ULTIMATE Full Body FAT BURN Workout 🔥12 min Home Workout

ULTIMATE Full Body FAT BURN Workout 🔥12 min Home Workout

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my channel. So today’s workout is a 12 minutes HIIT workout that’s gonna burn heaps of calories It is short, but trust me it is going to burn. There’s also no-jumping low-impact versions included So yeah, don’t forget to smash that like button, subscribe and let’s jump straight into it. Alright guys, we’ve got 18 exercises today, 30 seconds each exercise, and 10 seconds rest in between. Let’s start with high knees Brace those knees up to your hips level as fast as you can there’s going to be no-jumping low-impact variations for each exercise So no excuses to stop guys.
Just do the low-impact when you’re tired Next we’ve got burpees. I want you to go as explosive as you can for this HIIT workout guys It’s just 12 minutes but we’re going to torch as much calories. Push yourself, but don’t overdo it, know your limits Skater hops are next Remember to engage that core as you hop from side to side and if you are not wearing proper footwear Please do take care of your ankles In and out squats are next Alright, time to speed things up with some jumping jacks. This will bring your heart rate up really fast, but remember to stay safe Now get on the ground we’ve got some groiners next. Make sure you engage that core and make full use of each rep guys All right, great well guys now time for another round of high knees. Keep pushing guys Next we’ve got star jumps We’ve got a bit of recovery after this. So I need you to give it all you can and make every jump count Make it explosive, but please stay safe Alright time for some jump ropes.
We’re almost halfway through the workout guys, you got this And now we’ve got another round of high knees Alright, get on the ground we’ve got some tricep pulse with crab kicks. No reason to give up now, gotta work those arms Next, get a high plank and bring one leg to the other side almost like a corkscrew Okay, I’m gonna need you guys to push a little harder again we’ve got some burpees with push-up next If you can’t do the push-up just do regular burpees or slow burpees. Just don’t give up Alright, now we’ve got some jumping lunges. If you need to slow down that’s totally fine, just do some regular lunges Next, we’ve got some jumping jacks really easy. Just four more exercises to go Alright, get on a plank again, we’ve got mountain climbers Okay, next we’ve got some high kicks. Just one more exercise to go after this guys. Don’t give up now you’re this close Alright, I saved the best for last. We’ve got burpees with tuck jump now. Give it all you got guys, let’s torch those calories And that’s the workout guys. I hope you’re super proud for getting through this one I struggled as well and it was tough, but it’s so worth it Please do smash that like button, subscribe, and I’ll catch you in the next workout Bye!


  1. Hello everyone!

    I want to be very honest. I’m 22 years old and I weigh 77 kg (last time I checked). To some of you this might be an ideal weight, which is amazing and I’m so proud of you. Unfortunately, for me it’s just fat, no muscle. I wake up in the morning and every time I look at myself I feel disgusted. I think my body shape and image are huge contributors to the state of mind I am in right now. I’m very self-conscious and I wear very loose clothes and every time I try to wear my jeans, I feel very uncomfortable as they feel so tight and I get a choking feeling. I sit in them for hours trying to convince myself that I look fine and my body doesn’t look bad. However, I end up taking them off, canceling all my plans and staying in bed doing absolutely nothing. I feel comforted staying away from people. I got so clouded with the thought of going to the gym and the idea of working out at home never occurred to me. I almost made it seem like if there are no machines or anything to use for working out, I can never work out. I’ve suffered from a head injury last year and my emotions have been getting to me even more. I isolated myself and at that point I stopped weighing myself. I stay in bed, eat very late at night and be completely a waste. I eventually started browsing through YouTube (mostly food channels and whatever I find in my recommendations) and I found out about this channel. I started watching and thinking to myself “is this really possible?”. I felt like I had hope. I felt sorry for myself and I really no longer wanted to sit in bed and do nothing, I wanted to start off slow, so I have been forcing myself out for short walks in the park. I knew that if I were to jump straight into all this, I’ll be overwhelmed. So, I made a promise to myself to start doing what’s best for me. I’m going to buy some affordable gym wear and any yoga mat I find and starting from my bedroom and I’ll work my way up. For now, my plan is to look at the summer shred challenge and start off from there. I’m still under medication from my injury but will make sure to work to the best of my ability without harming myself and still challenge myself.

    I’m writing this post as some sort of commitment I need to fulfill, to give me some sense of responsibility. I want to start and update the post so that maybe one day I really achieve what I want and I look back and see that I was truly determined and motivate myself. Perhaps also one day others who are in my current state would want to start their own journey too. I really can’t wait to start and update this post.

    I hope whoever reads this finds motivation in them. I wrote a very broad summary of my story and there’s a lot that goes into all this, but until I find the courage in me to break all what’s breaking me, I’ll keep working hard. I hope we all find strength.

    Thank you, Chloe. I respect you.

  2. Hello everyone! I did this morning (1st day) and sorry, but I really proud of it. Cause I never try HIIT before lol. I'm going to do this every morning! thankss

  3. Hi Chloe! Thank you for al your videos. I’ve recently started to run a bit at the gym but I can only ever do 125 ish calories burn 3x a week but I’m trying to go everyday. I really want to try your workouts but not sure which One I should follow or do! Which one would be the best for someone who isn’t that great at working out but really want to lose weight ? Thanks Chloe!!♥️

  4. I almost go breathless while doing it. I take many breaks . Almost a minute or two after two exercises at stretch

  5. i start my first day today.. and my leg is killing me 😂 work harder tomorrow 🏋️‍♀️

  6. Would you guys help motivate me by liking and I will do these workouts as many days as the likes lmao rip Goodluck to me

  7. I wouldn't say I'm fat or chubby but haven't been doing much exercise these last months , started this and wowww, already sweating after only completing 6 minutes. Cant wait to see if I can keep this up!!!

  8. I’m really trying to loose weight this summer so I’m gunna try do this workout for 14 days starting today I’ll be updating💗

    Day 1:i definitely sweat a lot😅 I felt the burn a lot on my legs , I feel proud of myself cause I finished this workout🤠

  9. Honestly Chole u helped me so much! I lost 2kg and started to get curves just by eating less and doing ur workout for 2 weeks. Thank u ily 💘

  10. So I just finished this workout and I'm proud and it killed me just a little 😂 Are there any tips for not feeling nauseous after workouts? It's not too bad this time, but still fucks me up. I ate a small breakfast and lunch and drank water. Also had a break of an hour after eating.

  11. Hi everyone,
    I want to be honest. My height is 162cm and I weight 54. My measurements WERE: 88 / 68 / 90 cm. I started this workout like about 3 weeks ago and I do this fat burn workout about 3-4/ a week. I try to work out before dinner but sometimes I get home from work so hungry that I postpone the workout after dinner.

    This workout kills me all the time and I feel great after it. (usually, I slow down in lunges – I don't do the fast one.)

    RESULTS: I measured myself again and now I am 87 / 67 / 90 cm. I lost 1 cm everywhere and to be honest… DON'T GET DISCOURAGE because of my results. My results are not as nice because I don't diet.. I eat unhealthy food whenever I want to and I usually have big midnight snack.. I bet that if I would give up on the big midnight snacks, I would definitely lose more fat.

  12. Ok so I’m doing this workout and I think I smashed it! 😊 I worked so hard to do those burpees in the end and it felt great! I already see results start to happen and it feels incredible tysm Chloe for doing YouTube and helping to improve everybody’s life style by allowing them to do these workouts and always say inspirational things to help me want to do more, I love my motivation now bc of you! I love you so much Chloe!!! 💗💕😊

  13. apart from being absolutely adorable – I was pleasantly surprised that you're so strong too!! there are some workouts where I feel like, wait – hold on .. I need a break (forever) but when I look over at my screen, you're just jumping about and having a good time ..! I am definitely inspired!! keep it up and thanks for sharing these videos ..
    p.s .. I think I like your videos too because you do a lot of cardio, which I really enjoy doing ..

  14. i'm so happy that i finished it hahaha yeeees

    day 2 — i feel like i'm getting more stronger and i'm so proud of myself yay

  15. This is indeed a killing and ardous workout. Initially I thought like ok only 12 min. Let's kick it out. But when done I actually required a break of 30-40 seconds in between even in just 12 min workout. It's really an amazing and worth doing workout.

  16. Wow over 30 days I’ve lost 7 lbs thanks to your workout. Thankkkk youuuuu for the plans and doing them had it toughs times but it made me feel better about myself. I weigh 142 and now 137 thanks a lot you’re amazing!!!👏🙌💗

  17. Hey ur intense abs workout is amazing and I feel the fat burn inside my belly😘😘😘…do a video on how to increase oru height…#happy for you…

  18. The thing I'm struggling with is being able to eat healthy I can set my mind to do the workouts but with the resources I'm given I am unable to eat healthy which I know is a big part of losing body fat and gaining muscle, any tips?

  19. Bro… I was like, awesome easy 12 minutes ahead of me. I didn't even make it to 9 and it felt like 20 minutes had passed

  20. When she did the low impacted ones I was like "I think she realized I skip other work outs in other vids because they are to loud and I'm doing them I the middle of the night"😂

  21. For those of you who like seeing what you’re getting yourself into 😅:

    (30 seconds on, 10 seconds off)
    -high knees
    -skater hops
    -in & out squats
    -jumping jacks
    -high knees
    -star jumps
    -jump rope
    -high knees
    -tricep pulse crab kicks
    -cork screws
    -burpees w/ push up
    -jumping lunges
    -jumping jacks
    -mountain climbers
    -high kicks
    -burpees w/ tuck jump

  22. hi! i was just wondering how you log workouts like these into lifesum? your workouts arw amazing, btw! i try to do one video a day!

  23. (I’m planning on doing this workout for 2 weeks for right now)

    Day 1: ✅ I just finished the workout and there was a lot of sweating and pausing. I had to do about 3 to 4 low impact because I was getting tired. See no difference so far but we will see results for tomorrow

    Day 2: ✅ I just finished again and this time I wasn’t pausing as much as yesterday. I did only 1-2 low impacts this time. Again see no difference but there is sweating.

    Day 3: ❌Took a day off.

    Day 4: ✅Just finished the workout and my muscles are feeling tight. The good tight not the bad tight. Did only one low impact today.

    Day 5: One impact but feeling great. Excercises are a tad easier.

    Day 6: no impacts! Easier!

  24. I never expect a lot from 10/12 min workouts, but this one is lit!
    Perfect if you want to add a little extra cardio!

  25. do you ever just wanna cry when you think you’re done but you still have 2 more exercises left…two difficult, exhausting exercises?

  26. Thank you for making these videos
    They help so much

    (Btw if it’s no problem can u make a whole body workout)

  27. Ive been doing this workout for almost 3 weeks now and im still drenched in sweat by the time in done 💀

  28. I really appreciate you showing low impact versions. I have health issues and can't do the normal exercises. Thanks!!!

  29. After knowing you via here, you and you videos really give me the strength to exercise…i have to say that I used to dislike exercise very much…i wasn't able or bother to exercise more than 2 times a wk for the last 10 yrs….NOW…..i have been following your videos to exercise for a month….i even exercised for 5 days last wk…what a BREAK thrOUgh…if not, I still try to exercise with your videos together twice or three times a wk! I really sweat like a dog and exhausted but I feel refreshing and better afterwards… Thank you so much for making me a better me, Chloe!!!! You are the 🌟!!!!

  30. Okay I think there is something wrong with me. I can't get through only 2 workouts and my heart starts pounding and saliva gets built up in the back of my throat. It hurts to the point where I can't go on with only one set or I can't go as hard because of my heart and my throat. I know that means I am out of shape but it shouldn't hurt this bad right?

  31. Please give me motivation! (Even though I’m going to be doing this at least once)
    One like = one work out

  32. The first time I did this workout i had to pause it like 5 times to take longer breaks. It’s been a couple weeks and today I completed the whole thing without pausing once ❤️ thank you Chloe, you truly have made me so excited to work out and get in shape.

  33. You know you're a beast when you finish feeling energized and go "That ain't enough," and crush through it again. Thanks for getting me there, Chloe! 33 and best shape of my life thanks to you! See my abs for the 1st time, too, which was my goal. Love you forever for changing my life – I recommend you to everyone. 😘

  34. man you love those high knees so much that you added it three times in the workout! i am DEAD. this workout really kicked my butt lol.

  35. Whenever I see the mountain climbs and any other variation of it, i want to quit.

    Height: 1.63 Weight: 53kg
    Hopefully i can lose weight and get toned with Chloe’s workouts. They kill me tho. Haha.

  36. Imma try to this every day till I start school again . (On 3rd of September) . I hope i will feel more confident as I have gained some weight cos i have stopped exercising for a while .
    1 like = motivation …..

    I am also going to try her other exercises to make sure I see improvement

    Edit : I was so focussed on doin this but can’t now cos I broke my toe so I’ll have to carry on with this when it’s better .

  37. Does anyone know how many calories this workout burns can u dm me on this if you do or my insta ellebaileyyy

  38. ok I just stoped excercise, that was my first time, hope that after a month I will see difference, cause I have tried so many things to get loss weight and they didn't work that I'm so hopeless about it, but I'll start one more time.

  39. Just in case it helped anyone after doing this workout my apple watch said i burnt 114 calories (97 active calories) and i did all full intensity apart from the lunges and mountain climbers and tried to jog in between them if i coulf 🙂

  40. I keep trying shorter videos from Chloe because I have little time, but with Chloe it's like this:
    shorter video = harder moves and faster pace = more breaks I need to take = longer video

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