Tyler Whitman’s Amazing Weight Loss Journey & Transformation | Million Dollar Listing NY

Tyler Whitman’s Amazing Weight Loss Journey & Transformation | Million Dollar Listing NY

I mean, I will say,
three years ago, that would’ve been
a much different game. I was still in
real estate management. I would’ve just been
getting off of work, and stopping for
dinner number one, ’cause, you know, I was
a three dinner kinda guy. Some people eat
three meals a day, and I eat three meals
for each meal. – You’ve come a long way. – One more round?
– One more round. – I’ve been a sales agent
for two years now. I never really considered it an opportunity that
maybe I should pursue. You know, I was really obese
my entire life, so, why would I be the one
to sell their home? [soft music] – Tyler, you ready to go? – When you’re in the South,
I didn’t have any gay friends. You know, gay people weren’t
coming out in abundance. And so, I was excited
to move to New York, and, like, have
all these gay friends, and have these
gay bars to go to, and, like, go to drag shows, and things that just
really don’t exist when I lived in the South. And then I got here, and, like, people were really mean to me. ♪ As a matter of fact,
the only time that I’ve ever felt
really poorly judged was body shaming from being an overweight
gay man in New York City, and it was from other gay men. It was a different
kinda lonely. And it never went away. It just grew and grew
and grew and got worse. That was when my weight became a crippling insecurity. And then, in my late 20s,
I went to go get a physical, and I was 387 pounds. Even when I was big,
I always loved to dance. Still love to dance.
[chuckles] It’s in my soul. I couldn’t get through
a song of dancing without feeling like
I needed to sit down and have a rest. And I remember the final
moment so specifically. I was like, “I’m so
—-ing done being fat. “Just, like, so over it. “It is holding me back
from everything. “I’m having
weight loss surgery, “and I’m going to use it
as a catalyst “to restart
my real estate career, and I’m going to
—-ing take over.” [cheerful music] And it worked. Eight months later,
I had lost 185 pounds. And the next year,
I made $1 million. You know, weight loss surgery
definitely has a stigma. Some people think
it’s the easy way out. I still get it now. Somebody’s like, “So,
how’d you lose the weight?” And I say, “Oh, I had
weight loss surgery, something I’m very proud of.” And I always feel
their deflation. They’re always like, “Oh.” Like, they wanted
a different story. And I’m like,
“The long-term success rate of natural weight loss is 2%.” – All right.
Come all the way down. – I lived that statistic.
I gained and lost 100 pounds probably four or five times
throughout my life the natural way. You know, it’s amazing that
I live in the time that I do, because, you know, if it
wasn’t for weight loss surgery, I might’ve lived
a life of obesity. And I was so unhappy then, so it’s pretty amazing
to be here now. I guarantee you
I could gain it all back,


  1. Tyler, As a father I am so PROUD of you. You did what you had to do to get healthy. I don't care how you did it. You took action! I wish you lots of success with your new and amazing life!

  2. What's so inspirational about just getting surgery? If you want to change all it takes is effort, not a surgery that makes you throw up if you eat too much

  3. I'm not sure surgery is something to promote or consider inspiring. It should only be used in very extreme circumstances when all avenues have been exhausted. Tyler wasn't someone lying on a bed unable to move or do anything for himself, he could have exercised albeit it be tough to begin with. Surgery isn't a quick fix or without its dangers. Tyler could have got here naturally over a 2 year period, it would have meant so much more to him, he would have taken great strength and determination from what he'd achieved. Although he said he lost weight on 3 occasions but failed that should have told him his dysfunctional relationship with food runs much deeper. A large percentage of people who are under and over weight or fluctuate between the two (binge/purge) do so because of underlying psychological issues. Those require counseling/therapy to discover what is at the root of the problem. Eating disorders can also be a component of a pre existing mental health disorder/illness. This may not be a sustainable weight and mindset for Tyler, only time will tell but wish him well.

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