Six Pack Ab “Hack” (ABS NOT REQUIRED!)

Six Pack Ab “Hack” (ABS NOT REQUIRED!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today we’ve got a muscle hack for you! It’s the six pack hack. When you don’t necessarily have that six pack
yet, but you’re looking to do anything you can to make it look like you do – okay. I’m not going to break out the muscle marker
and draw. That could be way too easy, but we are going
to make it easier by focusing on – not the six pack. You see, the six pack is the rectus abdominus
and this muscle alone will never give you a good looking mid-section. If you don’t believe me, look at this picture
right here. This guy clearly has some abs, but because
he’s lacking obliques and serratus anterior – two muscle that I’ve covered in depth
a lot of other times on this channel – it just doesn’t look that good. It’s probably not what you were thinking of best home ab machine
when you said “I want to have a ripped six pack”. This guy here probably with a little less
ab development looks far better because he’s got the serratus and the obliques tying in
and visually creating and tapering, and narrowing that midsection, and framing out that six
pack a lot better. We’ve talked about this concept before. Well, today I want to give you one exercise
that you can do. Either with nothing at all if you’re just
working out at home in an empty space, or with a single physio ball that you could actually
get this working better. Here’s what it looks like. You get down on the ground, you’re going to
do a side crunch. Now there’s a lot of people that do side crunches,
but they do one of two things. They either grab their neck and they just
start cracking away like this with no real care about what muscles are actually doing
the movement. Or they’re just worried about what’s going
on down here at the waist and they’re not focusing on the other opportunity they have. That is to get the serratus working as well. So what you want to do is do your side crunch
and instead of just doing it here where I’m focusing, gain, mostly on contracting the
obliques. Which would be a good step up from just grabbing
that neck. We want to add that next layer in. We can do that by taking our arm, reaching
across our body, and then trying to reach out, away from us. That’s going to activate the serratus. Now if you remember when we covered the chest
we have a pushup plus. The pushup plus is when we get to the top
of the pushup and then try to push even further. Allow our shoulder blades to continue to protract
and go around our body. The same thing is happening here. We crunch up, we work the obliques, we take
our arm, and we press across our body. Not just to here, but as far as we can go. You can actually see the activation kick in. If you’re wanting to do this resisting, like
I said, if you want to do this in a gym you have the opportunity to use a physio ball
as well, or even at home you can do this. You put the ball against something sturdy. Here, I’ve got a wall, and now as I come up
and crunch, now I push into the ball which is going to provide resistance for me. So we get even a little bit more work for
the serratus. The idea here though is, you want to make
sure that you’re training these because these muscles that reside up here are actually going
to be much more visible at a higher body fat percentages. We all know for guys one of the most stubborn
areas is the lower belly. It’s the last to come off and if you’re relying
on that alone to be able to show off that impressive six pack, it could be a long, long
time. But if you had at least a little bit of visual
muscle popping through here – which can happen at higher body fat levels – if you
just train them you could actually start to get some of that midsection tapering going
on to give you the appearance that you’re at least heading in the right direction. As I said, that other video that I covered
over here – the Holy Trinity of Ab Training – that, you’re going to want to look at
for more advanced versions of this. It doesn’t just start here and stay here. As always, with everything we do it starts,
and it evolves, and it continues to evolve, and it continues to challenge. You always want to do that with all of your Core Max Ab Machine
training. But this presents a great opportunity for
anybody with no barrier of entry, no equipment needed at all if you want to just start getting
this working for you right now. Guys, if you’re looking for a program that
walks you through everything step by step and progresses you as you’re able, that’s
the ATHLEANX training program. That’s over at In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below and let me know what else you want me
to cover here on this channel and I’ll do my best to do that in the days and weeks ahead. All right. I’ll see you soon.


  1. Jeff can you answer this: I am just feeling my abs but I cant see it😢😢 I want to swimming with my abs are visible pls answer this even you are a subscriber only😭😭😭

  2. 18hrs later I tried this. Yes you can feel it. Jeff I use this with a yoga ball. Not sure my form is right to maximize my contraction. Think an add on demonstration video is possible? Thanks man your videos are killer.

  3. This is what I need for my obliques to finally get them stronger and not tear so easily. Thank you so much for this.

  4. Jeff I've been following your videos for about two months now and I've definitely seen improvements. My 6 pack and obliques are coming along nice, but like you said those lower abs are the hardest and last ones to come in. I workout everyday, my nutrition is very good, and I only drink water. About how much longer will it take these lower abs to come in?

  5. Hey Jeff- love your videos. Thanks! Two things I would like to suggest: 1) at least occasionally it would be good to have comments directed at your female audience. I am sure I am not the only woman in your tribe who would appreciate some of your attention focused on women's challenges when the situation merits it; 2) I would like to see a video or two on mental conditioning. Usually when I have a hard day in the gym, it's a mental limitation, not a physical one. Sharing your strategies for overcoming mental limits, getting the CNS online, would be very helpful. Thank you again!

  6. How often should we train? haven't find a video where you talk about this, we believe more in what you say than other channels, please do a video about this.

  7. So straight up, I have a gut. Do I focus on these types of workouts with other ab routines or do I focus on losing the fat first through cardio or something? I just never know where to start

  8. Someone show this video to Ludacris please for his next video so he doesn't CGI them so poorly again like in "Vitamin D".

  9. Speaking of evolving challenges…how about an update to the "Six Pack Promise" app? I've been using it for over a year now, and I think it could use some freshening up. When I advanced from Level 3 to Level 4, I found that Level 4 actually seemed easier and went back to Level 3. Maybe it's because I only do the "No equipment" versions.

  10. Jeff I'm a big on super sets because I have limited time in the gym. Could you hint on some super set work outs?

  11. I think my body is broken I work abs everyday and I have little to no fat I have 8.3 fat percentage and my abs are strong but just completely not visible and then I have my friend who works just as much as I do but he has about 11% body fat and his abs are weaker but they are there it doesn't make any sense

  12. Can anyone give me a tip… When i do try to do dips, the bone that connects your pecs feels like its gonna implode on itself… Any tips?

  13. Jeff, could you do an info video on muscle contraction speed?

    In the classical martial arts world there's a huge reprehension on using weights to supplement training, many believing that increased muscle mass might slow them down. I'm trying to separate truth from fiction and so far it's been quite difficult.

    If you happen to see this, could you also shed light on whether this slowing is caused by increased mass, or cause of tensing both adductor and abductor at the same time (thereby hindering yourself).

  14. I love these videos. Jeff takes the boredom and monotony out of training and his workouts fit every level of fitness without supps being overemphasized. Keep it up, sir!

  15. Hi Jeff. I have a question I hope you can address. Can doing a sit up and as you go up twisting to the side have the same effect? Hope you can answer my question. Thank you. P.s. I like you videos and I follow your workouts keep up the good work 👍🏻

  16. hey i have a question i been getting cramp on my upper abs everytime i go hard on abs workout. I still dont know y this keep happening to be when i do abs. plz help me

  17. Guys, I need help.
    I just can't push myself to failure during sets. My mind is always saying "Why do you need to go through this pain? Isn't this enough?"
    Please give me some tips guys.

  18. Hey man, good video. How often a week are we talking for abs? Once just as per other muscle groups or what would your recommendation be?

  19. I was at boxing class tonight. they were doing leg lifts or what ever they are called. bit there pretty basic for me. I remembered the video u did when I rotate your legs in the in a 360 motion I started those. Coach decided to tell the class to watch me an do the same motion I was doing. lol

  20. im a little more ripped then the second photo you showed at what would i have to change to get to the first photo

  21. Hey Jeff. I have slightly more developed obliques on my left side compared to my right. As far as I know I do all the exercises correctly so could it be a genetic thing or should I take a look at myself again and make sure Im not doing something wrong?

  22. when i was working out for abbs i did 2 crinches and boom 10 packs here at my belly , no.. not abbs i mean 10 packs of burgers.

  23. A Fake Ab Hack: Now I do actually have visible abs and a
    pretty good build, but I wanted to enhance them for Halloween a few years ago
    as I was a Spartan Warrior.  3 weeks
    before Halloween, I used “protan” to stain my skin, and painted the stain
    around my abs, chest, shoulders etc. At the time I thought it was crazy, because
    it looked awful. Then 2 times a week I went to the tanning bed, put the “insane”
    high intensity tanning lotion on those same lines where the protan went, and
    used SPF 45 in little smears on the high points of my abs, parts of my chest, shoulders,
    arms. I did that until the week of Halloween. Then 2 times before Halloween,
    just tanned with regular lotion, and it blended everything in smooth so it was
    not drastic, but you could tell my muscle creases were darker, and the high points
    were a built lighter. I had endless compliments that night, it worked great.
    Good for one night, but I would not do it year round.

  24. God bless you Jeff, thank you for this piece of workout. Can I also make a recommendation that you post beginner videos like this for all the beginners out there and then tag the video for advances. I believe this is how it can push people to become more athletic.

  25. Jeff, I have been following your videos for months. I have hard time getting rid of my lower abdominal fats. I am between 10-20% body fat. My diet is on point 80% consistently and I workout 5 days a week. I am also supplementing with pre workout, whey protein and aminos. I am thinking of getting fat burners. What do you think about it? Should I or should I not? Summer is right around the corner. I'm kinda want to see a quick result. Thanks in advance for your response.

  26. Jeff how do you position your legs during this exercise? Straight elongated or curled? Thanks for the response and keep up the great work.

  27. This particular abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it) is worth a try for men who wish to get 6-pack abs but haven`t attained the goal right after trying many techniques. I just did the same exercises everyday and this was why I got Six pack abs after follow this plan. Among the helpful parts of this book is the 13 Ab plans section.

  28. I began doing the push-up-plus technique a while ago w/ out even knowing it had a name. I'm glad to see Jeff has a name for it.
    Now I just have to lose that warm comfy coat hiding those alleged abdominal muscles.
    Thanks Jeff.

  29. On every other channel I would say he set the light to look better.
    But Jeff does it only to show us how the muscles work properly on this exercise.

  30. it's funny because i accidentally developed my serratus from incorrect bench press form where my anterior delts took over my chest all the time until now I fixed the form and strengthened the chest but I have very well developed serratus now apparently LOL

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