure that your back is straight and you're not leaning forward putting weight on your toes yes which side three two one keep your back straight weight in the heels breathe in on the way up and breathe out on the way down to your six take it easy and slowly from one side to the other use your tight throw-in hips to move through the motion core must be activated through all the exercises we do three two one put your feet together between your legs into a butterfly shape place your weights between your hip bones and push up using your glutes lower back and core keep core tight and give it a good squeeze at the top three-two-one keep your knees slightly bent back straight set your belly in keep your arms bent in the 90 degree angle lift up your arms holding this angle just moving your shoulders your arms should be in the same exact position use your tight core to create a helping swinging motion and don't forget to breathe three two one keep your knees slightly bent back straight suck in your belly and swing your arms up to shoulder level using the momentum of the swing notice how my core is tight working with the swing don't forget to breathe three two one keep your feet hip distance apart with knees pointing straight forward squeeze your glutes and hold this position place your hands around the weight like a diamond shape and keep your elbows slightly bent move the weights back behind your head and use your core to drive the weight back above your chest it's important that you always use your abs and all exercises you do as that will help you with the move and also build great or strength three two one lit up with a straight back sucking your belly arms close to your body and shoulders down away from your ears pull the band's squeezing your shoulder blades together and keep your elbows tight to your body squeeze for one second to really work on your back and release back to the starting position three-two-one dance lightly with Bengie to keep your bag extremely extremely flat and hinge at your hips so that you come forward face facing straight down to the ground keep your belly in and breathe while lifting both weights up to your chest keeping your elbows close to your body if you shoulder blades to squeeze at the top and come back down repeating this motion in the controlled slow way three two one you did it great job come back again see [Applause]


  1. Are crunches good for reducing belly fat? Because I’ve heard that it doesn’t burn fat but just gives you bigger ab muscles that the fat is still surrounding.

  2. Hi juno , I have lots of wight to loss (13 kg) but I'm not a beginner to workouts and I think ten minutes of working out is just too short for me so can I do all those three videos everyday ???
    And are the videos getting longer or we'll keep it that long ??
    So excited for the program yayyy

  3. Hey babes! So this is an early release of my 120 days of weight loss! I want you to be able to prepare yourselves with food and equipment for this guide that starts Monday the 16th of July. You will need resistance bands and weights. Wish you all the best! Stay strong! 🤗💪🏼🙏🏼😘👙💕😅😋🤣💥👊🏼

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