VLOG #3: CrossFitterin trifft Gewichtheber // Female CrossFitter meets Olympic Weightlifter

VLOG #3: CrossFitterin trifft Gewichtheber // Female CrossFitter meets Olympic Weightlifter

Welcome back friends of the well performed competitive sport! Today is a special day! I’ve invited a friend! She’s a CrossFitter, who’s also pretty strong at weightlifting. Who it is you will find out in here 🙂 Sali, where are you from? I’m a Persian girl, so I’m from Persia. The Persians are the ones, who got beat up in 300 the movie, right? Hmm.. Or did they win? Idk there was something with 300 😀 Sali tells us something about your roots! I’m from Mainz. I’m originally a CrossFit girl. And started weightlifting about 1 1/2 years ago. But most of the time in Frankfurt. Now there is the question: why does a girl like you become a weightlifter? CrossFit is a reason okay, but there has to be some other impact. We had a lot of exercises with barbells in CrossFit. And somehow I always wanted to be better in this area. Not every trainer knows the perfect technique and thats why I was on the search for a specialist. And so I looked for a club. Can you do the same? I can do the same 🙂 Ok. I don’t want to rip of something.. But this is a good entrance to the next topic. You’ve started with ballet! I’m from the classical ballet and danced it for a long time. Modern, Flamingo and all standard latin dances. And yeah that’s what I did before. With the same amount of work and time like these days. With the goal: “Let’s Dance” or “Dancing with the stars”? I always wanted to dance in the theater or at the broadway. Somewhere dancing on the stage. And when I ended doing it, I needed a replacement. So I needed something, where I could push myself and use my body. CrossFit and weightlifting was perfect, because there was the same exhaustion. And also concentration needed. And you’ve been versatile, too. Yes and it’s quite useable right now. Come on: thigh check! Yes, you are pretty close 😀 By the way, you are really muscular. Do you get any stupid jokes? I think it shouldn’t be more muscular and yes I get those jokes.. But I don’t really care, because the people don’t really know what I’m doing or train for. You are automatically proud if you get strong and achieve some goals. But yeah like I said, it should be much more. Am I allowed to ask how much do you weigh? Yes! 56 kg this morning 🙂 And at a height of 163cm. Ohhh yeah there are really people, who smaller than I am :)) Not bad! How often do you train per week? Also CrossFit besides Weightlifting, right? I set the CrossFit training around my weightlifting training. I do my weightlifting training 4 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. And I often have short cardio units from CrossFit. Some strength units and mobility stuff, too. 5-6 times a week and one day is nonfunctional stuff. And one day is restday. My training is totally different: my training is just about fitness. 😀 How often do you train per week? I have double training days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with each 2 units a day. Tuesday is one unit and Thursday is free most of the time and yeah on Saturday again. And per unit minimum 2hour up to 3 hours, depending on the phase of the year. And after that there are things like Sauna and massage. Everything you do after a hard session. I would say: we do it like little competition test. I get the trainer and the federal trainer and they will do a little analyses with you. Oh yeah thanks! Attack! Don’t forget: nice change with the hands and then all in. Come on! Get back, vertical, impact in the squat. hard! Ok alright good! That’s good! You are on the right way! You have to stick out a bit better, but you did good. And I’m pretty happy with you! You’re training was really good today. I liked it a lot. You got a good base and you are well trained. Nice greetz to your trainer. The are some minor things you have to work on. You have to work on that. First do the stretch and then jump back a bit on the line. The 10-12cm we just saw are to much. You worked good overhead. And the pull will automatically become better. At the pull: with a bit less jump you will get it better on the point. A bit faster on the sit in, like I said at the beginning, we have to work on that. In summary I can say: good work and great educated so far. And if you need any help you can ask us or Max will help you, too. Thanks a lot! Thanks a lot for the training, the analyses and your time! I learned a lot and it made a lot of fun! That’s the most important thing. And thanks for everything it was awesome. So that’s it for this time. If you think that Sali did a good you, then please give this video a thumb up. And if you think the video was good, give another thumb up. And the most important thing: tell you grandparents that there is a new video online! See you soon and stay strong!


  1. Hey Buddy, interesting video, but as you noticed, I don't speak german, so could you put English subtitles, please. Thanks!!!

  2. Great videos Max!  What was the recommendation to help her avoid jumping backwards?  Was she pulling too early?

  3. Hey Max tolles Video ich habe auch schon gegen Sally gehoben in unsere ehermaliga Regionalliga aber jetzt haben wir die Chance in der 2.bundesliga zu heben ich hoffe das ich auch mal die Ehre haben werde gegen dich oder mal mit dir zu heben 😉

  4. Great video, keep it up.

    Maybe you could make a video about nutrition and olympic weightlifting, showing us your "diet" ? 🙂

  5. An sich ein gutes Video, hätte aber ruhig mehr vom eigentlichen Training drin sein können, sodass das Video auf 20-30 min. kommt 🙂

  6. tolles video, bin durch team-andro auf dich aufmerksam geworden. wäre schön euch zusammen nochmal vor der kamera zu sehen! grüße

  7. Komisch, so alt sieht sie gar nicht aus, dass sie aus Persien kommen könnte. Dachte das heißt seit 1935 Iran. Ich Sage ja auch nicht das ich aus dem Deutschen Reich komme.
    Aber davon abgesehen: Super sympathisch.

  8. Omg wie romantisch 😉🥰 (wie er sie mit den Magnesium berührt und diese Blicke). Es funkt so gewaltig, mein Handy brennt gleich

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