Opie & Anthony - Obesity & Overeating

Opie & Anthony – Obesity & Overeating

try to sound natural for this next one okay yeah that's story of the British officials they want to take away a kid who's a big fatty look at this big fat kid and and the mother said she didn't think she was doing anything wrong well what was she feeding the kid Lord apparently everything depends what she was feeding the kid whether they should take the kid away she was obviously feeding him too much he's what eight and he's over 200 pounds yeah he's a giant big fat kid I think big fat kid I think 220 I bet the little playmates call him fatso in school hey fatso you want to eat my lunch fatso they punch him in the stomach just to look at his face but why they want to take the kid away does for what feeding him too much so what is she feeding them if it's just normal crap no it's like like cakes and and full yet the kid isn't on a diet the kid shouldn't be that fat it's not some kind of a stupid glandular problem and if it is you should you know have it some just eating a celery stick but some people are just meant to be fat I don't think so you think everyone could be fed I think there's probably five people on this planet that have to be fat everyone else can probably be skinny not skinny but not fat I look at our own studies I look at our own Steve and it proves it some people are meant to be bigger Steve's a big guy but he's not fat anymore but he's isn't fat but the reason he's not fat anymore he had his stomach stapled and if you ever hear what he eats and what and how he works out every day it's insane he should be real thin at this point yeah but see his metabolism is he different but he can do it huh he's done it and the stomach stapling forces you to eat less if Steve wasn't such a greedy little bastard uh uh and and and selfish he wouldn't you don't have to save your stomach just eat as much as you would eat if you had a stapled stomach Steve and I no disrespect you look great you really do tank but I talked to Steve what he goes through every day to try to keep that body in that form is ridiculous for its condition yeah yeah well Steve Steve is the difference between Steve and a kid like that is Steve even if it's not to be a little husky oh good word to Steve is a husky boy that's all that's different between a kid that's definite beasts and if you're obese Steve has a stapled stomach Steve works out how many hours a day hour-and-a-half that means 45 minutes by the way good hour and a half I don't – half a day lots of cardio look at the holes 400 400 are you trying to tell me that let's let's go with Jimmy Jimmy could get up to 400 pounds it's impossible did you see Jimmy's HBO special in 2004 it was 80 away you don't have to eat like cake and pasta all day long every day to get up to that size there's no way there is nobody that has to be that fast it used to be really skew no one walks around and has to be that fat Steve what were you doing back then eating way too much eating too much golly McDonald's yeah a lot of fast food a lot of carbohydrates a lot of I was it wasn't sweets it was like all carbs and pasta and breads and stuff like that you know I mean obviously you're not gonna get two people that can eat the same thing and one guy's gonna be fat one guys get are skinny I see that why is any thinner yeah it's his metabolism you're right but it doesn't mean you have to be fat you just have to work at it harder everyone's got their cross to bear his is the fact that he gates a pretzel and gains 20 pounds and he's olders metabolism is different than the eight-year-old wear it like it's harder to lose weight once you get much harsher once you get 30 it's a lot harder to lose weight yeah would you but you know I don't think there's any reason for the majority of the obese people I'll even say the majority of obese people to be that way I think a lot of them eat horribly they eat they think that if cake and and cookies for a snack is fine you can't do that there are things you got to give up but yet support do you agree you're you're born with some type of like a body type in general yeah and and then you're then it's really up to you what you do with that what you do with it yeah yeah but but if you're gonna decide that you're not gonna do anything about it and be fat then you're gonna be fat and that's your cross to bear me I have a family history where my friggin liver pumps out cholesterol like Elmer Emma's glue chicken I can't eat anything else that's it it's just chicken chicken chicken I know people though I know people though that have the same that have the same problem and will sit there and just continue you know it doesn't matter what the doctor says they'll eat red meat and your pork and think and you know drop dead you're born with that though and I think you're also born be a fat guy but there are things you could do about it I'm saying and some people choose to do things about it other people choose not to look at cultures like Africa and I'm not talking about where every starving but whether it's just a different food different everything like I mean I don't mean the starvation of Africa but they're just much slimmer because they eat differently well look at how conditioned people in this country are to these huge portions that are served at even when you eat you get these piles of people love it they go oh you've been to this restaurant they got huge portions they bring the big plate look at this wrap it up and take it up they love like yeah playful and if you go to a fancy-schmancy place that brings you that little thing you're all annoyed it's like why didn't I get a pile of food what is this it's like two scallops on a plate with a little bit of drizzled gravy on it you don't need to eat that much to sustain itself and that was one of the first things a surgeon that stapled my stomach says you'd be surprised at how little do you actually need to consume to sustain life then they pulled on this fly and showed you your new mantra losing weight is fun what's up George the National Institute of Health released a study pairing eating habits of people all over the world in America one only one out of 15,000 people should be obese due to biological Glitter glandular problem right overeating jerk yep Europe most of the food there is bird that's fried yet they have less of these people in the entire continent of Europe than he can in the United States I I think you're right dude yeah it is we got horrible eating habits study out of a medical magazine people are constantly under or over weight people underestimate how much they eat in a day a lot of them say they eat a thousand calories a day when they're actually eating 2,000 and then I just heard today driving in people don't know how many calories they're even eating now people coming out of Starbucks they're talking to them about you know what they just got and one of their cups of coffee and scone over thousand calories is not a cup of coffee it's yeah you don't get that from Oh exactly no exactly you know a specialty coffee but you're not thinking like I'm loading up to here I'm walking out of the door of Starbucks with a thousand calories and that's just coffee and a snack but there's a coffee drink yeah yeah the Frappuccino but that's what I'm talking about people are uninformed they're they don't care and they'll keep eating unhealthy I would love to eat that stuff well you don't have a Starbucks a regular coffee or a latte with soy milk cuz it's just caffeine I would love to have the scones don't stop I don't want to be a big fat song you know tell yourself no once you're right you know what I am I would friggin kill for that I just can't eat stupid Yankee doodles makes Yankee doodles are amongst the best thing ever invented on the face of this earth cream-filled little chocolate and there's three of them there's three of them in a package and I shove each one in my mouth hole and just go oh it's wonderful fuddy-duddy Yankee doodles are the best thing they're creamy yet chocolatey ring-dings over Yankee thank you I'm not disparaging the ring ding I love Ring Ding I love a yodel I will sit there and peel the child and then unroll the yodel and then peel it off and eat its all separately i dissect a yodel Yankee doodles are for queer doodle there's Sookie what a ring thing now yeah delicious Drake's cakes are marvelous you like the cakey ones oh I don't like to cake you I like the nice soft and if they're fresh like the guy just brought him in on a hand truck the yodel guy and Yankee Doodle guy where do you stand with the snowballs I hate the snowballs like coconut you know what it is past you know there's only one way to eat those you got to peel off that rubbery coconut thing like mission impossible peels off the rubber masks ding ding ding ding you peel off and I'm gonna throw the rest out like most fat people should do have a ring ding al dukes likes devil dogs dogs aren't good double dogs would be good if there was some goodness on the outside I'll do slags eating him but you have to push the back of his head onto it I'll tell him that's what it is al dukes also likes a bare-bottom spanking it loves the color and the filling double-dog that's a great break we could do that's right that'll get the ratings up in all these cities what's your favorite snack food I I do like a nice slice of pound cake too though buttery pound cake is good but better than pound cake marble cake cuz then you get the dual chocolate marbling in there I am a cake you die I am cakey I love cakey not flaky mmm

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