Overweight with Back Pain? Top 3 Things to Try

Overweight with Back Pain? Top 3 Things to Try


  1. Hello it's Kim read again and I'm having issues in the middle of my back. My pain doctor told me I have arthritis but it's right there where the thoracic is in the middle of my shoulder blades and it when I'm on my legs for maybe 15 minutes my back starts to burn please any suggestions. Thank you Kim Reed

  2. Should we sleep without a pillow and if so, only if sleeping on the back?
    Would like a professional pbysio opinion on this please.

  3. Thank you bob & Brad, I had a accident about 5 years ago and end up in a l4,l5,s1 fusion and spinal fluid leak for about 2 days and that lead to a hemorrage stroke. I been in terrible pain and trouble walking, sitting, and standing, had 3 years of therapy land,and aqua. Thanks for the videos that educate people. Keep up your good videos. Thanks.

  4. Also, don't do a pilates mermaid — killer. For an account of practical back pain alleviation (longer term) I recommend reading Back Story by David Mitchell, a young-ish British comedian who took up walking daily to relieve his back pain (and the pain of unrequited love). As a consequence he lost some weight (and ultimately got the girl — happy end).

  5. Probably one of your worst videos. Sticking a pillow on a person to model someone who is overweight only addresses those overweight people who carry the bulk of their weight in their stomach. You presented a stereotypical view people who are overweight and, I suspect, helped only those who specifically carry their weight in their stomachs.

  6. I ordered this Orthopedic Lumbar foam support from Amazon which really does the trick for my overweight husband's back issues. Orthopedic Lumbar Support Pillow. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07C1528PV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  7. Now, I'm fat. But until the program I'm doing shows results, I'm going to need relief from my "fat pain". Until my core gets stronger, I'm going to suffer. Thanks for the demonstration and giving tips to help. PEACE

  8. Isn't it easier to pick something up keeping your back vertical and just bending at the knees? Anyways, this is a timely video as I have a rare episode of lower back/pelvic pain that came out of nowhere it seems.Also, what is the correct way to get up from stomach sleeping? Roll onto your side and follow the method above I guess.Child's pose yoga pose is also really helpful for me.

  9. Hi I have a question. Im a dancer and when im stretching doing a lunge with my left leg in front and then i push forward to stretch my hip flexors, i feel pain almost like a blockage in my hip and it really hurts. I have no problems on my right side. The same pain ocvurs when i lie on my back and bring my left bent leg up into my chest a blockage type of pain thats how i would describe it. Ive tried to find videos on youtube but it doesnt seem to be helping. Any ideas on what could be wrong and how i could fix it ??

  10. I use a far infrared heating pad made by UTK. It has no EMF radiation. It has jade and tourmaline stones attached. It has been the most helpful thing I've ever had for low back and joint pain.

  11. I have severe back pain due to a herniated disk in my L4 and L5 as well as 3 bulging disks surrounding it. I recently bought a firm mattress after sleeping on the floor for a couple of nights as opposed to my existing mattress. I am overweight/obese and have found that this firm mattress has done WONDERS for my back pain. I sleep primarily on my side because sleeping on my back makes my sleep apnea worse. I have tried the roll method but find that I move around too much when I sleep and it moves too and then is pushing somewhere that causes pain elsewhere (ribs, hips). I sleep with a pillow in between my legs and no roll on my new, firm mattress and it’s honestly taken away 90% of my pain.

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