Powerlifter Tries Weightlifting

Powerlifter Tries Weightlifting

I’m ready. Wait, it’s out of focus. What does it say? It says The Hulk. The Hulk: cucumber, spinach, lemon and apple. And you’re double fisting? I got a big day today. What did we get to eat? We’re not too hungry so we’re gonna share. Salmon, tomato, cream cheese on an everything
bagel. I gotta big day, I’m gonna try some weightlifting
stuff. I haven’t done it in a very long time. I’m not a complete beginner but it’s been
about a year. But I’ve watched a lot of weightlifting so
I’m pretty sure that’s gonna make me stronger than I’ve ever been before. Whatchu got there? Monster. We’re sponsored now, so. Haha! Yeah right. No, we’re going Red Bull when we get you snowboard
sponsored. We got, what is it? It’s MyProtein Tropical Storm BCAAs. Nice. And Strong Strong Friends. And you know you can buy the Strong Strong
Friends white tee and the shaker cup. There’s a ton of shaker cups left if you guys
wanna buy those. Hello my Strong Strong Friends, Ryan just
reminded me that I haven’t said it yet. As you can tell from the title of this video,
me, a powerlifter, is going to try a more refined sport. A gentleman’s sport. Weightlifting. The difference between powerlifting and weightlifting
is pretty clear. In powerlifting you squat, bench, and deadlift. You spend 1/3 of your time lying down. This is true. And weightlifting, you do only two movements:
snatch, and clean and jerk, where they’re both overhead. So, weightlifting, you end up here, with a
barbell over your head. Powerlifting, not at all. Luckily, we are blessed to have a very great
friend named Adam Kosna. He, along with some other friends that are
going to be here are prepping for American Open So, this is 2016 American Open now. Oh yeah! Last year we were there. We filmed him! Yeah and we filmed a video, so if you guys
wanna check that out and learn some more about Adam, you can do that. Speaking of the handsome devil, can you teach
me how to lift today? I can try to. Might be too much of a powerlifter, we’ll
see. Get some low bar snatches in there. Yeah, low bar, you know a little bit… So, full disclaimer, I’ve tried… I used to do CrossFit. So when I did CrossFit, I was snatching and
clean and jerking often. Maybe once or twice a week. Often? Consistently. Anybody that watches your videos, they know
that you’re actually a decent weightlifter. Yeah. I haven’t weightlifted, trained it, in a long
time. So today we’re gonna work on my form. I’m gonna show you and talk about, you know,
the differences between the two. And yeah. We’ll see. I’m a little nervous. My best numbers ever are: I think I’ve snatched
145lbs and I’ve cleaned- I’ve power cleaned- it didn’t go overhead but I’ve power cleaned
185lbs. Compared to my actual strength, that’s uhh,
not great numbers. What do you think? Am I a great weightlifter, yes or no? You’re good at everything. Ha! Hahaha! We got Adam a gift thanking him for teaching
us and being our friend. So much swag. This will go really really great with some
jorts. Jerk and I just tear it open. Tear the freakin seams right open. Since you’re a true American competitor. Alright, first thing, we’re gonna get a barbell. Usually, I use a barbell that looks something
like this. Because I’m a powerlifter there’s no specific
bar that distinguishes the men’s bars from the women’s bars. But in weightlifting, since your hand size
has a lot to do with you getting the barbell overhead, women will use a 25mm, and it’s
a 15kg barbell. Whereas men use a 28mm diameter and it is
20kg. Today I’m gonna use a bit smaller barbell
which is nice because it’s easy to hold. I have huge hands, so. Yeah, you can wrap your meat paws around it
like 3 times. It doesn’t even matter for me to be honest. One time, when I was in CrossFit I got very
mad at a fellow CrossFitter because he was using a women’s barbell. Alright, warming up for weightlifters, what
are you doing? Getting ready, I am using voodoo floss right
now to get my ankles all… Get em loosey goosey. Loosey goosey. Usually I usually go ankles and shoulders. That’s usually my two go-to mobility things. I do a lot of banded tractions and things
to open up things, obviously in the overhead, you wanna have all this nice and loose so
you can stay nice and upright, right? Yeah. Adam am I warming up ok? Yeah, it’s not bad. For weightlifting? Yeah. I mean you gotta get back first. So I don’t know, I mean I guess a lot of your
viewers are probably powerlifters and stuff. The thing about Olympic Weightlifting is it’s
all explosive, super explosive movements, So the snatch is just getting the bar from
ground to overhead in one fluid motion. A lot of people use the cue that you’re jumping
with the bar, right? You’re kind of, you’re one with the bar, pulling
it up as high as you can and snapping underneath. So the positions are a little different from
the deadlift, which I’ll explain a little bit when I’m helping you out. But this is basically how it’s gonna look. Starting off the ground, right, chest is higher
up than a deadlift normally is. You’re coming up through the legs into this
power position, right? And then you’re extending up, some would say
jumping up with the bar and following through, keeping the bar as close to your body as you
possibly can. And then jumping underneath the bar, pulling
yourself under the bar to get into the position. So I’ll do an example. And that’s in all one movement. All in one movement, so that’s why it takes
people sometimes 6 months to a year just to get confident with the movement because there’s
so much involved. So this kinda is how a regular snatch would
look. Right, you’re catching it in the bottom with
the bar overhead, no pressing out. One fluid movement, with extended parts. And then you have to stand up with it. And then you gotta stand up, get the down
signal and throw the bar down. Cool! Yeah, so that’s kinda in a nutshell, that’s
what takes people 6 months to become proficient with Yeah. Let’s see if I can do it in 10 minutes! Yeah! Am I an athlete or what? So you guys just saw me practicing with an
empty barbell from the floor. The start position from the floor will be
definitely different than a start position with a loaded barbell. So, if you’re super strong and you can’t just
throw 25 pounds on each side, you can get these training plates. And CrossFit Spot has these hooked up. So these are super light, it’s just 5kg and
2.5kg so that you can practice with a light weight, simulating a loaded barbell. You can still train some of these movements
as a beginner, and you don’t have to hop right in and throw 10 kilos on each side or 20 kilos
on each side, you can work your way up if you have the proper equipment. So I’m gonna throw it on there and see what
happens. They’re so light. That’s better! I don’t know to be in front of a camera. This is our other very strong weightlifting
friend, Frankie. And he’s also competing in American Open. Yes. What weight class are you in? 85kg. How many freedom units? Do I stare at you or do I stare at…? Stare at the camera, yeah, the internet. Alright, 85 kilo. What’s your next question? Can you teach me how to weightlift today? Easily. And we have a gift for you. Oh, really? Yes, thank you, you’re officially our Strong
Strong Friend. I’m gonna have Adam teach me the snatch and
then Frankie will be so kind enough to teach me the clean and jerk. Yes. What’s your favorite lift, though? Oooh, okay. I would say my favorite lift depends on what
I’m doing. Oh man, wrong question. Here’s the thing, in training, I’m gonna go,
not my weaker lift, but the snatch is a fickle movement. I like the clean and jerk because there’s
more room for error so you can just go, but the snatch is more like finesse. It’s beautiful. Yeah, you gotta train that, you gotta train
the finesse of the snatch. But, clean and jerk because you can not be
so perfect and get away with it. Right, it’s why everyone’s favorite movement
is the deadlift. I… wait, really? Why? Because it’s heavier and you just pick it
up. I’m gonna do it like Frankie but better. Aaah! Nice. Jesus. Is that what coach prescribed? Yeah, that’s part of the complex. You gotta be jacked. Frankie, can I wear this while I’m lifting? No. Why not? Too thick. Too thick?! Just like you Megan! 4 inches is not… Actually this one might be good. This is 4 inches. It looks thick as shit. This is the 10mm 4 inch fuscia. There’s a rule on like… yeah. But would I want to even use this snatching? At this weight? I use the Valereo belt. I find it a little more flexible. Alright let’s compare my powerlifting belt
with your weightlifting belt. Where’s the difference? So like a stiffness test, I can probably just
squish that through. Can’t do that on this one. Nope. This brand was my first belt when I even started
lifting in general, powerlifting even. Which I tell people to start with, a Harbinger,
because it’s so cheap and easy. This is when you decide to be not natty anymore. I had to really upgrade. I would say the nature of the movement, you
really wouldn’t want this much. With something like this, I would feel like
the lift is more dynamic. If you’re squatting or you’re deadlifting,
you’re kinda just going- not in one direction, but it’s more controlled. Where when you’re moving in weightlifting
you need a little more freedom in movement. I feel like it’s a little constricting, I
would find it to be. For a while I didn’t snatch with a belt, I
only clean and jerked with a belt. I feel like a lot of people do that. Yeah, I tried snatching with a belt and I liked it. But this one’s a little more like mobile. It helps you breathe and stiffen through the
pull, I guess? Right, its not tight so it’ll move a little
bit. It’ll give you that little support but it
won’t get in the way. And what’s your all time best snatch? Best snatch, competition or training? Any variation, block, whatever. In competition, 151kg. So like 333lbs? 333, yes. Ya heard that right kids! Yes, correct. That’s like Megan’s deadlift. Most people are surprised because I remember,
I was at an event one time and a friend of mine was like, “Oh, you should work with this
guy, Frank, he clean and jerks 400lbs.” And I come in and I’m like, “Hey, I’m Frank”
and he’s like “…You’re Frank?” It’s just, I think, a little unassuming. As you can see, it’s not that… Well because you were a 94kg for a while too,
weren’t you? I was, yeah, yeah. And so you cut down in the past 2 years or
something like that, right? Yeah, I was 85kg for most of my lifting and
then I tried to go to 94kg and didn’t really put on the weight I wanted to, or it didn’t
seem to translate as well as I wanted it to. So I went back down, and honestly when I did
my best lifting, I was just a little over 85kg. So when I did like 150, I had a meet where
I did 150kg and 180kg. So the 180kilos, that’s 396lbs. Right, just shy of 400. Also better than Megan’s all time deadlift,
and he’s throwing that overhead. It’s fine, it’s fine. At that meet, I weighed like 86.4kg, so. It was Nationals! It was a good meet. That is a very good meet. It was a good meet, that’s where I did my
best placement, it’s where I got second. So that was like my best. Whoa, peak! A National medalist, ladies and gentlemen,
a Strong Strong Friend. Yeah! Okay, so, on the last one, the first one from
the floor, you were actually a little bit behind the bar. So you know how you caught it a little on
your toes? Yes. Yeah, so the bar comes out. Part of the reason you want the bar, or one
of the reasons, one, is that when you come in with the bar, the bar comes to the midline
of the foot. If you pull a little more like this, you lean
a lot, otherwise you’re pulling with your back more than using with your legs. So your knees should fall outside the midline,
therefore making it harder to throw it out. Remember, the more stable you are, the stronger
you’re going to be, and the more the bar is outside your midline, the less stable you’re
gonna be. The bar in the setup, the bar in the setup,
the bar will typically come in from the floor. A lot of times it looks like a flattened S-curve. So the bar will come in, so you don’t want
to start like your butt up and everything like- sorry, put your butt up for a second-
you don’t want to start in the midline, that’s why you want to start with your knees bent
and the bar will come into the midline as you extend the legs. So, generally I like to cue simplistic, so
keep your shoulders over the bar. As long as your shoulders are over the bar,
it tends to mean, or it’s more of an indicator that you’re using your legs. Because when you tend to have the shoulders
start moving, that means that you’re now kind of resorting to more of your back instead
of consistently using your legs to come up. I mean sometimes Megan usually keeps her shoulders
over the bar but her feet are out like… Round here? My last complex I watched the video, I didn’t
love it, so I’m gonna try and do another one to show you that I’m… I can be better, right? I can do better. Can’t really articulate what I did wrong but
I know that I didn’t love it. How do you feel? That was the last one, I think I’m pretty
much a master. I’m ready to sign up for American Open 2017. I’ll see you there, Kristin Pope! Alright guys, this video is super long I realize
so I’m gonna split up my weightlifting journey into 2 videos. This was the snatch, next will be the clean
and jerk. That one’s more fun because I think you can
lift more during it. So we’ll see how I do. I think I like the snatch more though. So, lemme know what you guys think about this
video? Are you a weightlifter? Have you weightlifted before? Do you think my form is really bad? If so, don’t comment it because no one likes
a hater. Make sure you keep an eye out, we’re gonna
be following these two to the American Open and that is in December. So we’ll be in Orlando, Florida, it’s the
American Open for weightlifting and powerlifting- USAPL Powerlifting, so let me know if you’re
gonna be there! Because we’re gonna be there watching all
the lifts. Bye! And a fart like in the middle of the squat
is… it just sounds weird. Yeah it sounds like something ripped? And nobody knows what it is really. Throws you off! I gotta say, I only had one time, one time
it’s really happened, I just pretended it didn’t.


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