Stephen and Run the Jewels Present “The Halloween Wiggle”

Stephen and Run the Jewels Present “The Halloween Wiggle”

like halloween i love it’s great you know the one thing the halloween lacks is that there’s no uh there’s no really good halloween like novelty songs at night there’s the monster mash yeah that’s a good one but that’s like 50-something years old now we need a new one you know Christmas got all kinds of one well you know I recently took the the matter into my own hands we had got together with my good friends hip-hop empresarios run the jewels oh we we have created what I believe will be an instant holiday classic and so tonight i am proud to present the world premiere of the song you all be singing with your ghouls and goblins this is the halloween wiggle very well the moon was full it was late at night I could feel in my phone something wasn’t quite right I walked downstairs and I opened the door and I saw my daughter the floor and first I was scared and I started to giggle because i saw Dracula to the halloween wiggle it cited and monster man won the jewel 1 jul hey it’s a graveyard spoon drop the pumpkin download make my friend sighs thinking about to find out if you treat your tricky spread to cobwebs and arch your back and I must take my hand and shoot your money back rocks don’t got economy Supergirl stops we holler when it don’t run shallow making fight on your finger like it’s a marshmallow well that’s one way to wiggle but listen up close there’s a people giggle that I think the most you just stretch your back wings and flap and don’t forget to do the skeleton class making pumpkin clap make the candelabra flicker on my heart you’re so hard my unwrapped stickers still can’t go around with your Hershey fun if you bring your gang just beware of casper and it’s what we do keychain keep your eyes peeled for ghouls and ghosts Oh Halloween’s a train and I can get to moes taken to the Graveyard I can txt you’ll be like a trick ass with gonna bring go my skeleton and you can ride out balls into screaming boot gonna give you a treat because you’re my trick you dressed like a which provide the broomstick shaky reese cups like you need cash then his bag it’s a graveyard smash or treating about as much fun as you can get without must make you and we’re still wiggling in the halloween wiggle and make them candy apples too girl jiggle-jiggle girl jiggle-jiggle girl just to be clear we’re talking about fruit but now the party’s over and it’s time to scoot so go home guys put some candles on check your Lantern build a breakup down kids are watching he said hershey hershey laughing about it


  1. Colbert playing catchup to Fallon and Corden. That's not his game he'll never beat those guys at the viral video thing. He should figure out his own shit or get off TV. He's not right for the media landscape as it is now.

  2. No good Halloween novelty song? What about the classic Werewolf Bar Mitzvah?

    Werewolf Bar Mitzvah
    Spooky scary
    Boys becoming men
    Men becoming wolves

  3. The guy who plays Drac, I swear, use to work on Conan;s shows…I notice him in several of Colbert sketches…But I can't remember his name of hand…

  4. El-P really just say "You dress like witch I'll provide you the broom stick." THAT WAS FUCKING COLD MY DUDE. RTJ best group since 2013.

  5. can u make version without jewels and just stephen colbert… i kinda liked his parts and hated the other one… >.> pls

  6. The censorship is my least favorite thing about Stephen Colbert moving to CBS. They should at least keep the unbleeped version for YouTube.

  7. Did Colbert just endorse grabbing a gal by her p*ssy, "Stick my hand down your candy snatch"?!?
    That seems a touch contradictory???
    So Colbert now voting Trump?

  8. Stick my face in your candy bowl Colbert knows what's up! Jewel runner for life. And watch Strangers With Candy! Colbert plays a high school teacher…

  9. lol at all these lame ass people all: hey can we cut the all the fun parts out of it. can even one of you describe why any lyric in this is offensive or misogynist? the only people i can think of which could be offended are asexuals as they're just rapping satirically about sex on halloween. goord lord, some of you need to get some perspective and a sense of humor

  10. My cat Humphrey luuved this!! We thought it was combined beat not two different songs lmao
    "Parental Discretion for Explicit Material Starring Run the Jewels and….Stephen Colbert!?"
    Jewels Run for 2020! Help us!!

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