The Answer to Obesity Is Obvious If You Look at the Statistics

The Answer to Obesity Is Obvious If You Look at the Statistics

so since 1970 obesity has tripled in adults and almost tripled in children okay so the answer is in the food statistics I want to see if you could figure this out so this data is based in America 2014 on what an average American consumes per day I put a link down below to see the entire report so let's see if you could figure this out okay number one vegetables an average American consumes 1.6 cups of vegetable per day protein 7.1 ounces fat 63 grams daily so we get forty four point seven grams of vegetable fat and fourteen point seven grams of saturated fat grains point four eight pounds that's a half a pound a day 174 pounds a year sugar 23 teaspoons per day or 131 pounds per year now this is added sugar okay it's not the sugar within the food so what do you think go ahead and type it in the comment section I'll wait for your answer we'll give you a couple minutes actually this is recorded I can't do that but it's pretty obvious to me hey look at this vegetables 1.6 cups now we need 7 to 10 cups okay fat 63 grams that's not unreasonable this is too high though vegetable oil because this actually is soy canola corn GMO this is a problem okay grains a half a pound a day is that too much that is way too much half a pound of grains and you're talking a lot of refined grains as well and then we have added sugar 23 teaspoons per day is that excessive how many is acceptable less than one zero so I don't know if it's just me but it's so obvious of what's causing this we need to increase the vegetables we need to cut down the vegetable oil we need to eliminate these two right here and this will go away so some people will tell you it's the saturated fat but we're only consuming fourteen point seven grams of saturated fat every single day that is not the problem these are the problem so go ahead and type down your comments your opinion below I'm really curious what you think about this data so we've been getting a lot of success stories but I don't have your success story yet so click the link down below and upload you before and after I want to actually hear about your success story I want to see your before and afters and every week we do featured success stories so click the link down below and share your success


  1. I like bacon… I'm recently diagnosed with HBP and diabetes the put me on Metformin and Hydrochlorot. I tried to refuse but fasting my blood sugar was 231. UHG money is an issue so we eat mostly processed foods. I'd like to get off the roller coaster because I'm not a pill popper in fact I wasn't taking any pharmaceuticals for years. It's stressing me out just having to take two pills. HELP!!

  2. Great Video Doc, but people get confused between grams and Ounces & "cup sizes", maybe stick to one of the measures
    Luckily I can work in BOTH units.

  3. for me it was junk food that caused insulin resistance. chips, processed sweets, soda, "diet food" that always left me hungry, "protein bars" which are basically just candy bars. high fructose corn syrup in absolutely everything. i was always hungry eating 3 to 4 times a day. now i eat mostly veg and fruits with plain yogurt, nuts etc, drink only water and tea, eat once or twice a day and i am hardly ever very hungry. 👌

  4. Well, the bmi system isn't correct either. Bmi doesn't consider muscle.just weight. I'm obese yet have maybe 60lbs of fat I can loose. Doctors tell me I am healthy and fine. Not obese. But the bmi scale says am.

    Sugar is the culprit. Carbs are the culprit.

  5. The meat shot makes me gag. I don't want to eat meat. I agree whole heatedly about the oils and sugars. Whole grains and more fruits and veggies. YES….I am just enjoying your channel so much. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for breaking this down Doctor, simple and makes sense. Although I'm in Canada, we are approaching these statistics. Couldn't believe the carbs and sugars! Is that me I have to wonder? I feel like it's not but I am obese over last few years, have struggled with eating (and fat weight) since being little and becoming worse rapidly as I age and have a sedentary job, back probs, chronic low level stress, etc. and I know the sugary foods at night and carby foods during day are the cuprits when it comes to diet. So glad I recently found your channel and am soaking it all in!

  7. I am diabetic, have high cholesterol, triglycerides and also my creatinine levels began to rise. I am still binge watching all the videos but I wonder if it really is safe for me to go on a keto diet. Since keto focuses on fat and protein, which is also bad for me due to high cholesterol and creatinine. I need enlightenment

  8. Dr. Berg – i'm a meat-eater. Both grass-fed and not. Hate veggies except lettuce.

    Watched a video from a skin expert who said eating animal protein ages us quickly and has negative effect on skin.

    Yet, Keto has been the easiest diet for me as a veggie-hater.

    You eat meat.

    What is your thought on the aging/skin health argument against meat?

  9. Gary Taubes got me into the 'cut out the flour and sugar' mind frame 6 years ago. In that time I have lost 13kg (28lb) and brought my high blood pressure back into the normal range. You don't hear a lot from Gary these days, so I am really glad that I I found Dr Berg's Channel. After all the crap that I hear from my Doctor's about Cholesterol in food being bad and Vegetable oils being good , and Saturated Fats are evil! Thank goodness that there are people around like Dr Berg who get the truth out there. Thank you.

  10. The problem is also added refined salt which stimulates people's appetites as well as sugar. Try reducing sodium as well and see how your appetite diminishes.

  11. Dr. Berg do you have a daily meal plan I can use as a reference to improve my diet? I have lowered my A1c from around 11 to 6. I lean towards being on a plant based diet but do eat some eggs, seafood, and a little meat. I’m a big veggie fan. Thank you for all your excellent information.

  12. saturated fat should be less then 12g a day. Humans should only eat vegetables. It's a biological fact. One which people love to ignore. NO animal milk or meat of any kind. It's common sense really. Just because a creature can physically eat meat doesn't make them a omnivore or carnivore. The obesity crisis is down to eating processed food and meat. Eat whole food plant and you will live a long lean life.

  13. I totally agree. I have cut out sugar, processed foods, and breads & pastas only 7 weeks ago and have already lost 6 lbs. Increasing my good fats (coconut oil, nut oil, avocado), and omitting my daily consumption of wine (2/daily), has stopped my night time cravings for salty snacks too! I feel that if I start an exercise plan, I would lose much more and once the busy season is over, I plan on doing just that. These videos are very informative and helpful! I also love watching them because they're short and to the point, and not full of commercials. Easy to watch….Thank you!

  14. Sugar, and a lot of fats combine with carbs in the same day, to much calories from the wrong sourse and a ZERO knowledge about what goes in to the mouth! But in the end of the day we all still asking the same question… why are we fat, why people are getting obese? Because nobody was educated to food, nutritions and how food in general works in our body. There is no money in that. You like the taste of a products that is specialy designed to influens your needs, but they are killers for your body and for your dream shape. In these world of internet freedom , anyone can spend a lot of time to educated him self for what he needs. Nobody do it foor food. The average person is feeling alive and happy because of the tast of the products around him, but he does not look good, no shape, no healthy. Always run to pharmaci when he is sick. Carbs, fats and protein. thats all you need to know, what is it, whats is for, who is the bad and who is the worst and "Why" After all my life i have been asking this question and i just did it, i learned how food and products work to my body, i get my body to a perfect shape and i was more than happy and proud. There is a log road to ride on, but modern people will not going to do it, it's so dificult and modern life is so simple! Think and educate your self, or eat all the tasty shits around you , spend all of your money and be happy. 😀

  15. 3 years ago I was a 42" waist, I'm now a 32" waist and 90lbs lighter thanks to fasting and low carbing 🙂

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