1. he was a sumo powered. tree chopping, hard working farmer raise, genetically huge, fresh air breathing, eastern canadian winter hardened, tank of a man

  2. Victor Delamarre a fellow french canadian lifter of the time of louis Cyr did 309,5 lbs DB lift with one hand at a weight of 154 pounds. A lift greater than anything of these days and more than louis cyr without drugs. Here is the proof in french in this article :
     https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Delamarre  PLEASE LIKE THIS SO PEOPLE SEE THE TRUE RECORD

  3. Actually some one can do that back lift his name is Paul Anderson and beat that back lift by over ,2000 pounds by doing a back lift of 6,270 pounds go merica

  4. I have a signed copy of Ben Weider's book on Louis Cyr. A family member gave it to me, as it was explained to me he's a relative of mine. By all accounts in the genealogy notes my mother gave me I recall he was an Great (X's?) Uncle of mine. I really am excited to find and unpack those notes and book in storage after seeing this video. 🙂

  5. Just finished watching JF Caron compete in WSM 2015 (via youtube), thought I'd look up the sport's proud Quebecois heritage.

    Many circus dumbbell presses at the gym tomorrow to honour these guys!

  6. Greg Ernst got to eat cheerios before his back lift. Louis Cyr never ate cheerios because they didn't exist at the time.

  7. Listen to these retarded Americans that think he was a fraud. Too bad the man wasnt born on American soil. I know the opinion would be different.

    It like USA's Ira Hayes, He was a good soldier but Canadas Tommy prince was far superior. And the most decorated soldier in the first special forces. But Merica cant recognize anything but their own. flag waving assholes

  8. Big fan of the late Mr. Cyr. but no way that 7 year old girl lifted over 300 lbs. Nope not buying that one. lol 🙂

  9. Remember kids, if you want to be strong as Louis Cyr well…. you must be born with super strengh in the first place! Pretty easy right?

  10. As a strongman myself, and not seeing much on it these days… It's cool to see this.
    I love this so much. <3

  11. Bodybuilders are not "strongmen" . They build muscle for display not for strength. Just as a weightlifter uses technique to lift a barbell and are strong as hell but they are not strongmen. Notice that the traditional strongman do not have chiseled or ripped muscles.

  12. $150 CDN a week at the circus was pretty decent money in 1898. That would be the equivalent of around $3,000 CDN a week today, or $150,000 CDN ($117,000 US) a year.

  13. It's nice that they want to claim he's the strongest man in history…but it's undocumented bullshit and heresay…the dude speaking here is not even close to as strong as a lot of the strongest men alive today…for him to speak as he has, is just pure nonsense

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