Quick Weight Loss Workout – You’ll Lose 15 Pounds In 2 weeks

Quick Weight Loss Workout – You’ll Lose 15 Pounds In 2 weeks

I’m about to show you a fast weight loss workout
that’s going to help you burn a lot of fat real fast, and this workout
will help you get a flat belly and build a six pack. Plus, you’ll build
nicer looking legs and a firmer upper body, so you’ll look good naked
from head to toe. Okay, here’s the workout you’re going to do
to lose weight fast. First, you’re going to 15 weighted jump squats using
a pair of five to 15-pound dumbbells. The jump squats help tone up all
your leg muscles including your butt, hips, and thighs. If doing squat jumps
is too hard, you can do 15 regular weighted squats with or without a
chair. After you do 15 weighted jump squats, put
your dumbbells down and take a one-minute rest. Then you’re going to do 15
body weight-only jump squats. If doing this is too hard, you can once again
do 15 regular squats with or without a chair. If you can’t do all 15 weighted
or body weight-only jump squats without getting real tired then just
stop. Take another quick one- minute break, and then keep going them until
you’ve done all 15 jump squats. After you’ve done 15 body weight-only
jump squats, take another one- minute rest. Then you’re going to crawl on your hands like
this for 100 feet. Make sure your knees or legs never touch the floor while
crawling on your hands, and don’t forget to place a towel or a mat under
your toes so you can crawl across the floor. If crawling on your hands
is too hard, then crawl on your hands and knees. Since you may not have 100 feet of space to
crawl, just crawl back and forth with whatever space you have until you’ve
crawled a total of 100 feet. If you don’t have much space to crawl
in, do abdominal planks and hold that position for one to two minutes.
This exercise really works your lower abdominal muscles, and if you can’t
crawl 100 feet without stopping, then crawl 25 feet at a time while taking
shorter, 30-second to one-minute breaks until you’ve crawled 100 feet. After you crawl 100 feet on your hands, you’re
going to stand up and go right into doing 100 jumping jacks. If you
can’t do all 100 jumping jacks without stopping, then just do about ten or
20 at a time while taking shorter 30-second to one-minute breaks until
you’ve done all 100 jumping jacks. After you’ve done 100 jumping jacks,
stop and take a one-minute break. Then you’re going to do 20 pushups like this
using a pair of five to 15- pound dumbbells. Each time you finish a pushup,
pick up one of the dumbbells by doing a back row, and after you’ve
picked up the dumb bell, you’re going to do a tricep extension. You’re
going to alternate doing this on your right and left arms every time you
do a pushup, so you’ll end up doing ten of these on each arm as you do 20
pushups. This exercise is going to help firm up your
chest, and it’ll help you get rid of arm and back fat by giving you firmer
arm and back muscles. If you have a hard time doing pushups, then do your
pushups on boxes and as you get stronger you can lower the height of the
box until you get strong enough to do a full pushup. You can also do
regular pushups if using the dumbbells is too hard for you. If you can’t
do all 20 pushups without stopping, then just do about three or five
at a time while taking one- minute breaks in between until you’ve done
20 pushups. After you’ve done 20 pushups, stand up and
go right into doing 100 ski steps. If you can’t do all 100 ski steps without
stopping then just do about 10 or 20 at a time while taking shorter
30-second to one-minute breaks until you’ve done all 100 ski steps.
Then after you’ve done 100 ski steps, take a two to five-minute break, and
repeat this workout one to three more times. After you’ve done this entire workout circuit
two to four times, you’re going to finish your weight loss workout by
doing only one ten to 20-minute interval workout. Go to nowloss.com/i to see
how to do interval workouts to burn fat faster. But first let’s quickly go
over the workout again so you can see how to lose weight faster. First, you’re going to do 15 weighted jump
squats. Then you take a one- minute rest, and then you’re going to do 15
body weight-only jump squats. Take another one-minute break and then you’re
going to crawl on your hands for 50 yards. Without taking a rest, you go
right into doing 100 jumping jacks. Then you take a one-minute break, and
then you do 20 push-ups. Without taking a rest, you go right into doing
100 ski steps. After you’ve done 100 ski steps, take a two to five-minute
break and do this work out again one to three more times. Finally, after
you’ve done this entire workout a total of two to four times, you’re
going to do only one ten to 20- minute interval workout. Go to nowwloss.com/i
to see how to do interval workouts to burn fat faster. Here are five ways you can burn even more
fat with this workout. You can rest less between exercises. You can do more
than 100 jumping jacks or ski steps. You can crawl on your hands for more
than 100 feet. You can use more weight when doing your pushups and weighted
squat jumps. Or you can do more than 15 body weight squat jumps. It may take you 25 to 50 minutes to do this
workout circuit two to four times, plus the one interval workout at the
end. You should only do this weight loss workout no more than three times
a week. Depending on how much you weigh and what type of diet that you’re
on now, you can expect to lose up to four pounds a week with this fast weight
loss workout.


  1. Thanks for this video! Starting today with this workout schedule and a little jog afterwards to burn some more fat. Let's see what happens.

  2. ive been doing 15-20 jump squats for months before I start this so hopefully the jump squats wont be as hard while I do it with the 10 pound weights I have

  3. I have done this workout for a little over a week and within the first six days it helped me lose 8lbs! Thank you so much for creating this workout!

  4. Hieght-5'3
    Wieght-119 lbs or 54kg
    I need to loose 15lbs before Christmas i will be doing this and other recent video's tyy

  5. So I started this today I did it twice I died after the jump squats but I pushed thru the hardest part is them push up boi but imma keep doing this I attempted to do the ten min Circuit and as soon as it was time for burpees I quit so I’ll be finishing my ten min before the day is out and hopefully soon I will be able to do everything all at once cnt wait to see my results after a month or so 😊😊😊 I got 8 months to get right and tight for this family reunion cruise to the Bahamas 🇧🇸 Imma be like the movie how Stella got her groove back 😈😈😈

  6. I gonna try this keep you updated!

    Day 1:not much difference, but we take baby steps. It wasn’t that hard. I was very easy actually

  7. I am currently 5'3 (I like to think i'm 5'3 & 3 quarters😂) and 125 lbs. Hopefully I will be editing this comment in 2 weeks with a positive review!! Staying focused and determined is really hard for me to do with workouts but hopefully I will get through this workout 🙂

  8. i know im not over weighed cause im just REALLY tall for my age and my doctor didn't even care to look at how tall i was and said you need to lose some pounds BOI MEH WEIGHT

  9. It's 2 am so I'm going to start this in the morning. I'm 5'1" and 133 lbs. It's difficult for me to work out because of medical stuff so I won't be able to push myself as hard as this at first, but let's see how this goes!

  10. I'm going to start this Monday. I'm 5"2 and 179 I have some stubborn belly fat i wanna get rid of and I really want to go back to fitting in my jeans lol

  11. Hey there uh… I want to start but I'm nervous. I am not very confident and my family doesnt help with it either. But, is there any advice that I could get to make the weight go by the fastest with his technique?

  12. Just finished the first day of working out with this weight loss routine – it kicked my butt like crazy. Going to do the first few days 2 sets, then build up slowly to 4 by the end of the two weeks. Currently 5'0" and 131.8lbs. Will update in two weeks. Excited to see how it goes!

  13. okay im gonna start today tonight, and ill be most likely doing this twice a day, everyday, in the morning and night. I am 14 and 295 pounds, so i want to lose weight and be more healthy and take care of myself! my mental health and physical health needs it, and i get tired of looking at myself in the mirror only getting bigger, or seeing myself smaller than i really am. I will be cutting down on carbs, eating less and not having seconds, eating more fruits and vegetables and less greasy and fatty foods. Wish me luck! I am excited to start this!

  14. i started this workout today. will update in 2 weeks 😊
    – im 5'4 (163 cm) and weigh 144 pounds (65 kg) at the moment

    UPDATE: this actually works, i lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks. i didn't do it everyday but that is actually very good for 2 weeks (:

  15. I'm 16, my height is 163cm and I weight around 50-55kgs (haven't weighted myself in a few days). I'll uptade in two weeks n tell u all how it's going. Whoop.

  16. All these people like "I'm 5'3 and 120 pounds." Man I wish I was that skinny. I'm 5'4 and 160 pounds. I need to lose weight, you all don't.

    –btw have started, it's my third day.

  17. Boy how you jump so dang high?🤣
    Edit: im gonna do this as my daily workout until i get to the point i want, ill try to update each week🤞

  18. I'm 5'4 and 135, juior in highschool…I play sports and ran cross country so some is muscle but i'll admit i could use to slim down.

    I'm applying for the Air Force Academy as well as West Point and Naval Academy. I am starting this workout tomorrow morning before school and hoping to not slack or chicken out. I'll report back after 2 weeks and update y'all on progress and results. Best of luck to all who try this

  19. Just a tip, if you don’t have dumbbells and don’t want to go to the gym, then just use CLOSED bottles of water. I repeat, CLOSED!!!

  20. I’ll make this much more simpler! 10 Bodyweight squats every 30 min all day. If you can, 6 – 10 jump squats every 30 min. instead, all day. No over-working body, but cranking metabolism bigtime! No weights needed! You don’t use weights when jogging, running or sprinting, so no need for them here! Message me soon when You are ripped & ready for summer

  21. I mentally decide to change so i start today 5.11" – 206lb i will post in 3 week what to eat in my 3 meals will be my big problem, anyone tips on that.

  22. I basically cut out the junk food and fizzy pop and lost weight alone then done that and join the gym and lost more . it's 80% off what u eat 20% training that simple drink plenty off water before a meal to fill u up more and try not to eat after 6/7pm this is the most important thing of lot

  23. I only want to loose five pounds so I will just do one set for two weeks instead of doing it twice a night

  24. Okay I’m going to try this starting today.
    Height – 5’ 6”
    Weight – 150
    Will update with results in 2 weeks 😅

  25. Starting this today, really excited about it.
    Currently: 145 pounds, 5’8, and I’m 19.
    Don’t need to lose to much but just some belly and leg fat! Praying this works.
    Will update in a few weeks, xxx.
    Hoping to lose 15-20 pounds!

  26. I’ve been motivated to try this out for the rest of the month and see if I can shed some pounds before my 20th birthday on April 1st which is around in 2 weeks. I am 5’3 & 170lbs. According to the BMI system I am obese and I really want to lower my BMI. I will post on March 31st for some results.

  27. Am I supposed to be sore after doing this work out. Or am I doing something wrong. Or am I just deathly out of shape??

  28. Imma try and come back in 2 weeks and see how much weight I lose.

    I think I started off with 136 pounds? (But idk cuz forgot to see how much I weighed before I started today, and also because I don’t actually use pounds… but yeah)
    And I’m also about 5’1

    Bai bai, workout buddies

    Edit: Oof. I don’t have the time to do this so I’ll have to stop it, it’s pretty goo though. I didn’t exactly lose a lot of weight but mostly because I didn’t watch what I ate, but my mom did tell me that she does think I look slimmer than before and I feel like it did help me on my strength and endurance so I do plan on continuing when my work load starts to lessen

  29. I’ve been following you for waaay too long on and off over the years….I’m finally ready to start working out with you. You are such a big inspiration to me. It’s time for me to stop being lazy and just get to it. I will be starting tomorrow morning 4/7/19. I will be posting my results and hopefully soon I will be up on your website!

  30. What in the woooorrrld… were you on a trampoline or something?? I actually had to laugh because it almost didn't look real.

    This workout is A BEAST!!

  31. Going to start this tomorrow for my sisters wedding, all the comments are Inspiring me even more, I’ll come back in 2 weeks and share my experience, THANK YOU !

  32. It hurts me to even type this I am ashamed of myself for letting my weight get out of control I am twelve year old girl and am 116lbs I am trying this cause even though I am very active it does not seem to help I will comment again if this works

  33. How would you schedule a full body workout like this through the week? Including your fat loss hiit workouts ? 🥵

  34. i will do a video to review this workout if its working or not, I will also include my diet plan, I gained 10kg for 2months so it stressed me out so I will upload the video after doing it for 10days. So feel free to drop by later and subscribe me and give your thoughts about it. ❤️❤️

  35. Anyone doing it and liking comments at the same time

    Or is it just me 😅😅😅😓😅😓😅😅😓😓

  36. Started today…👏 only able to do 1 round- time permitted. Time started: 5:25 am; time ended: 6:01 am. 👍 I'll try again!! I do take the stairs when I get to school in the evenings. 😋😓

  37. no one ever updates how it went!! im going to start this workout. im 5'3 and 176.8lbs ☹. I'm going to start today and will come back and update you guys on the 8th of May!

  38. I'll start today
    Currently 160cm 55kg
    I'll update in two weeks
    update: I did 5 days and had to go on a two-week trip. Now Im at 52kg;)

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