so before this video starts I just want to say that I understand that certain people have conditions and diseases that leave them immobile or unable to do the things that I talk about in this video if this is you I'm so sorry and if this isn't you you shouldn't take for granted what you have the ability to do let's just get into it so today in America it's no secret that we're having a serious problem with obesity not only amongst adults but we have a massive influx of child obesity as well never before have we seen this many overweight people and I think it has a lot to do with the lifestyle many people think that they have to live to stay afloat to me there's really two parts to this equation one we have many many more fast food options than ever before adults are also working more hours and women are in the workplace at large for the first time in our history so there's simply not as much time and effort being put into eating healthy these days for the average American family quick seemingly cheap options are what people usually end up going with and so they're shoving this trash down their throat and they're shoving this trash down their kids throat so it's really bad and the second thing is that people are simply not exercising and really just not even going outside like they used to you know so much of our entertainment is indoor eMobile activities like video games Netflix social media and the rate of kids interested in sports is just declining at a rapid rate and any form of exercise is good for you it doesn't have to be getting in the weight room it doesn't have to be p90x or insanity shit 30 minutes a day of simply walking would do good for a lot of people I really think that the main problem with people not exercising is that they're really scared to gauge their bodies and what they can do your body gets so used to being lazy and not doing anything that it goes into this extreme panic when you try to workout after a long time and I know some people want to avoid that but to those people I just want to say your body is gonna be put in far more stressful and far more harmful situations by continuing to live in a mobile life where you're just gaining more and more weight the more weight you gain the heart of your body and more importantly your heart is gonna have to work there's a really no reason to be scared of stepping into a gym and I know a lot of people are scared of judgement from the more regular gym goers but I would think that if someone cares enough about their own physical fitness to be going to the gym all the time that they would be more welcoming to you coming to the gym and working on your they would see that as actually very honorable I see people working out in the gym that are amputees they only have one leg or one arm and only makes me want to work out harder because these people are far stronger than I will ever be you know they had to really start at square one and that's never really been the case for me I always played sports growing up I always was in a family that valued health and they valued fitness and lifting weights so I was kind of just guided into it I guarantee a lot of those people that you think are really fit may have started in the same place that you're at right now and let's be honest isn't it being a little bit hypocritical and judgy to think that people are gonna be that egotistical that they wouldn't want an overweight person in their gym and if they do feel like they don't want overweight person in their gym fuck them you know they probably have some sort of other problem someone sort of other bullshit that they're not happy about in their life so just fuck those people and I just want to say there is many benefits to just getting you know a little sweat worked up every day the toxins in your body kind of just stay there if you don't sweat them out your metabolism will get a lot faster and you'll have a lot less zits if that's a problem for you you know your pores open up they release all that bacteria you're really cleaning out the largest organ in your body which is your skin you'll probably be sleeping better it can decrease common aches and joint pains and overall it just promotes a better heart and kidney health so really unless you're working three jobs to support a family or something you really do have time to work out I work out five to six days a week and that's with a schedule where I'm taking 15 hours of actually having to be present in class a week 12 to 20 hours at my part-time job you throw in the fact that I cook for myself almost every day spend eight to twelve hours a week on homework and you'll see that I have far more on my plate than the average adult working 40 hours and if your Excuse is that you have a kid and that takes up your time put that kid in some sort of physical activity and then get involved in that physical activity with your kid it's really not that hard people the other thing that I think we really have to do is stop normalizing being fat do you ever see someone defending someone's obesity with this body-positive bullshit and telling them they should feel comfortable even when wearing clothes that or three times smaller than what they should be wearing I mean don't get me wrong I'm all about self confidence but I'm sorry those are not good friends and that is not a good message we don't want the youth of our society I think that it's a the thing to be overweight and all your friends gonna be talking about how good your body looks when you're in a casket cuz you had a heart attack or one of the many other terminal risks that come with being overweight like fuck that you know what I'm saying someone who really cares about you is gonna tell you that you need to be more health conscious and you know what's really gonna make you feel better you got to get off your ass you got to go to the gym you got to go for a walk even these baby steps can make a huge difference in add years to your life so there's really no excuse you only get one body in this lifetime so I don't get why it's so hard for people to take care of theirs but maybe that's just me on some other shit I don't know I know some of you have some people in your life that you need to tell hey you need to get moving a little bit don't be afraid to tell people you might be saving their life I hope you guys get this message help I'm not coming across as too harsh just trying to help people out and I'm gonna be having some more information about my giveaway in the next video until then I'll talk to you guys later peace oh and like and subscribe thanks I got $700 from my lash and I will spend it all on you so baby won't you fall


  1. The best thing anyone can do is get into fasted sprinting (interval training) you can breathe a lot better, feel a lot more energetic and alert, can wake up at 5am not feeling groggy. But you'll lose weight relatively quick with a reduced calorie diet (1400 cals). Start off with jogging for 1 mile at 5am, get a heart rate watch, once jogging becomes kinda easy/boring, move to sprinting 30 secs, rest 30 secs until you burn 500 cals. Try avoiding concrete, and take BCAA + whey protein before hand to look after muscles. When you lose all the fat eat before running to maintain weight/muscle and never stop running, cardio fitness goes quick. You can still enjoy junk, but limit it severely, once every Saturday/fort night when you have lost weight.

  2. U always out here keepin it a 🦌 respect ✊🏾… the close up at 2:07 had me dyin 😂😂

    Also i had no buck emoji so i had to settle for that weak ass, sad lookin reindeer emoji😂.. if anyone reads this bang out some pushups with ya boy 💪🏾🥋

  3. This is true, I always respect anyone who steps foot into the gym and comes consistently enough. I don’t care how small or fat they are, they are already much more respectable than those who don’t even try. An edit, hell yes! Being confident is different from thinking being fat is a positive thing.

  4. Damn. I just took a hit with this I relied on food but now I need to leg go, what I’m going to start doing in walking I feel like this bull crap with people trying to be nice and stop “fat shaming” it’s just hiding the problem away from people.

  5. you said wearing clothes 3 times too small but showed plus size women in well fitting lingerie?? i don't get stuff like that. Fat people are allowed to wear things like crop tops, lingerie, and bikinis. It's not automatically too small just bc they're showing parts of their body you don't wanna see, if its their size and fits on them how is it too small??

  6. I never exercise. I climb one step and I'm already out of breath, but I'm not obese, I struggle to eat a small frozen meal. I take a whole damn hour to eat a single vegan hot dog.

  7. I mean im a 250 pound highschool football player and ive seen a doctor about and got my blood tested and it turns out my interior was actually extremely healthy but my exterior looked fat so just a quick PSA strongfat is healthy fatfat is not

  8. Here’s the thing. There’s tons of people who binge eat compulsively (I am guilty of this though I am absolutely nowhere near obese, binging runs in my family), and it’s incredibly hard to control, especially if you suffer from chronic depression or if you used to be addicted to drugs (put down the spoon pick up the fork). When my major depressive disorder was at its worst (again, although I wasn’t obese), I was literally only capable of doing things that brought me instant gratification. Basically just laying in bed and binge eating. When I finally got my TMS treatment and had a normal person’s motivation I realized that you really are weighed down and incapable of doing things and it’s not just laziness. Just wanted to point out these things, but I absolutely agree with your overall message. Glorifying obesity is incredibly dangerous and stupid. It is not body positivity, it is socially acceptable denial and people who are obese need to improve their physical condition before they end up dying a horrific death.

  9. I'm 17 and got diagnosed with hypothitoidism this effects my whole body. I feel more sluggish than others, im always cold, and other effects but one of the main ones is that my body easily gains weight and it also makes it harder for me to lose weight. There is no cure and its genetic so my mom and my sister also have this condition. I'm in my highschool marching band to help me be more active and in also vegan. I cant really eat as much as I use to but its something I have to live with. I'm also the lightest person in my family at 170-180lbs everyone else is 200 lbs and above.

  10. Why this shit out of all the other weight loss videos actually motivated me to start exercising and eating healthy. It’s the voice, it’s the voice.

  11. Recently I’ve been wanting to play basketball at school, I’m 230lbs at 13, and I just feel like the kids will judge me for not being able to run and all that. I want to be active but I’m just scared of how people will react, it’s stupid to think this because losing weight is supposed to be a good thing but I don’t know why I think this way, I just do.

  12. i stopped working out for a bit but kept eating the same and a co worker told me im looking tubby, ive lost 8kgs since

  13. Gym goers don’t care about who’s there it depends on what they do like not re racking weights cleaning off bench or machine and being to close to you when your lifting free weights

  14. still munching on my peri peri grilled burger with extra lettuce, jalapeños, chili's. Ain't going for those southern fried chicken burgers cos they deep fry that shit and my chicken is just slapped on a grill sooo I guess it's not bad? I hit gym and training as well so 🤷‍♂️

  15. im in the process of losing weight!! its tough but if you keep at it you will see the weight fall down. i walk my dogs, go hiking, and on calorie restrictions 🙂 you can do it

  16. this is very true I started off freshman year off at 215 pounds and I quit eating bad foods and stop drinking sodas and started working out it’s not that hard and now I Weigh 155

  17. I wanna start going to the gym but I’m just too high all the time to go dunno how to stop smoking and go gym

  18. My mother has PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) whereas she has an overbuild of estrogen. Her weight levels fluctuate, even though she eats healthy 80% of the time and works out like crazy. Losing weight is a tough, but possible goal for her.

  19. I’m on a high school football team and I we workout 5 days a week for 2 and 1/2 hours and then after that we go to the field and practice for 3 more hours. I play tackle and I’m pretty big but not overweight. I used to be and it made me depressed. As harsh as this Message may come across it’s true and in my opinion that’s all that matters. like he said People who really care about you will tell you the truth. The truth hurts, but being obese hurts more.

  20. I struggle going to the gym in densely populated parts of the gym. O was never I sports and i used to be anorexic. I couldn't lift 5 pounds when I started. Everything hurt, I looked pathetic getting so tired so quickly, and I felt very alone.

    Anorexia can really fuck you up, man. I had a wake up call when a doctor told me my heart was pumping weirdly. After a while at the gym, I'm at my healthy weight and I went from lifting 2 pounds with a machine to doing 20 with free weights on my upper arms alone.

    There is no excuse but I can't say it was easy. I still feel like crying from embarrassment every time I enter the parts of the gym with the most people but I go anyway.

  21. I agree with u. I’m not sure why me and many other ppl find it hard to work out. Ig bad habits don’t break easily. I’ve been trying to slowly incorporate healthier options into my life. I really like the keto diet. However it is still hard to stick to 100%. For now I’ve been drinking more water than anything else and I’m proud of that. Ik to many ppl that seems like a worthless thing to be proud of, but when I was younger I would literally only drink soda. I’ve went years without a drop of actual water. I’m changing that now. Plus my parents had that same “quick and cheap” mentality. My mom was also overweight, but she got weight loss surgery and my dad works in a physically demanding field, so it doesn’t really affect them. I find no interest in sports or other outdoor activities but I have been doing some stuff like walking and lifting to try to over come that. Thanks for reading this long ass paragraph. Idk if it did but I hope it helped someone

  22. When I was 13, April 5th 2018, I was 5'4 and weighed 152 Pounds.
    I never really exercised and mostly just ate a lot. I didn't even realize how big I was until I actually took off my shirt. So I started going to more school Sports, and I started running more. And in doing that, I didn't even realize I was losing lot. Now today I'm 5'7 and I weigh 132 Pounds, and I'm still gonna keep on going to lose more weight and get more fit.

  23. I work out twice or three times a week work full time and I go to college sometimes it is a struggle I’m still fat tho even tho I work out

  24. Watching the old videos nd you built me some more motivation to lose weight nd get back to my old body🤘💖

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