Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss | How To Lose Weight Fast 10KG in Summer? | Fat to Fab

Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss | How To Lose Weight Fast 10KG in Summer? | Fat to Fab

welcome back to my channel and I'm Suman and today's video is all about a summers weight loss site plan 2019 so night next act and Isabella thr important tips first step F make short meals should be on a time second s sleep should be on a time third is no stress and forth is focus focus and Trust yes I can do that Jin Delta trust to do Sujatha hair follow me on Instagram this is my ID trusting our motivation be back for Tyga because I'm going to upload lots of transformation from you guys from my clients and worldwide with applies Marion Indiana Emily coffee sir HPV 90% lines of sorry Bihar care and Mojave vodka which is a range was at the AARP which is very into Satya so without any further delay and you no excuses let's start with the morning drink so monitoring guys many already opening youtube paper hot sunny summers keep break Blake Kay Kutta sorry videos upload culture cue recipes key so this is the morning drink nice to already Joe is key recipients it's already on my channel link to our description box my hair gave Lee drink cow Walker ta ke CA everything is mentioned this in this particular video so go and check out now move to these breakfast monitoring and breakfast may at least 25 minutes Kakaako nahi chahiye so how might a big fist guessing who got a lunch guessing but they both are like interrelated one time Chi heavy meal Keurig a I would suggest you go for our breakfast car heavy meal Lance photovoltaic bizarre the Gallo jafra station or Giardia and lunch heavy naima bother some people to go the engine say a lunch have you about the breakfast heavy named Bertha but don't know me say it male body heavy tiger it's up to you for example a plane Norma J up now breakfast garaje which is heavy so of course lunch did you have a light tuna but other ethnic and pajetta breakfast color which is like light smoothie awesome coffee or some fruits make sure up control lunch fo egg budget at max your bar which is a cup car you a budget at maximum the V jockey official diet have a balanced Tahiti but Agora expect terrible keep dunno meal macro heavy do bilkul bhi na hoga weight loss in fact weight gain hula so our ginger logo KO breakfast heavy car and I had may personally suggest currently go for heavy breakfast sube sorry socks a aqua Jacob each member a breakfast collision so oz mayham Kaka are killing it first as bohot sorry options and Mary pass breakfast Cape but make sure guys eh-oh tight hey it's not for PCOD patient this is only an only for normal people you know vitamin D deficiency due for thyroid cash where ei tight not only locally am one time heavy me laying if breakfast get options every year area first is based on Sheila second is from Thais third is quinoa forth as multigrain chapati with any try subsea dry sexy up Kuwait belay sexy hair plus I get up milk tea and coffee can over hand then please have milk tea and coffee without sugar but I can ask Oh coffee and tea Mejia have one small glass of charge plus good handling it made sure up do be charged cannot area the Hebrew nothing go up nearly related to your meal don't add any salt just got a little off for Bruno Vegeta the guys yes are you option left for heavy meal but Jin Jin logo for light breakfast cannot head and here sorry options of listen to breakfast maybe lunch maybe now move to the light options like options may I have smoothie recipes Genevieve you year AHA coffee recipe just go video again here aha apart from that of fruit ball recipes juice kabhi video year ahah other upload office mechanical taeho office staff these students or college laughing oh nice make sure you should carry yes sorry too tippy liquid rings hair up named Milton your mm Khatami our character said Pam passage he continued absolutely fresh at the absolutely fresh but Agricola fake in a yard medicinal inserting it is a car Abuja he denies up morning Aetna light breakfast carriage is smoothies fruit bowel or coffee lunch octa heavy here Erica Joe Kia Paris a egg magic we should finish card over so yet her lunch and EA have breakfast in sub co-op knee up as my interlink exchange turn I am now move to the matrixes now mate request is going to be our seasonal fruits mango market member other of samarium mango contains lots of fiber half manually set they a half for muskmelon lasik peghead Buju but I'm against watermelon much of watermelon tikka those things he's okay let heat like they have but watermelon as a proper meal mein kabhi kabhi suggest custom animation in Vegas we're like as a for me watermelon is just a meat Himani fibrous my body come back I can understand it can be lots of vitamins potassium minerals understand everything is understandable but it contains very less fiber it's a meat hop on so I don't prefer a watermelon but now move to the evening tea guys evening chill green tea key recipes here and you made a channel page a have proper video link to have a description box now except few but guys I would suggest you every alternate day Lingam every alternate day must have keep one day chilled cream tea Kobe recipe Jovi I put healing herb don't know though recipes as now apart from that one day hot green pea which is green tea inches loss daily arm chill clean pima healing in de lima healing how every alternate day he may live so now move to the dinner so in dinner I want to give you a three to four options first option is going to be at Tomatoes three to four tomatoes without seeds sprinkle little of flex seeds on the top and it's ready no salt next is saute some capsicum two to three capsicum we have to sauté them in a half spoon of olive oil sprinkle some to exceed some little edge wine and that's it no salt next is papaya anytime sort of odd apart from that up herb apart from that you can have two key be Christians are mango Chiklis attend dinner make mango is extremely good and languages shake with an edge engine loboko constipation I should at the guys mango shake mango contains lots of fiber when it mix with the milk constipation KO chronically it's extremely good cover can be dyed cut the time from constipation out that so guys make sure you should have mango shake in the night and after a mango shake Benari and although mangoes co hamsa muskie weight-loss Mackesy you scaring your skin to be gay or bi emails Randolph Escobar value video we but mango shake it's really good don't add extra sugar and artificial sweetener I drink hooker that's going to be 2 to 3 spoons of apple cider vinegar will 1/2 cup of hot water so that set about this whole plan and this is like very reasonable plan of chaos basket sorry sabzi Mandi vasana put some on my leg a sub push to optimal diet and you know coaches a problem me a key for the expensive a la plana a free and many oppaya so that's it about this plan guys so easily you guys can do seven to eight ages in one month easily easily so go follow the style and share your before and after picture on my email id which is at this one and I post your before and after picture for other people motivation on my Instagram so yeah that's it about this video guys so I'll see you very very soon in my next upcoming video which is going to be how to use mangoes for weight loss in summers so patch recipes don't give bhavati twister alley and body actually so wait for my next upcoming video so yeah that's it so I'll see you very very soon so give it a ticket bye


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  2. Suman didi…mere weight is 65…and my uterus is bulky…Dr. told me to loose 20 kg… As soon as possible… please please help me.

  3. Pcos mei morning mei uthkar long ka pari kha rahi hu,or workout ke bad apple side vinegar lay sakti hu??????

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  5. Ye wala videos dekh lena wo
    Video dekh lena
    Hum tujhe ch## ya dikh rahe
    Jab batana hi nahi hai
    To video banaya hi kyo

  6. Hello mam mera weight lose huaa hai 2 month me 2 kg but mera tummy bilkul Kam nahi ho rha plz kuch btaiye iske liye

  7. Hello mam
    M ek student hu or m subh 5 bje soti hu 12 bje uthti hu then 1:30 lunch or fir night m dinner please suggest m some exercises or diet to loose my wieght

  8. Plz make a diet plan after 6 months of c-section delivery….coz bacho k sath manage krne me problem hoti h

  9. Love you suman….with my thyroid i lost 5 kg in 15 days…it's totally beyond my expectation…thankyou

  10. How can I maintain my weight after weight loss? Can I get into my normal food, I noticed that my weight is coming back even if I have 1proper meal.

  11. This is a very helpful tnx for this video!! This plan is helped over thousands of people 👉 #powerbrainweightloss

  12. If anyone need to be slim or loss weight then click below and read the article & download E-book from article & follow them….

  13. Hye dii 💝 thank u for this i m going to beanie the weight loss journey frome this diet love u n thank u alot

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