Physics (and Astronomy) Meme Review

Physics (and Astronomy) Meme Review

name review what's going on smart people don't ask and you shall receive no one's asked for another name of you but I needed an idea for today it's been a long week but today I'm joined with Kelly real-life grill doing a me review with me grill yeah the boys and grills today we're gonna be looking at the top physics memes that were posted in the last see the one thing with the physics memes I've read it is there's not enough resolution and when you want to sort these by so it's like past week or a month away there's not like two weeks I would change that if I was king of Reddit but but I'm not but anyways we're gonna be looking at the last week's best physics memes and Kelly's gonna kill he's gonna we're gonna laugh a little bit we're gonna critique a little bit we're drinking our apple juice anyways onto the meme review as always I will leave a link in the description so that you can look at these memes and contribute for yourself the first one I already so one of the roles in this that I try to go by is don't read the title because it's either a stupid title or it just spoils the name for you so yes astrophysics students galaxies black holes and stuff and math I was wondering if you were gonna get triggered prolly for the record uh Kelly's getting her PhD in astronomy so she's she's one of them's I'm surprised this means lasted so long normally I write when journalists do science physicists was reversed time for tiny particles inside a quantum computer live science no scientist didn't just for first time with the quantum computer and my teeth acknowledge everything it's kind of funny to see him clap back yeah wait one day ago two days ago that means that this one uploaded this before they posted that oh that's probably the joke I can't think of a title please do not move coffee machine it will change the settings engineers please do not observe the coffee machine if change quantum states physicists I'm gonna get it because of quantum mechanics defending your thesis started making it how to break down you could substitute thesis for like anything I'm just surprised I have something to turn in at this point and you should be proud of me okay matter tries to take any path besides the path of least action the garage sorry made wrong path I think I've seen this one before I think I've seen that this might be a repost get a kiss with Lagrangian no I don't know you've been doing it strongly for a while I don't know he use the brown James it's been a while people forget things very dear that's true actually we all fall but I guess I'm reading those photons black hole you're fast but not fast enough okay when you see someone write a comma to represent the decimal point by a hole my professors do that yeah that's very well she said she just accidentally made a long period yeah all my Russian professors do that but then again I can't tell if they're just doing a long period I don't know if it's a Russian thing too this is just across the board yeah by Allah behave yourself rock if you would taste in my shoes I'm like something like Ralph from edit and Eddie would say they can't even believe you exist your crush enough how I say don't read the titles you know in modern quantum mechanics Sakurai and I have that book your crush her father classical enm by Jackson yeah that is pretty scary that's a scary dad fundamentals of statistical and thermal physics by ryf brother her ex general relativity by Walt I've heard great things about that book that's like a it's like an X or it's like alright well at least you know how to choose you man her crush it out look supersymmetry and string theory well then that's like well now your standards are following you Newtonian physics for big baby doesn't didn't Victoria get like a quantum physics for babies book or something someone I think Kali sent me that too it was like finally something you can understand it light is a oh okay well I like this way more than is it saying Yanni or Laurel or is the dress white and gold or blue and oh I just got it okay yeah red wait oh yeah I read particle really Wow let me know in the comment section which one you read first so I read left to right but this is the thing that would definitely make me think it's that way because that looks more like a Nathan this does man somebody's like issues they need to watch out or something yeah that's like not even artistic that's just like Marvel infinity war is the most ambitious cross over event in history me ampere Maxwell equation and Peter Maxwell teamed up and joined forces and gave us well the ampere maximal equation engineers when they see I told you that was going to be engineering approximation means engineers when they see a perfectly good physics problem EE equals pi equals three haven't seen the approximation yet cosine x equals 1 g equals 10 sine x equals 10 x equals x okay yeah it's like that pam mean looks like corporate wants you to tell the difference between these two pictures is like these are the same this is where the fun begins yeah I didn't see it Star Wars and well virgins for all of our life I'm sorry doing it difficulty level ok difficulty level okay increasing I've never done this this one yet I don't think the doctor thing this one unless you curl it that seems like a second yeah curls again but difficulty level right hand rule and then holding hands yeah but where is the Italian right-hand-rule positron is just pump Road on its facts though I'm sorry whatever physics doesn't always have to be an exact science complicated differential equation you can't solve me a challenge accepted me I know but he can get a close approximation Taylor series Taylor series for solving a differential equation oh that's what I did the other day and then you were like I'm so proud of you oh yeah yeah okay I didn't know that's what you're using it for physics MC cube chest I don't know what NCQ Marvel Cinematic Universe getting cubed all right physics mastering qualitative qualities getting getting the correct answer gets pretty cool eliminating options to get the correct answer okay the correct answer there should be one more that's like choosing units such that the correct answer is one marvel infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in history physics the soul of a conference Kurian there somewhere oh man I hope dr. he doesn't watch my videos death there's no way he does plonk there he is and then there's Carrie there we go one woman you go Carrie it's beautiful freshmen interest in quantum I feel uncomfortable suffering from intelligence when you know how to solve path integrals this one's for me but still not all for you what do you pee I'm basically taking a course in path integrals right now but you stop that he's a calculator for 19 plus me that's also me too it's more so like wall 19 plus 7 well that's the same as 19 plus 5 plus 2 in 19 plus 5 is 24 plus 2 that's how I do those kinds of problems look they're all no matter which way you cut it the answer is still 25 the barista no not even reading that title equals mc-squared energy equals note x coffee squared oh my god that's such a I like the ones where it's like someone holding back Einstein from fighting someone have you seen those ones no those ones are way better this one's pretty good too Eisenberg would be proud physics teacher the proton is initially at zero zero and has a velocity of smartass kid who learned the uncertainty principle a minute ago actually quantum mechanics forbids this sound just like it I've been practicing approximation rears its ugly head and started automatically yeah he looks so like who did this who did this Trevor yeah that's yours solving navier-stokes equation and solve navier-stokes where's my million dollars a tenured professor position at Harvard now I know about the million dollars because it's one of those millennial problems but is it is the 10 is that just part of the joke anyways consider the know your stokes equations for incompressible flow okay cancel and expand some terms on the right-hand side so okay so they cancel partials and then it brought the VN okay science and so far there I look like track move all the terms to one side okay write equation of the form this becomes a quadratic equation of course everyone knows mi T state your wish give me a grand unified field theory or complete their theory you have wishes as far beyond my power so we've been watching Dragon Ball together Dragon Ball Z has that happen yet what I wish being beyond shin ones powers yeah my girlfriend hi square root of Nick I that's what I mean corporate easy to find the difference between these pictures they are the same picture they're both imaginary I'm dating myself moving on my nobody an oscillating neutrino welcome to flavortown Hey I don't like that one that's money right there keep talking oh my god that's what physics needs more frosted tips welcome to flavortown that's hilarious thank you when she dates a drug addict and says I will change him with my love and make it it's relatable the huge drug problem you can't change them I mean you can't stop me from taking children's aspirin to lower my risk for a heart attack FD cosine theta Delta ke wait that's where it's one of those combination means that was that's so lazy no but if you put a meme on top of a meal on top of a meme by meme law it's funny being introduced to Hamiltonian formalism well that just sounds like lagrangean extra steps so true though yeah they hated Jesus because he told them the truth Delta of X is not a function and that's in fact what is it it's an issue of distribution or a general last function let's just do a couple more I didn't read it wait what what about photons nothing that our math allows me nothing no fake depressed kid root- one doesn't exist just like my girlfriend oh that's like the other mean complex numbers is IH that one's my favorite okay this one's growing it went full circle it got old and became young again look good are there any no but I did check the Astronomy memes subreddit she only has like four hundred subscribers followers by the way and one of their memes came from the physics means that read it there normally I mean this is from the last week we should look at the comics comics you have to show me that after happy observed in the physics allowed no less move gently do not apply force see that's where it should be like that holding holding Newton back or something the moon or or the Franklin I like what they did to this photo oh my god what have you brought upon this cursed land classical mechanics uncertainty principle quantum mechanics hydrogen atom no an electron in the attractive electrostatic potential well of a proton much better chemistry's – Wow dude 2 – 2 per minute it's too primitive what all right last one Wow may decide to learn everything about the world around us rigorously apply the scientific method to discover uncertainty principle– discover uncertainty principle alright we're not ending on that one then what's gonna whack the grooc means i mean cute have you seen those memes though mmhmm yeah it's just like once you see him it's like I know exactly how the tips about to end first one beanie to warm my head sock store my feet loves to warm my hands physics leave a like if you cried on that note that's gonna be an end for this physics meme review sorry physics game review we're not no I mean dice sorry yes we are welcome stargazing with you hoist your boy yes why I'm a doctor or whatever I'm not gonna waste your time on the shitty stars just the good stuff honestly half of them just look like dots it's bad though this is serious it's the brightest star in our sky so it's in shortage it's really two stars but one of them is barely even trying I didn't know that this isn't a dromeda it's too big to think about so it's not that red stars Betelgeuse it's gonna explode someday can't happen soon enough as far as I'm concerned I holy you see that meteor space is awesome are you sure you're an astronomer people keep asking that so I finally tried to look the word up in a dictionary and Wow is that book ever boring no thank you but space okay oh yeah this woman just think the light from the star that was emitted thousands of years ago it could be long gone that's serious it's eight light years away oh just think the light from that star that was emitted in the previous presidential administration doesn't quite pack the punch you want to read no no I'll let you get this guy it's because of low oxygen astronomers working at high amplitude try that again this apple juice is strong because of low oxygen astronomers working at high altitude telescopes may need to write down their plans ahead of time while at sea level okay let's head up to the observatory when we reach the stomach we'll check the iodine cell and do a general calibration sounds good my head feels funny look it does telescope domes I hope they don't roll away maybe we should take them down ha look at this mirror my face is huge I see your face in the telescope I discovered you let's make out next welcome welcome Brown to welcome back to stargazing when the stars disappeared this morning I figured I had to find a new job but they're back with your back this rules those three stars form a constellation called the triangle those three are triangle a lot of triangles very important shape because dots are planets or full stars without interstellar travel and they're only though they're the only ones we can realistically hope to dump trash speaking of space trash that dot is a satellite there are apps that will tell you whose fault it with that blinking one airplane they're full of snacks and money and stuff but don't bother trying to catch them they're way too high up learn that the hard way in grad school got a thesis out of it at least oh this is what did I show you this one yes okay according to this AST paper every galaxy is being pulled towards one area of the sky they hypothesize that it may be due to some super massive object beyond the edge of the visible universe maybe it's your mom do you think do you think Oh mom I miss you it's so cute it's a sad I know I know last one so we got a flying bee flying bee to think we're seeing light that left those piece centuries ago by not by now they could be long dead there are a few hundred yards away I hear them honking yes you're hearing how they want stuff you're very weird let me know in the comments section which means one the physics means or the scientist means thank you guys for watching this physics meme review thank you being like a cartoon let me know in the comment section which one was your favorite we'll see you guys there


  1. @kelly we laughed at the same part of the meme @9:15
    8.1/10 because of Kelly and memes I don’t understand

  2. The comma is a European thing…only the angles als saxons jump out of the line. So YOU stop drawing a "dot" for decimal point! looks silly.

  3. In European and South American countries we use commas to represent decimals but most of us write a point and say it out loud with a comma

  4. That grill thought she was getting some, then come to find they are going to do physics meme review😂😂😂

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