Supplement fake vs original | (true mass gainer review)

Supplement fake vs original | (true mass gainer review)

Today I’m Gonna Show you [Guys] that Those who, ever are A Beginner for A Gym Or those who are going for a gym They Are Looking for a Product Which We called as A supplement Those want to Grow Their muscles Today I’m going to Show the Difference between? I’m going to tell you about the Difference between The Original and of Fake Pro light Supplement so here you can, see it’s a true mass Supplement it’s for A mass gainer Those who ever are thin Who wants to gain the mass want to build Their Muscles and Build The Muscles More and more by an Ordinary Supplements You will Not get that kind of Facilities and The Ingredients and The Proteins and The Calories Factors but This Is What I’m going to Show You I’m Going to Prove [you] about the? Fake and Original Supplement so first, We are going to show you that in an original Supplement you Can See that There is A Website Written in it so this is the first fact that the original Supplement has in it Whereas in A fake Supplement There Would not Be Any of this Kind of Websites and Another fact I can Show [you] that the supplement when you are buying the supplement be Careful That There Must be all Labeling of the Manufacture Date As Well as a lot of Description as Shown out here as you can See this original Supplement Which I have Brought Today for a mass is called troma’s and it has A magnet And in Fact [sedate] for its return [nine] [Fifteen] and Expiry Is [nine] [seventeen] so this is the Another fact of the original Supplement so Now, we are going to go to the description of the Calories you [will] See the Nutrition facts out here it’s written the Calories You’ll Gain of 17 Which you normally doesn’t get from an Ordinary Food our Ordinary Any Kinds of Nuts so this Is very Important you need to know the ingredients you need [to] know the actual Proportion of the Ingredients so the Calories out Here in This true mass is [7/10] and Calories From fat Is 150 so the total fat IS 70 17 Gram With The Saturated fat Of 4 Gram and Trans fat is nil as you can see your cholesterol Is 130 Milligram and Sodium 400 Gram With the Potassium IS 700 Milligrams Which you normally Cannot gain from A Banana A Banana Contains a Potassium but not in This Proportion so the total Carbohydrate as Well you can See iS [90%] Which is good for your? Muscle mass the Carbohydrates and The Main fact of this is the Dietary fiber Which Is 6 Gram which you cannot get from and Oats Oats Contains of Fiber But not as much as in This Supplement We also have a [suger] Here it Is 14 Gram with the Protein of 15 Gram and the most essential when you are as A gene more as A Tray our Beginner for your Gym and you want to grow your Muscles mass The Protein is essential fact for that one so out here you can See the Protein IS 50 Gram With the Calcium of [50%] so Calcium it’s what Makes your body your bone Stronger so when you don’t have A Calcium in your Bone you will have a weak Bone So calcium Is [very] Most Important and you can See the Proportion of Calcium IS 50% it’s A half of your body Bone Strength so as Phosphorus IS [40%] and you can See the label of other ingredients as Well total fat – Salt Fat Cholesterol sodium Potassium Everything you can See so this is our supplement is Newly Brought supplement now I’m going to show you I’m Going to Open This Unboxes Supplement Here is the Cover in and Duplicate Code Supplement [Too] [much] Duplicate supplement what you See that that cover the Lead of the Supplement will not be sealed it will be just [like] this but this is Arjun, also You Are going to get the seal in it so when you are unboxing this supplement Here I am Going to open it so [it’s] open You [will] See Another fiber molded Lead in it so which Supports The Air Block System for the supplement so that it will not lose the ingredients The Value of The ingredients The ingredients To be Evaporated so this seal [Is] going to protect you as an Air Block System so now I’m going to open the seal Just a second it’s my nail this little bit Smaller so [here] it Is so when you [open] it so It’s going to so like this it has A Cup Which will Give you the actual Proportion how, much you need as per Your Training if You are all If you are a beginner you can Use a two to the Spoon of the Supplement Either Mixed With your Milk Either mix it with the [Water] it’s going to Help you you [Can] use this supplement After and Before As Well as Within the Training Session so? [This] is what We call a true mass Gainer after using this you’ll gain A mass Definitely am 100% Sure That you’ll gain A mass and it’s not that the mass will only Help you to grow your Body your Muscles But it depends upon your Workout What Kind of Work do you do and how Many Times and How much Risk you are going to Take After The Period of your Workout so it’s very essential Which it and Every find Every every Everything you must Keep in Note When you are going to achieve and [You] want to build our Success pool Stronger Muscles Thank you Thank you very much


  1. sir please kindly be honestly suggest me which is the best and fast weight gain protien powder i have alredy use 2 products but my money is lose. am not rich i already lose my money . and my salery already is so low please tell me which is the best weight gainer . and which is the best orignal online shop.

  2. What the fuck are you on about original and fake ????? What do you think people are selling fake bsn mass gainer ??

  3. What facts/proofs you are comparing as original or fake not sufficient, what you have said fake can have those easily, and correct your English first then make any other video# you used a word evaporated hahaha

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