Should I Lose Weight??

Should I Lose Weight??

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to another episode of what I think I’m gonna call on my channel Sierra Unfiltered. These videos where I just sit down and talk about something that’s been on my mind without any script or notes, it’s just kind of like word vomit, and hopefully it makes sense. So today, I wanna talk about the idea of body-positive weight loss. Is it anti-body-positivity
to wanna lose weight? I’m also kinda gonna touch on the ideas of healthy weight loss, crash diets, my experience with my body changing from weight loss and weight gain. So if you’re new to my channel, do make sure that you are subscribed. I make videos like this
about body positivity, and then also fashion videos, try-ons, hauls, all that stuff. So let’s just get into it. Is losing weight body-positive? Yes, and no, it really depends
on how you go about it. I think being healthy is one of the most body-positive things that you can do, but on the other side of that, I personally have put my body through hell just because I wanted to be thinner, I wanted to have that ideal body shape, and that isn’t being very kind to my body. That is not body-positive. I’m much healthier at a size 12, with a little bit of extra weight, than I would be if I starved
myself to become a size two. And that’s not saying that people who are a size two are starving themselves, or they’re not healthy, or they’re not body-positive. Health is not a size. There is no set healthy size. It’s gonna vary from person to person, and it also depends on how you’re treating your body, how are you
nourishing and fueling yourself? Especially with the new year coming up, and I know a lot of people’s
New Year’s resolutions are, I wanna lose weight, I wanna get thinner, I wanna have abs, whatever it is. I think, before you jump into that cycle of crash diet, starve yourself, binge, and fall back into it, and then blame yourself for not succeeding at the impossible, you have to love your body now, and want to improve it because of that, and
not in spite of that. If you decide to start
losing weight tomorrow, and you abuse your body to get to this size that you think is gonna make you happy, it’s not gonna make you happy. Losing weight doesn’t magically solve all of your problems, and
if you are berating the body that you have now, and wishing
it was different, succeeding with sustainable weight loss is going to be incredibly difficult. You have to love your body right now, and want to improve it, and get fitter, and stronger, because you love your body, and not in spite of that, not because you want a different body. As someone who has gone through that cycle of crash diet, fad diet, starving myself, binge eating, that whole cycle of yo-yo-ing up and down, pretty much since I was literally 10 years old,
I was always chasing that goal weight of, oh, my gosh, if I get to this weight,
I will be confident, I will be beautiful, I will wear a bikini, I will do all that. And guess what? I got to the goal weight. I lost the weight, but I
didn’t do the self-love journey while I was losing the weight. And when I got to that size, I lost weight in between my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college, I had this idea that I would go into college being thin and beautiful. And I focused on the weight so much, I focused so much on
numbers, and didn’t focus on health, or mental health, that I got to that goal
weight, that magic number, and I still hated my body. All the things that I used
to nitpick about were gone. Now I just had new things to nitpick. I looked in the mirror, and even though I saw what I always wanted to see, I still didn’t love it, because I didn’t take the time to work through those struggles and really commit myself to being more positive about my body, that no matter what size I ever got to, it wasn’t gonna be enough. I remember doing my
freshman year of college, I was sitting with my roommates, and we were all going through
our Halloween costumes, what we were gonna wear out for Halloween. And I put my costume on, and it was definitely a little bit scandalous, I was showing some skin, and I remember my roommate said to me, she was like, oh, my gosh, you have the perfect body. And to me, she had the perfect body. She was this very thin, muscular dancer. She, to me, that’s, of course, why wouldn’t she wanna look like that? But she was looking at me, at my body, which, even though I was thinner, I still had more curves to me, and saying, oh, my gosh, that’s the body. That’s the body I want. You’re always gonna be
able to nitpick your body. No matter if you are a size 20 or a size two, you can always look in the mirror and decide
what you wish was different. and losing weight doesn’t fix that. That’s a problem in here. You have to fix that problem before you go on the weight loss journey, or as you go on the weight loss journey, otherwise it’s never gonna be enough. So you have to love yourself, and you also have to commit to a lifestyle that’s sustainable, not a diet. So many times I’ve heard, and I used to say this, too, of, oh, I need to lose weight for swimsuit season. I need to lose weight for a wedding. I need to lose weight for prom. If you are losing weight for something, that isn’t sustainable. Even if you did lose the weight before that event, then what
happens after the event? You let yourself binge because you did it, and you’ve
been restricting yourself. Real, sustainable,
healthy weight loss comes from lifestyle changes. It comes from changing your routine, from making going to the gym a priority, from buying healthier groceries, and fueling your body,
instead of restricting it. It really has to become
a change in your habits, a change in your life, for it to stick. And I’m always working to
make my lifestyle healthier. I go to the gym two or three times a week. I try to buy healthy groceries. And to me, even though I might not be losing weight rapidly, I’m not gonna drop 10 pounds in two days, like all those stupid magazine
advertisements are gonna try to bait you in with. I’m fueling my body in a way that gives me more energy, that makes me more active, and that maybe, maybe not, will naturally slim my body down over time because it is real, and it is sustainable, and it is attainable. A lot of the backlash that I see to the body-positive community always touches on the same couple things. Body positivity makes people unhealthy. Body positivity makes people gain weight. But you know what? To all those people, if that’s really what they think body positivity is, then they’re just wrong. Body positivity is loving and accepting yourself as you are right now, not berating yourself, and talking down to yourself, because
you don’t look like a model. And for me, body positivity also means leading a healthy lifestyle because I love my body, and it’s my home, and I want it to be as healthy, and wonderful, and active as it can be. Hate comments don’t usually get to me, but today I read a couple of hate comments that really did, honestly,
kind of affect me a little bit. Basically, the comments were like, why don’t you just lose weight? Your life would be so much
better if you just lost weight. I posted an Instagram picture of me eating a piece of pie awhile ago, and someone commented on it today, and was like, oh, well, if you lay off the pie, maybe you won’t
have so many confidence issues. And as much as I’m
someone who hate doesn’t usually get to me, and
I’m really confident and happy with myself, even I sometimes, those comments start to work in my head, of me going, well, maybe I just shouldn’t eat dinner, or maybe I should just go to the
gym three times tomorrow, and that’s not realistic, and that’s not attainable, and that is not going to be something that I let affect me, because my health is more
important than my appearance. Losing weight is not easy. Changing your lifestyle is not going to be something that you just do, and all of a sudden, everything is fixed, and you’re confidence struggles are gone, your body is the way that
you’ve always wanted it to be. Losing weight does not
solve all your problems. You have to go on that self-love journey while you do it, and I think that choosing to live a healthy lifestyle
is incredibly body-positive. It’s choosing to love your body, and nourish it, and fuel it, and try to make it as strong as it can be. So to all those hate comments telling me to go to the gym,
or to just lose weight, I really am not gonna let that affect me, because I know that I am treating my body well, I know
that I am working hard to live a healthy and
sustainable lifestyle, and if you’re someone out there who’s constantly feeling that pressure to lose weight, if you’ve ever been in that horrible cycle of fad diets, and binging, and it just feels like it never ends, get off that carousel. Get off that merry-go-round, and change to living a healthy lifestyle. Don’t look at the numbers. Don’t worry about the
numbers or the sizes. Worry about your health. How do you feel? How does your body feel? Are you feeling comfortable, and confident in your mental well-being? I think that is the key to
body-positive weight loss. So if you guys got this at all, if you kinda got what I was trying to say, I feel like I have
a lot to say on this topic. I will put a card right there to my body positivity playlist, where I talk about a lot of
other topics like this. If you wanna kinda start
on that self-love journey, you can click that card. If you guys like these
Sierra Unfiltered videos, let me know in the comments,
because I like doing it. It feels more casual. I like being able to just talk about something and not have to plan it. So if you guys liked that, make sure to let me know, and I will
definitely do more of them. And I will see you guys very, very soon, with another new video. Don’t forget to be confident. Love your curves. Don’t chase that goal weight. Chase your health and
your mental well-being, and I will see you guys soon. Bye! (upbeat electronic music)


  1. Your size and weight do not determine your value. If your self esteem and self concept are dependent on other people's perspective of you/beauty then you will find it difficult to be happy with yourself. Shaming people is not motivation for people to be healthy, it is actually harmful and can be a deterrent to people being healthy. I'm not saying that this is what she is doing, this has just been my experience in life.

  2. I'm all for you body positivity but you body is beautiful also you have to be comfortable in your own skin[body] and if you healthy than that's good love your body I'm 13 and that's how I feel you don't have to care about me being 13 but I feel like you should be comfortable in your body

  3. I’m so glad you make videos like this because it’s sooo important! Every body is different, and what might be healthy for one person’s body most likely looks different for someone else

  4. This is an amazing video, that really captures what alot of other body positivity channels doesn't. I definetly think you should be able to have a treat once in a while, but still be healthy!

  5. Wow, you are so positive and I love your message. Thank you so much. I hope you dont stop making videos because I'm sure you are making a difference so so many girls and guys. You are beautiful and its so beautiful that you are letting people know how to be confident with themselves.

  6. If your going to lose weight, you have to do it for you. Once I got thin and to a healthy BMI I felt better and more energized, it also made it SO much easier for me to work out.

  7. So true. You need to focus on health. I lost HEAPS of weight last year but I wasn't trying to lose weight – I was trying to feel better, (I had health problems for YEARS and had given up on being 'normal' ever again). I love what Dr Eric Berg says: you don't have a weight problem, you have a health problem that has caused a weight problem and if you can correct the problem then the weight will just fall off 😊

  8. You are such an ispiration💕 I’ve hated my body since I was in 3rd grade and I’m 14 now for my birthday we’re going to the GWL an indoor water park hotel I’ve been so stressed about swimsuits You’ve been helping me love myself and I can’t wait to wear a bikini!😀💕👙

  9. I just found your channel and I am so happy that I did!! I love your videos and your outlook body positivity and curvy girls! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you for sharing !

  10. Couldn't of said it better myself!! You truly have made me feel better about myself. I've tried diets and have lots about 10 pounds but than just gained it back when I started to eat off the diet, now I know I need a lifestyle change and something that is sustainable! Thank you so much Sierra!!❤️🤗

  11. Yes please, more Sierra unfiltered!!!

    Whenever I’m feeling down about myself, usually after comparing my body to people I see who are thinner than me, I watch your videos and feel so much better! I m currently losing weight and learning to love my body in the process.

  12. You're perfect honey. Don't listen to the people who say stuff like,
    You : "what for?"
    Them : "oh wait your not…. Oh sorry"
    Me : D:< what?!

  13. Ik when i lost the weight i wanted i LOVED IT…i could wear anything…i was aspiring to model and act so i felt great in front of the cam…i got preg and still stayed fit…but had to move to country and thats when i gained…got Soooooo unahppy i felt like a whale…slowly been losing weight and now feeling better but once im back to being able to show off skin and no worries of feelin or lookin fat ill deff be happy. But not everyone may feel that way…i honestly feel my biggest issue with myself is just wanting to wear clothing like i did b4…but i already found self love long ago…but i don't love fat on myself lol

  14. So when u say ur size 12 i see u mean shirts….so when u did the pants vid u said size 12 also…confusing cuz usually stuff i get goes by small med or Large size for shirts and pants usually are numbered sizes…

  15. There IS a healthy size though. If you go to a doctor and you’re overweight, they’re going to tell you that your weight is unhealthy. Doctors won’t tell you that you’re healthy if you’re 50+ lbs overweight. No shade. No tea.

  16. I’m a 2x but me and mom have been losing weight together but we r not binge dieting we r eating sugar free and low carbs and I’ve lost 11 pounds now

  17. Because when we were taking care of my Grandma who had dimentia I gained weight from stress and in January was one year since she passed me and my husband r trying to have a baby and I want to lose weight so I don’t get diabetes later if we get pregnant

  18. I just turned 13 back in November and I lost 4 pounds during winter break, I hate my body I'm petite and everyone always mentions that and I don't really mind but I'm also underweight and I try to gain weight just because I feel like I'm way too skinny but that's because I have a fast metabolism and every time I tell someone that I'm insecure about it they think it's dumb just because a lot of girls would like to be skinny and that I should be happy , they say that it's easier to be skinny because it's easier to find clothes however I don't like shopping because nothing ever fits me and it just makes me feel terrible because I feel way too skinny 🙄 I always make jokes about me being a "stick" just to make my friends feel better about their body when I should be trying to make my self feel better about my body.

  19. I 100% agree with you that if you have a mindset of having an unattainable body will never be enough and you need to start off with self love, however, there are indisputable health risks of being obese like type 2 diabetes and higher risk of having a heart attack. You can definitely be thin and have a heart attack or diabetes but being obese increases your chances by a lot. Also eating healthier does help you feel better and even help depression. I feel like the body positivity community is ignoring these facts and say being obese is healthy and that it is okay to be 500 pounds. I think as a human being every single person has value and a purpose in their life and being overweight does not mean that you are not beautiful but it does have a few health risks.

  20. You're honestly amazing. I just found you today and I can already tell that I'm going to love watching your videos going forward. There hasn't been a video that hasn't made me smile stupidly at my phone yet!

  21. I was size 20, and with eating healthy lose 100 pounds. I read that if you make something for 21 days it turns in a habit, now Im a size 4/5 and I continue with healthy habits and never starve myself. The problem I think is people want to lose weight in one month. For me took like a year, my weight has been stable like 2-3 years.

  22. Ive always had issues with how I look and how much I weigh. My mom put me on a diet and her goal for me was to lose weight. That's what she told me. Not because she wanted me to feel better about myself but to look better as her daughter. There have been many times where I feel that my family is embarrassed by me being the smallest bit overweight. I don't like to walk around in my underwear or in a bathing suit because their eyes are always focused on what's not right about how I look. It's hard to get out of this rut at the moment.

  23. You are an inspiration. I love your Videos and i really feel better when i saw this vido. A big thank you to you ❤️

  24. I discovered you today and I just want to say thank you for being the perfect middle ground for body positivity. I feel like a lot of body positivity does overlook health and that's not right imo, but I'm really glad I found someone so down to earth who gives off the right kind of messages for girls. I've already ordered my curvy crew shirt and I already am a big fan sienna ❤️

  25. I love this video. People also forget there are people like me who get super skinny and than gain 50 pounds and loose it again but work out 5 times a week with a trainer yet I still gain weight. Why is this ? It is because I was born with diabetic issues. So it hurts when people think I eat to gain the weight just to loose it again and in reality I eat very healthy paleo diet but I don’t starve. I can’t eat carbs as a diabetic because it will kill me. I think body positivity is great ! Thanks Sierra for making this video.

  26. Woo, thanks so much for this video. I loosing more than 30 pounds, and achive my "ideal body" and I didn't enjoy it becouse the inhealty way that I used. Now, still loosing way but, loosing fat and working in muscle. But I truly would like that someone tell me all that u say when I started my journey

  27. I normally shun the body positivity movement and I will always have some issues with it but one key takeaway should be that you can’t punish yourself into happiness. It’s so counterproductive. And it’s much harder to get healthy and stay healthy when you’re deeply unhappy. Make one or two changes at a time and let them stick. Keep trying until you get it right; be accountable but don’t wallow to punish yourself. In the end, you’ll reach your goals and be able to maintain your progress.

  28. I really support the idea of living healthy lifestyles and not fixating on numbers. Especially because once you start gaining muscle, you're going to go up in weight and look even better than you did at your thinnest.
    The one problem I have with the "doing what feels good" mentality, though, is that weightloss oftentimes won't feel good in the beginning. Many people do eat very healthy foods but their portion sizes are way too large, so when they switch to a more normal portion size they are going to be hungry and cranky in the beginning. Despite the struggle, that weight loss (if you are at an unhealthy weight) can feel really good and empowering at the end once you push through. Like many others in these comments I lost a lot of weight (80lbs) and it changed my life and improved anxiety, depression, and other illnesses. I would really encourage people who want to feel better to keep fighting even if it doesn't feel good in the beginning to say no to that bottle of wine or those nachos with your friends and learning to have a good time anyways. Food doesn't have to be a source of comfort. Don't focus on the numbers. You'll get there.

  29. I have lost weight over 4 times and I put my body through hell as well. I decided last year that I will start intuitive eating and accept my body.

    It’s so weird being in a different mindset but I haven’t binged in months!!

    I’ve gained weight back now and I am a size 12!!! No more crash diets for me 👍

    I feel like I can relate to you so much…. ❤️

  30. Thanks Sierra. I had thought of eating little but enough to not cause any anorexia, but still little to lose weight. But then I thought "I'll just gain it again". This summer I had lost around 6 kg in 1.5 months, which is not a lot but not little. I was walking and eating only healthy food, I wasn't longing any junk food. By December I realized I had gained it back, even though I wasn't really eating rubbish. Maybe I did binge eat but not much, just like a normal person. You're right, we have to do sth sustainable, otherwise it's just a cycle of losing and gaining and never being happy.

  31. Thank you for making this video! You are an amazing and beautiful woman! You are truly inspirational and have made a huge difference in so many people’s lives.

  32. Sierra, I’m so grateful I found your channel a few months ago! You’ve helped me learn to love my body again. I had a baby almost 4 years ago and didn’t really know how it would change my body and I HATED it. Growing up I was always the smallest person in the room weighing in at 80 pounds if I was lucky that day lol so going from 80 pounds to 145 pounds (I’m only 4 foot 11 inches lol) over the past 4-5 years has been so rough. Thank you so much for teaching me that I can be a size 10-12 and still love myself and want to get healthy for ME because I deserve to feel good about myself no matter what size I am 💜💜💜

  33. I love that you're not extreme about being body positive (like Virgie Tovan, Tess and many others are). If everyone on the body positivity movement were like you, it wouldn't have such a negative stigma about it – as you said, people claim it's unhealthy. But they are talking about these over-the-top, extreme people who say that you should eat like a full-size cake if you want to and that losing weight is negative thing. People responding to that are actually not opposed to body positivity in the sense you are talking about it – they actually say the exact same thing – that you should love yourself AND improve yourself at the same time, but just that eating as much unhealthy stuff that it's physically painful and unhealthy is not positive towards your body at all.
    And you're not morbidly obese (+claiming that morbid obesity is healthy) either. And I love that you just do your thing without screaming about the "positivity" in every second like again, these extreme ones do. Rock on!

  34. Thank you for this Sierra! Love your positive outlook and attitude. We need more people like you standing up for beauty and health at any size to change our damaging culture. You go girl! Way to stand up for yourself and all women.

  35. I guess I should consider myself lucky for being naturally very thin. People tease me for having “stick arms” and being “so skinny.” But everyone assumes I’m weak because of it. I dance for two hours every night and eat a healthy diet, and am stronger than half the girls in my class. But because I’m skinny no one sees how hard I work every day.
    I accept my body type even though I’m not a bustier girl with hips and all that. I’m grateful for it after watching this video. Thanks Sierra. ❤️

  36. i noticed that you mentioned that people criticize body positivity because they think it makes people fat and gain weight. i believe this is because the fat acceptance movement and body positivity groups often overlap on social media circles and the terms are often used interchangeably. the fat acceptance movement is mainly made of obese women saying that being fat is attractive, ok, and healthy, and none of those things are true. while i think it’s true that you should love your body, that doesn’t mean accepting your body. you shouldn’t accept your body if your body is obese. you should love your body enough to work out and stop eating so much. that’s what body positivity is after all; loving yourself enough to improve yourself.

  37. Hey girl, I loved this video. I felt that I knew you, that you got to me. If I had seen this video 2 months ago, I had cry to hell. But in this little amount of time, I have learned to know myself, to love a little more myself. In 2018 I gained aprox 10 kilograms, it was difficult and I started hating myself more and more. I wanted to be thiner. Now, I still want to be thiner, but I know this is the body I have and that I have to work on it, but not hate it. I see your video as a usefull tool for selfconfidense to everygone. I loved you, so thank you, thank u for being there for all of us, teaching us, changing our minds, thank you girl, you nailed it 😗

  38. I love how you explained that you got to your goal weight, but still hated your body and did not go on the "self-love journey" that was so well said. That same thing happened to me, and I went down to my magic number of 152 lbs, and went ALL the way back to 192 lbs sadly in the years after…so now I am stuck and want so badly to go back to 150 or even 135 lbs where I was my most free and healthy.

  39. You should be healthy 🙂 that's all, it Isn't about size, eat less junk food, eat vegetables, healthy fats, proteins. I agree with the fact that social media's perfect body is bullshit, but I don't think we should accept obesity as healthy. Just care about yourself, both physically and mentally.

  40. I think there's a problem with body positivity now in that as it's been co-opted by the fat acceptance movement, pushing out the disabled, non-white, facially disfigured, older people it was originally meant to increase exposure to. Scientific facts. Absolutely, do you the best way you can. Whatever that entails. But I object to FA supporters who are deliberately or mistakenly 'educating' vulnerable people that there's no increased risk to health being morbidly obese. That 'starvation mode' exists. That genes are the no. 1 factor in your size not how much you eat. That simple calories in/out doesn't work. It tells these people that all these factors are against them so don't even try. It's like a learned helplessness. And it makes me sad that people aren't getting the opportunity to make the informed choice they deserve.

  41. Well im a size 11-12 and my doctor says I am very very healthy. Im not the skinniest person but thats not how im built, I strip away all junk food aaccept for once a month. I am a very tall(6'2) and very muscular and thickly built. But you know what.. im never going to be very thin or a super small size. I live a healthy life, I work out all the time, I play sports and eat healthy. So its okay that I wont look like a Victoria's secret model (also victorias secret is trash.) But you know what.. i had a modeling company approach me. And they thought I was beautiful just the way I am and you know what .. so do I.❤ Love and accept yourself.

  42. Ill lose weight some day, just not now. I can't right now, but when the right day comes, im gonna lose them pounds lol

  43. ever since i was 13 o have always thought i’m never gonna get married because i’m curvy. i always thought i was fat. but after watching you i’ve realised that i’m not fat. i’m normal. i’m not ment to be one of the those size extra extra small models you see in australia’s next top model. i’m meant to be me and only me. i shouldn’t try to change my body to fit in or to get people to like me. you are so inspiring. love you sierra 💜💜💜

  44. My opinion is that being a size 12 and all that is fine, but obesity is an epidemic, and being a size 22, is not healty. Praising brands for catering to obese bodies, is not good. Instead of thinking "I'm healty and beautiful no matter what", think "I deserve to love myself, and because of that, I want to take care of my body.

  45. You are beautiful just the way you are. If you want to lose weight.go for it, but don't do it for someone else do it for yourself.

  46. This is an amazing video! You’re so well spoken! You’re the queen of body positivity, Sierra, keep it up!!❤️💞

  47. People who truly love themselves tend to be more caring to others. So, those who barf out insults are likely showing how much they hate themselves.

  48. I’ve lost about 47 pounds by counting calories and exercising over the past 7 months! I definitely focused on portion control and fitting in the foods I wanted to eat. The reason I started losing weight was because the doctor had mentioned my blood pressure was high and I was only 21, so I made the decision to love myself enough to go through a process to lose the weight.

  49. The thing people don't realize is the mind body and spirit are connected. Most personal trainers or nutritionists whatever will not teach people this . A lot of these junkfoods can be almost as addictive as crack , I used to eat spicy foods whenever I was sad or angry and that resulted in me getting stomach ulcers because my stomach became so acidic. My teeth enamel became thinner because of this . Some people go to desserts and candy ,some go to cooking extravagant meals , some choose not to eat when they're sad , some over eat , some overexercise. The key is finding what patterns you have ,finding substitutes ,gradually researching little bits about nutrition or just looking at the ingredients around us , and having patience .The key to actually sticking with this is changing a deeply ingrained false belief . I wanted to be healthier as soon as i became braver with other areas of my life.Social media can trigger body dismorphia in people who have a healthy self esteem because your mind sees images of people and starts subconsciously getting trained to think the photoshopping is normal .Cuz truth is no one has perfect eating habits, there is a lot of misinformation swimming out there but as soon as we connect our moods to our plate , we can intuitively find the knowledge that will help us . However if someone has an eating disorder , that indicates a pattern that has been installed for years that is linked to coping with past trauma ,in those cases a 3rd party proffesional should step in because sometimes family members can accidentally make EDs worsd

  50. Sierra, this is kind of a personal question, but you always talk about hating your body a few years ago & FaceTuning your Instagram pics. Also, in this video, you talked about reading a hate comment and almost slipping back into calorie restriction and overexercise. Did you have anorexia/bulimia/another eating disorder? It sort of sounds like it.

  51. Girl imma be honest I am a size 2 in pants and a small in shirts. I would kill to look like you. You are so beautiful and such a good person. Don't ever feel any negative torwards yourself because I wish I looked like you. You are amazing and inspiring. I hope you have a great day.🥰❤️
    Btw you go girl!!!


  53. i’m 17 and when i was 14 i had to get my thyroid removed and before the surgery i was 155 pounds and being 5’7 i looked and felt so pretty but after having my thyroid removed i gained almost 70 pounds!! Bc i kept eating like i was before the surgery and i felt so so ugly. 6 months ago i cut out soda and began working out more and just saying better and i’ve lost 25 pounds. I feel more confident but i’m still the fat friend .. i still have a ways to go but i am feeling better about myself and have been able to wear a large instead of XL ☺️

  54. Health is not a size or what it looks like in a mirror. Remember, it is a healthy active heart and a healthy BMI. Health is about being active, our bodies are meant to move. It is about keeping fat cells away from your organs, it isn't healthy to have layers of fat surrounding them. Fuel your body with hydration, vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables, grains, electrolytes, etc… Keeping vanity and health separate is pretty important on this topic. Vanity is just a bonus, but vanity is not health. I like your message about body positivity and mentality. We should all work on being comfortable in our own skin, just as long as it isn't being neglectful in what true health is for us.

  55. I agree that weight can be misleading and doesn't officially tell you if someone is healthy because height, muscle tone and body structure has to be taking into consideration. But I don't agree with health at every size. Wasting away having your organs shut down because of Anorexia or having a high amount of body fat making your organs work double time is not healthy. BMI and waist measurements are more accurate.

  56. I have tried unhealthy. I've tried those powder for diets where you add water to them to cook them. I lost weight, but I was sick. I stopped being able to tolerate milk and cheese or bread because it had been taken out of my diet for so long. I never wanted to do it again. I'm trying to figure out a way to healthily get healthy right now. It's difficult. Thank you for posting.

  57. That’s true.I am a size 0,but I still have things about my body I don’t like. In my opinion, I have an upside down triangle shaped body. I have wide shoulders,that I hate. My hips are not wide enough. My breast aren’t big enough. We all have things we wish we could change about our body.But,we need to move past these things and be happy as we are instead of nit picking. I will never have the body of someone else,and I need to accept that by loving the body I was given.

  58. I agree with the fact that there is no set healthy weight but some people are just built with a small frame and not all people say I’m going on an extreme diet for their New Years resolution

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