Weight Loss Vlog - Fasting - August 4, 2018

Weight Loss Vlog – Fasting – August 4, 2018

alright well we just got caught in the rain on our walk I am like a drowned rat my mic has water all over it so I'm gonna get dried up take a look at the basement hopefully I can get that dried up and paint it today it rained again last night it actually rained this morning we got caught in a rain there was downpour absolutely downpour on our walk and I think even though the downspout is connected and everything it's still leaking in here so well I don't know not sure what to do but this isn't that bad and I can get the fan on and start scraping up and I'm working on the floor I just got a delivery of floor those shiny way back there I hope that's not water it is it's wet how is it unless it ran it must have run along the wall all right what's still not too bad I got more water to clean up in here so I just got a delivery of some quest bars mint chocolate chunk I still eat those periodically it was a good deal so I went ahead and bought it today I'm fasting so I have my if you could see that my black coffee so I do drink black coffee on days when I fast I still don't really know how I feel about fasting I like like I said I I'm doing it because I want to see if my knees feel any better my shoulder feels any better by going on like a 24 hour actually it'll probably be longer that's probably be closer to 36 hour fast I don't I don't feel great when I do it but I can I could get myself into a mindset you know where okay I feel like I'm doing it for health reasons like I can you know I can I can get past that and also doing it on a Saturday because we're busy I'm working on my weight room I think we're going to go out to Home Depot I want to get the downspout pieces so I may be busy today and it's gonna be easier to keep my mind off food but that still doesn't make it easy I'm gonna get hungry I woke up this morning with a headache so I took a couple advil and off advil advil shouldn't take you out of the fast right so yesterday I had said that I was gonna up my calories a little bit the only thing I really changed during the day was I had a banana with peanut butter on it which I had in the last several days attend at night I broke down and had a few beers lately I've been drinking Stone IPA and I really like that beer then I had a couple Miller lights I think I recorded a clip of the stolen IPA but I don't think I recorded any of the Norah lights I'm gonna say I may have had 3 3 Miller lights after the stone so I don't know where that I've put me on calorie wise but it should be okay today with fasting I'll end up losing and I had my weight was down this morning anyway so anyway we get started on this room okay this covered that the leaking the water that I saw in this corner was actually coming from this window there was there's a line of water coming out and running down the wall and right into the corner so I think I might have another downspout issue outside on this corner of the house if you can see this awesome right here this the foot of this equipment was sitting on the newly painted floor and also right here and it's you know you've got water under it and I tried to move it and now it's kind of you know ripped up the coat of paint I just put down but I don't know I'm not gonna obsess over this I'm gonna just keep moving forward I can I can touch this off and the floors are gonna get banged up anyway soon as I start lifting so high I just want to get back to lifting the water and my towel ready to go I'm gonna use that to kind of mop up the floor because it's got some dirt and leftover pieces of paint on it again I know this is not the best way to do this but I just want to hurry up and get it done quick update on my fasting so it's about noon and I'm drinking a flavored seltzer this is raspberry lime bump it says no calories sure if you could see that but I've had this I went on fasting before I don't know to something something to drink with a little flavor kind of tricks myself into I guess feeling like I'm consuming something other than just water I had two cups of black coffee earlier so that's pretty much all I've eaten I'm gonna say that for the most part let's say I had my last beer last night around midnight so it's noon now so I'm about 12 hours into fasting I feel pretty good I'm definitely hungry I definitely feel like I I want to eat but again keeping active is the key for me so today you know I'm kind of busy we're still moving all right well I mopped up the floor as best as I could I got a lot of dirt up the towel is disgustingly dirty I'll probably put the fan on open the window let this dry vacuum again and then paint I'm hoping within the next couple hours I can do that see if I get it painted by two two or three that gives the rest of today and then all of tomorrow to dry maybe tomorrow night or Monday morning I can then move all the equipment back get everything set up and by Monday at lunch be lifting that's the plan as long as we don't get any more water in here all right I just did a quick touch-up code white paint on the baseboard and walls a little bit now I'm gonna go ahead and paint the floor hey well that's it paintings now that hopefully we don't get any more leaks I'm just gonna put the fan on open the window let it dry she'll be ready to lift on Monday okay I am back at Home Depot again I feel like I live at this place I just dropped my wife and son off at Panera they're gonna have dinner at Panera since I'm not eating I'm not joining them but I'm gonna look at some downspout pieces and we're gonna get a couple bags of stones section in our driveway that got dug up when we put a new septic system in kind of preparing for getting that repaved but yeah let's go spend money it's about 9:30 I just took a quick look at the basement that the floor is drying nicely so that's good I'm going to put the fan back on tomorrow I'm still looking like I should be able to lift the weights Monday assuming I don't get any more rain water in the basement other than that my fast is going well like I said it's 9:30 so that puts me over 20 hours 20 be 21 and a half hours into my fast about an hour ago I started to feel like fatigued and tired I thought well I'm just gonna be going to bed now but I feel like I've gotten like a second wind I'm gonna do a little bit of video editing probably do a little bit of reading so I'm still not gonna be up very late but I do I do feel better now I feel like you know I'll be able to go to sleep fine and I'll probably I'll probably start yeah I probably break my fast fairly early tomorrow I don't think I'm gonna go till noon noon would be like 36 hours I think so my properties gonna wake up and and start eating so that would probably be 30 hours so yeah 30 hour fast you know I'm not looking to like go multiple days or anything like that yeah other than that I think that's it for today and see you tomorrow


  1. I started fasting 10 months ago when I was 161 lbs and lost 47 lbs in 6 months. It took long because I wasn't really 100% motivated and I kept eating extra calories. But right now, I gained 21 lbs. I'm thinking of losing weight again and my goal weight is 117 (I'm 5'4)

  2. Hello from Russia. Merry Christmas. You made highly inspired videos about how to loose weight. Thank you. Where are you from?

  3. Merry Christmas 2018 Doug, loving the videos , so glad you have decided to vlog again , could a 2019 vlog of any weight gained over Christmas period be coming ?? And ref any loose skin it’s only the small minded idiots that can’t see the amazing journey you have achieved that pass comment , your family must be very proud of your achievements!! Please keep the videos coming there great !!

  4. Anything that stimulates the liver takes you out of a "fasted" state, but if you're just fasting for calorie reduction it doesn't matter. It only matters for circadian syncing and immuno-regulation.

  5. 36hr fast wow. There is also something called ProLon which is a fasting mimicking diet conceived by dr valter longo at USC. Expensive but has all the food in it. Minimal calories but supposedly tricks your body into acting like it’s on a fasted state.

  6. As a tech guy, you can get a Samsung SmartThings hub and then get some water sensors and put in the basement. Also you might need a sump pump!

  7. Well done on the fast………I'm currently on a fast but only 18 to 20 hours for me, Christmas day yesterday ate all sorts of stuff I shouldn't have but it's only once a year and will definitely get back into it, plus I'm only one week post hysterectomy surgery, so have to take it a bit easy.

  8. I am starting a fast tomorrow. I hope to do (7) day fast, I am thinking I may just start out on a 72 hour fast and see how it goes first. I found on YouTube a series of videos on the Snake Diet. It is pretty much fasting with water only. What snake juice is, is a liter of water with 1.5 teaspoons of salt, and 1.5 teaspoons of potassium in it. It is the same as electrolytes. It is supposed to keep you satisfied and makes it so you are not hungry. Also you drink a liter of regular water. Lots of good testimonials. I liked one from a lady who went 54 days and lost 43 lbs. I enjoy you and your posts and thought I would share this with you. I like to follow your videos, they inspire me. You have a keen intellect.

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