hello babe welcome back to my channel
today we’re gonna be doing a wedding a day of a love it is currently 9222 I
need my coffee this morning because I did not sleep well last night I have not
been having the greatest like sleep by the way if you guys are wondering what
sweater I’m wearing right now you see this beautiful fuzzy sweater it’s from a
sheet in I wore it and show it to you guys in my last vlog the one where I
cook my pasta I will leave a link down below if you guys are interested I’m
like slowly getting on to it and back to my normal kind of deficit again as you
guys know I am NOT the kind of by-the-book kind of girl you know I like
to give myself a little bit of freedom obviously if you’re on a deficit you
have to follow the calories that you’re supposed to eat I will leave a link down
below to the calculator that I like to use will actually be shared it with me I
was using a different one but I found that this one was a little bit I mean
easier to use and it kind of shows you your macros as well for those of you who
are interested in your macros I don’t count my macros I get a ton of questions
if I do I will leave the calories for everything so that you guys can see how
much the meals are but just remember that those are obviously approximate and
what I’m having then you will need to measure your meats always measure your
potatoes your rice even your veggies some weeks I take a break and I’m like
you know what I don’t want to be on a deficit this week and that’s just kind
of where I am in my journey let me be honest with you I was like I will always
be transparent with you guys the fall and winter make it probably two or three
times harder for me and I feel like for everybody in general we want to be cozy
at home we want to be lazy at home at least I do like me anybody else if
you’re gonna do that and if you’re gonna go to the gym less the new Connie to
lower your calories and eat less as well if you want to be on the same kind of
deficit losing the same amount of weight per week and try to push yourself as
much as possible it’s okay to give yourselves a break you can always give
yourself a pat on the shoulder for everything that you guys have done and
give yourself a break I’ve been eating a lot this week because this is my cycle
week and when it’s my cycle week you guys oh my I can feel my metabolism
work and I eat so much more I can’t even tell you like my body’s like and I’m
like okay II know I give myself a break for that week because I feel like us
women we just deserve it no it’s not that
well we do deserve it but you have to stay focused I’m gonna spray my
compliments olive oil virgin olive oil spray we’re gonna wait till it gets hot
and in the meantime maker egg I’m just going to crack one I like to buy organic
eggs and I have a little bag here of some frozen spinach that was leftover
I’m gonna put a little bit of salt inside of there of course cuz egg for me
like personally is nothing without salt grab a fork and just whisk that all up
this recipe is so simple you guys so that’s basically what you get you just
get a mixed up spinach omelet we’re gonna leave that aside for now we’re
gonna be using Lilydale turkey bacon so they also have use as
well you guys know that I love love love the Lilydale sausages but this is the
turkey bacon from them for two slices of these it is 60 calories turkey bacon is
a really really good substitute for you bacon lovers out there because it is
more of a lower calorie option and I am going to be using two slices for this
breakfast today so I’m just gonna be using some light rye bread this is the
one that I get and for each slice there’s only 60 calories what I love
about this bread is that you get two big pieces of bread instead of getting like
the tiny ones I’m the type if I have a sandwich it needs to look big enough
because I feel like I eat with my eyes a lot and when I see a sandwich I feel
like it’s not enough our bacon is cooking away I love this bacon some
turkey bacon they taste like cardboard you guys oh my goodness I kind of like
to mold it to what I want it to be that’s why I like putting it in when
it’s high and when it’s really hot because it’s gonna cook the egg as I
kind of molded I’m very detailed you guys I’ve just made a mold into this
shape so now it’s going to be very easy for me to flip it and it’s also
gonna cover my military slice of bread over here I’m gonna be making my coffee
I’m gonna be using today Taster’s Choice super fast if you guys are always on the
go I’m gonna use my whole earth stevia they
actually sell these now at Loblaws oh my goodness I’m just gonna pour my water in
I like to put my water in kind of halfway cuz I do like a lot of milk I do
not like when my coffee is a dark color I love when it’s really light and milky
so that’s it for our coffee I like it even lighter than this but this is what
we’re gonna go with today okay guys okay getting all golden brown there I see
these are so good yeah so some tricky baking they’re very like cardboard and I
really don’t like it whereas this one tastes like semi the same texture as
real Bacon’s gonna grab this and snip it our beautiful little on the lid over
there now we’re just gonna push this down and get this ready I like my toast
lightly done okay so we’re gonna put together our sandwich my toast is so
nice and done look at that now what we’re going to do is lay down as you can
see I’m not putting any butter or any other sauces on here I used to before
it’s funny when your lifestyle changes like the type of things that you also
change the way you eat we’re just gonna close up our sandwich and I’m a big kid
and I love to cut my sandwich in half cuz basically what we’re having for
breakfast look how good that looks our nice spinach and egg on them with our
turkey bacon on our light bread bread I just finished breakfast now this one is
going to take a little bit inside of the oven so we’re gonna be making a roast or
it will say on the actual label that it is a roast I’m just going to cut these
strings normally if it’s a very thick piece of meat I don’t cut the strings
because that’s kind of what keeps it together and I remove it later but this
one is actually not that high as you guys can see there it just looks like a
really thick steak as you can see I’ve gloves on or else it would get inside of
my fingernails and everything which I don’t want so this guy I love using my
mom actually taught me this every time she makes roast beef this one is my
Clubhouse and it’s called seasoned salt I just sprinkle some on either side this
makes it taste sold on you guys onion powder sprinkle
it on one side sprinkle it on the other it all already know is garlic powder
like let’s just be real guys like what are we doing with our lives if we’re not
putting any garlic then we’re gonna grab some paprika the paprika will give it
some really nice color well that just came out but that doesn’t
matter cuz you do want some really good color on your roast beef and that’s
basically what we’re gonna be putting on here grab some olive oil and just
drizzle a little bit over top there and so you’re going to grab all the spices
that went at the bottom and you’re gonna rub this all in that’s what it’s gonna
look like with everything rubbed in now we’re gonna kind of make a little bit of
a sauce at the bottom and also put our potatoes I’m just gonna grab some
potatoes I love using yellow potatoes because they are a lot softer you’ll
notice on the inside they are a little bit more yellow cut these up into pieces
just like that so basically cutting the potato into
four you kind of leave them around the dish here and then we’re gonna put some
water as well so now we have our potatoes inside of our dish I’m gonna be
adding some water at the bottom this is going to kind of help to cook everything
I’m also going to salt up the potatoes a little bit on the edges now it’s ready
for the oven I’ve actually put it on broil at 4:15 we’re gonna pop it inside
of there and we’re gonna kind of look at the meat because I like when my meat is
a little bit medium-rare so we’re gonna be using these carrots over here look
how cute these are these little baby carrots so we’re going to be roasting
these inside of the oven as well I love roasted carrots with my steak so this is
absolutely perfect I actually froze these inside of the
freezer and then I took them out last night to kind of defrost inside of the
fridge they already feel so nice and soft so these are not gonna take a long
time so we’re just gonna lay them out in this really perfect pan actually for
this and then we’re going to flavor them up a little bit there just like so
adorable I can’t so the first thing we’re going to do is spray them with our
olive oil normally people would drizzle olive oil all over this but that is a
lot of calories you guys and we don’t got those calories to spare you know I’m
saying so we’re just going to do a little bit
of that we’re gonna grab a little bit of dried parts the end we’re going to kind
of sprinkle it over top oh my god it looks so cute when the greenness
sprinkled over top we’re gonna grab some salt of course because it’s just going
to kind of balance out the sweetness as well but that is basically what they
look like like they’re just so simple so we’re all set up with us inside the oven
at the bottom and let them cook just put on a timer for 15 minutes over there and
then we’re gonna check and see how everything kind of looks so while my
dinner is cooking gonna show you guys what I have prepared here and meal
prepped a friend lunch so the first thing we have over here by the way this
is very like Brazilian inspired so over here I have my black beans made into a
sauce this is so super easy to make so what I do is I actually buy a whole box
of black beans the cans from Costco because I know I keep reusing them all
the time that’s a good way to save money I just used one can of black beans and
then I put half water so whatever you put of the can of beans you put the same
amount of water takes a while to be honest with you if you have it on medium
heat medium to high to kind of boil down and get thick just like this so it does
take a bit for the beans to kind of cook down then the only other thing I put is
garlic and salt and a little touch of olive oil you don’t even have to put
that but it just helps it to not stick so that’s all you need is the beans salt
garlic you can use powder or you can use actual garlic a little bit of olive oil
and just let that boil with the water until it thickens that’s literally all
this takes but it’s so delicious I love black beans like this the next thing we
have over here is my leftover of my meat for my beef tacos so all you have to do
is kind of cook up pieces of beef you can do a little strap so you can cube up
your beef and you can season it with onion garlic a little bit of salt last
but not least I have over here cilantro rice so this is actually white long
grain rice but the reason why it’s a little bit yellow is because I put a
little bit of tumeric also inside of here is a little bit of onion powder
salt and the touch of oil as well so that it doesn’t stick I put in the fresh
cilantro after not while it’s cooking I feel like
it’s just more fresh that way it’s kind of actually adds a little bit of a
Mexican Flair so it’s kind of Brazilian and Mexican going on here I like to put
it all into One Bowl and we’re going kind of plate it up so you guys can see
what it looks like we’re going to be doing half a cup of rice just because
the beans can be a little bit high in calorie as well beans are really good
for you it’s just they are high in calories so what I do is I kind of lower
the amount of rice that I’m gonna be eating if I have beans my rice they’re
on their side and then for the beans I’m also gonna be doing half a cup this is a
quarter cup that I’m using that’s why I’m doing two of them so I put the beans
just like that just put that on the side thank you add the rest of the meat I
saved this portion of the meat because I knew I was going to be doing a what
eight in a day today so I was like oh that’s perfect and that’s basically what
it looks like look how good that looks so you get your meat your beans and your
rice at the same time this has a lot of protein inside of here you get the fiber
as well and then you got a little bit of rice for some texture as well which I
absolutely love so hopefully you guys can try this out I really think you guys
would like this also try it and switch it out for some chicken as well but you
guys have to try this bean recipe I’m telling you it’s so easy in the meantime
we’re also gonna make our gravy I think I’ve shown you guys this a couple of
times because this is my absolute favorite I’m gonna be using this brown
gravy by a club house just put this inside of here also along with a cup of
water and all you need is a whisk make sure you guys are whisking every once in
a while with this one and have it on low to medium heat cuz it tends to cook very
very quickly and this is gonna be going on top of our beautiful roast beef you
see those little bubbles there this is what we have after 15 minutes I’ve just
kind of turned it over and I’ve added a little bit more water around the edges
there just because I feel like it’s dried up a little bit we’re gonna put it
back in I’ve lowered the oven to about 400 degrees now and we’re gonna be
cooking the rest of this up that just removed the carrots out of the oven oh
my god it looks so good this is my first time doing carrots like this I’m just
gonna kind of move them around I don’t want them to caramelize or anything
because I feel like it’s gonna be too sweet or meat is not done yet I still
have two and a half minutes on our timer so this is what we have after 30 minutes
I’m now going to shut off the oven and I’m actually going to cover with a
little bit of tin foil and put it inside the oven is just gonna kind of keep all
the moisture in I still want the potatoes to cook a little bit longer so
I’m gonna stick that back in there for a few minutes and then when we’re done
we’re gonna pleat this up so juicy right now it just needs a few more minutes
okay guys so this is my finished roast I put it on top of my cutting board and we
are going to slice it up and I’m gonna put it inside of my IKEA glass container
over here I’ve just let the potatoes sit inside of the oven for a little bit
longer just like they can get a little bit more roasted I like my meat still
very juicy and medium and I don’t like when it’s dry and as you guys can tell
it is super juicy so we’re gonna go ahead and so nice this up so I just like
to do slices like that well it’s cutting so nicely that’s how
you can tell that the meat is perfect it’s not too too dry now you can see the
medium coming through in the center there I’ll show you guys a close-up of
our potatoes look how good these look and look at this sauce that you have at
the bottom remember when it was very clear and watery and now it is full of
seasoning we’re gonna add this inside of our gravy and it’s gonna make that much
more of a taste your gravy to put on top of everything going to add our potatoes
inside of our the last container over here and then I’ll be able to kind of
put this sauce inside of our gravy and kind of put this inside again I’m just
going to plate this up how I would do it but you do need to measure your meat of
course so I’m going to take a few pieces over here I love how these are very
thinly sliced too and then I’m gonna grab some of my potatoes I love potatoes
a lot of people think that and I mentioned this before that potatoes are
so high in calorie and they’re so bad for you because their carbs you guys you
need your carbs stop being afraid of carbs carbs are not your enemy but but I
will be definitely having my carbs as you guys can see I always have my carbs
with a lot of my meals and I don’t skip out on them because I don’t believe in
that grab our carrots over here carrots are very low in calories so I’m gonna
have as much as I want to and you know what I’m gonna have one more potatoes
that’s right sorry you know why cuz I can and look
how good that looks now we’re gonna grab our gravy we’re
gonna put a little bit over top of our meat there and I like a little bit open
my potatoes as well but and I’m gonna put a little bit tiny bit over my
carrots as well look how good this looks our roast beef dinner with our roasted
potatoes roasted carrots and our roast everything is roasted on this plate so
delicious I feel like this is so fall in winter very very warm dish you can also
do roasted chicken if you guys are not a beef fan but guys my favorite meat is
beef and I am so excited for this dish I hope you guys enjoyed all of these meals
and this is our last meal of the day this is what we’re gonna be having for
dinner and all I need to do now is put the rest of this meat inside of my glass
container and we are all a meal prepped packaged up my gravy my Nene I’ve
separated it half the potatoes half the meat on the side there and of course my
carrots are inside of there this is just a really good meal around this time it’s
just a very warm and cozy meal around this season so I hope you guys enjoy it
oh yes and before I forget to mention on my website there is a gift guide on
Stephanie mission accom if you guys are looking for any cute gift ideas and make
sure you guys check it out and where you guys can shop all of my faves I have a
ton of actually recent fall winter hulls to make sure you guys check that out on
my channel I have a boo-boo one I have misguided a forever 21 fall one um
and I have a sheet in recent one so make sure you guys check out all those recent
videos if you guys miss them I hope you guys enjoyed of the recipes that I
showed you don’t forget to check out the calculator down below so that you guys
can calculate how many colors you are supposed to be having per day if you
guys are confused and it’ll also give you the micros as well I will leave some
instructions down below because there’s just about two or three things I hope
you guys enjoy today’s video if you guys did make sure you guys give it a big
thumbs up also don’t forget to subscribe and click the notification bells to get
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watching and I will see all of my beautiful babes in my in the next video


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