Nike Obese Mannequin Promotes Obesity?

Nike Obese Mannequin Promotes Obesity?

Michelle have you seen this okay let's click this and see what it is I think it's great so Nike has released an overweight mannequin in one of their stores and some people are very happy and some people are pissed saying that it promotes obesity quite a bit of you have sent this to me and I think a lot of you are thinking that I'm gonna be like oh no how can I do this darn you Nike and I'm not I mean I did just big but it was like part of part of my act okay but I think a lot of people are expecting us business people to be like oh my gosh why are they having obese mannequins but I have seen most of the fitness people saying that this is awesome because I think it's gonna motivate more people to just be fit I'm not one that gets motivated by seeing mannequins I personally think people feel way too much focus on small things like a mannequin rather than just putting their focus on getting healthier and being more active but if a bigger mannequin is gonna motivate you guys to be more active and healthier than I am rooting for that mannequin she I've never been someone to feel bad about myself by things like mannequins or you know Barbie that has an unrealistic beauty standard I played with tons of Barbies I never had that thought like oh I want to look like this when I get older same thing with the Disney Princesses when people are saying that unrealistic beauty standards and just you know their proportions are not realistic I lost so many Disney Princess movies and just Disney movies in general that have you know the super 20 ways Hughes bacon hips as you guys know I have a boxy ass waist washed all them and I never went through my head that oh I'm going to look like that when I get older when I was playing with the Barbies that kind of a little glimpse of my brother watching Dragon Ball Z and I guess that motivated me a little bit more because I guess from my memory all I can remember is always wanting to be but maybe that like influenced me like the other girls got influenced by the Barbies I'm not sure I never watched Dragon Ball Z when I was little just caught a little bit that my brother would watch so I can only relate too much to the comments that I see that are saying oh if I was a little girl I would be so happy to see this because I thought of mannequins as just things that showed off clothes the mannequins didn't look like me then and they definitely don't look like me now a short little stubby stubby legs miniature human so I guess I've never really gotten into that but I can understand why a lot of people are happy about this so if a mannequin motivates you and makes you more connected with Fitness and makes you want to wear the clothes and then get active and move the healthier I am so happy that they are doing this so in the comment section make sure to tell me what this mannequin means to you and now it's time for my favorite part of all time about the internet is the comments where everybody is either happy or complaining let's read what they got to say I'm not against being inclusive I also didn't think it was a dig towards plus-sized women when an athletic fitness company only featured fit mannequins why do people take offense to everything now well so a lot of people I'm not sure if it's just from the fat positive community but a lot of them think that having only fit athletic models or thin models is like insulting to obese people because it's like them say that obese people aren't even there or they're not worthy of a matic and I always see those a little inspirational post saying that obese people are worthy so that was where that comment is coming from legitimately makes me tear up thinking about how this will impact girls and women to feel normal in their own body how many mannequins have looked at la Guang Angley and felt inadequate I personally have never ever ever felt that and I was a pretty thick girl before I lost my weight so I would be actually really curious for anyone that is obese do you longingly stare at mannequins why can't you just say mannequin so the original post said overweight mannequin and they were upset that they said overweight mannequin and that they called the thin mannequin just the mannequin but they said overweight mannequin about the overweight mannequin but I think it's normal to say overweight mannequin because it's like a new new thing I don't know I mean I feel like that's kind of like they're complaining over or something stupid follow-up question are they actually plus-sized or are we calling a regular size like an 8 or 10 it's less life like the modeling industry does so pretty much they're saying like are they actually a big or they just like Ashley Grammer sighs people are always saying that she is not blessed sighs enough what about mannequins for people who are not model thin or plus-sized and this is kind of my problem with this all inclusive like fashion thingy because from a business standpoint to make a manic and that fits everybody that includes every single person that's a lot of money wasted on a mannequin to me a mannequin just shows off the clothes and then you decide to try it on and then if you don't like how it looks on you then you put it back it's kind of hard to replicate every single body type it just doesn't make sense from a business standpoint to meet anybody who's Boston cause business can totally chimein I really want to hear what you have to say about that because I feel like that's a lot of money that you should be putting into your clothes or your marketing yes now they just need to make clothes that actually fit plus-sized to kind of thing with Nike you guys like they don't fit plus-sized people correctly because I don't wear a lot and I feel like I said I shop about Ross if there's Nike there I will buy it but I also will buy like adidas and whatever else kind of thing that I find that's super cheap but in a couple of those comments they were saying like oh well Nike doesn't fit as plus size girls anyway because I've trained quite a bit of like obese women and a lot of them are usually wearing Nike so I'm curious to know do you guys like Nike for me like a lot of the pants don't fit the way that I like them and I'm not obese so I don't know if it's just the way that they cut their pants or my boxy weights not a fan of this it feels like they're jumping on a bandwagon of some sort here Nike are a sports company and this doesn't shop sporty to me so like I said before obese people can actually be quite athletic I've had plenty of obese people freaking fill it in my workouts and a lot of thin people that look atletic can't even do a couple push-ups without getting their heart rate like spikes out of whack with that being said though I do think it's more of a marketing thing because as we've seen with tests holiday on the cover of Cosmopolitan Sports Illustrated magazine and everything else trying to include this whole body positivity thing it is a big moneymaker right now and they want to get those people as I'm used to saying clients because of my job consumer it's awesome now drop the plus and just call them mannequins like I said people focus way too much on this mannequin thing Jess be happy that there's a plus-size mannequin and buy the clothes if you want and if you don't then move on just one store that's ridiculous should be an every store so like I said they're in one store and some people were upset that they'd like didn't like mass-produce these things and put them in every single store but like I said from a business standpoint it might be very costly to print out two different types of mannequins why is this a plus-sized mannequin and the mannequins that's we're already there are considered the norm this is all so ridiculous what people just like to complain I mean she does have a point more people have that body shape in the one over there but I mean if you don't say flesh size on it where are the girls that are bigger going to be able to find the clothes for them that like like oh god it's like you like I probably should never speak because I think I guess the word plus-size is offensive now I don't know what to say I'm gonna offend someone Nike just got themselves a new client this is so overdue see that's great she jelly is is gonna buy some activewear well period this looks like me with a very like unsettling face well I see like unsettled I'm not sure if camera is like happy or neutral or like frightened finally real people featured I'm there's still people that look like the other mannequins I like when people say like Oh real people like first of all they're mannequins and second there's still like people that look that can resemble the mannequins that have been around forever Bishop help plus-sized ladies feel better about getting active and if that's what it does and I am all for it I think that's awesome I want people to be excited to go to the gym or workout and be more active all well being cute while doing it I don't know about you guys but when I wear cute outfits it does motivate me to be more active with my cute active wear I definitely still think it's a marketing thing to bring on more a different type of consumer but if it gets everybody motivated that's a good thing and that's what I think I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did hit that subscribe button make sure to thumbs up this video I also just binge it on a tray of Blondie's and I made a video about it so if you have trouble with overeating and binging and you think that someone like me is perfect then it just all goes away it does not and I posted a video and I linked it below two videos and one day because I know a lot of you guys struggle with that so go ahead and check it out guys always ask me where my programs are I link them all below the fat-burning program and my special programs like my obese adverting programs all three levels beginner to a beginner to intermediate is on there add mass will be coming very shortly whole bunch of other stuff on there if you have any questions just make sure to email me or send me a DM or leave me a question in the comment section on my Instagram and I will see you guys next time


  1. I just found your channel today…and this is my 5th consecutive video!!! This video is just another example of why I’ve fallen in love with you channel!

    My background is in fitness and medicine and I’ve worked with athletes of all sizes…so I think people should be happy with themselves as long as they’re healthy. My high school PE teacher was this 60+ year old heavy set woman who could play water polo for an hour straight! On top of that, she was my MOM’S PE teacher and my mom graduated 30 years before me and she was built the same way back then…so everyone is built differently. Just gotta be healthy. 😁

  2. I've been a big girl my entire life and have slowly just been changing my habits and getting my weight down. I'm pretty unique in that my weight VERY rarely makes me feel less than regardless of comments because well…you'll get made fun of for anything and everything. If i was smaller, they would comment about something else. I am doing this mostly for my health…I know I FEEL physically better the smaller I am. Mannequins have never made me feel a certain type of way…I saw the Nike mannequin and appreciated it from a point that to me a place like Nike is intimidating. I'm not so big I cant find clothes for my body pretty much anywhere but a place like Nike I would be hesitant. Seeing something like this just kinda easily advertises they offer a variety of sizes possibly making someone bigger feel more comfortable to buy there. If you want to be healthier and lose weight, it helps to have clothes that will fit you during the process…common sense says from all standpoints this is a good business and social move for Nike. To me being "body positive" is feeling comfortable with who you are and in your own skin but understanding being healthy is important and its a process.

  3. I'm so glad they did this. Because most plus size women have to wear baggy Capri with a big baggy shirts with busted new balances. That gives me incentive…look cute, feel confident while I'm sweating out my edges.

  4. Barbie didn’t influence me but Disney did with Hannah Montana and high school musical sharpay because when I was little I wanted to be white

  5. I have an auto immune issues with widespread fibromyalgia, would you have any advice to tone up that would'nt wreck my body? I am a new sub, great channel! 🙂

  6. Michelle is basically when you have a worrying advancing addiction to EDDF, but also need your anime/cartoon fix at the same time. Perfect.

  7. I'm obese and really don't give two figs about the mannequin honestly. It is just a humanish shaped clothes hanger. I've never gazed longingly at a mannequin and felt inadequate because I'm not that size.

  8. In my country is very hard to find plus size work out clothes, its very discouraging to workout when all you have is baggy t-shirts

  9. Well, I'm all for these mannequins! Cause you see some clothes on display and you think they look cute. But when you put them on they are not flattering at all. Only XS girls can look cute in this stuff. And after a while of trying on things I'm exhausted and go away without buying anything. And I'm an M! I can only imagine how hard it must be for those who are bigger.

  10. I just was like …yay ! Wait Nike had plus size workout gear ! That isn’t bad quality! 💗🎉 yay more work out clothes.

  11. My sister is shapped like the normal manequins where as ive yet to see a manequin like me. Its really not a big deal at all and everyone has a different body shape.

  12. I've heard the word mannequin so many times today between you, Every Damn Day Fitness, and Obese to Beast that it now sounds hilarious and I giggle every time.

  13. I love my Nike running leggings, they are my favorite to wear for my runs. I'm one of those people that is on the edge of straight sizing, but way too small for plus size. I sometimes have hard time finding clothing because of it. I wear a size medium in nike leggings, so I do feel like there sizing is pretty forgiving.

  14. I don’t think it’s promoting obesity or fitness tbh. Nike just wants their coin. Which is fair.
    Of course it could be motivational to have workout clothes that fit and look good if you’re going to workout. But of course a ton of people buy workout clothes and don’t workout at all 😂

  15. You know what I want to know how on Earth did got in the store like is so mad big how did it fit it a f**** mystery

  16. I used to get all my workout clothes from Walmart because they had different sizes. When I was 80lbs heavier cool then I could buy Nike for that size. It’s clothes. People need to move on. Nike just wants our money. I’m still trying to lose 50 more pounds but a mannequin does nothing for me lol

  17. Sometimes people have conditions that prevent weight loss. People don’t understand that people can be larger, and healthy at the same time. It’s great that their promoting health, in all sizes!

  18. I agree it’s awesome! Everyone needs to start somewhere when it comes to fitness and whether you’re starting that journey at a healthy weight, overweight, obese etc we should all be able to dress comfortably and suitably for our workouts. I think showing a slim & plus size mannequin shows how inclusive it is because it’s basically showing the size range of the products. Loved this video, keep doing you 💛

  19. I'm from Ireland and Nike do not stock 2xl or 3xl. Ever. I only look at them when I am considering runners.

  20. A friend of mine is pretty big. She always had problems finding training clothes that weren't too thight or too baggy. So mostly she trained in a regular t-shirt and everyday thights, which meaned she sweated like a moldy spunge just 15 minutes in (her words, not mine).
    So I think this is a great idea 👍

  21. I never got the hate against this at all – how do workout clothes promote obesity?! The clue is kind of in the name 😂 This will encourage those who feel uncomfortable with their size find workout clothes and live a more active lifestyle!

  22. Nothing. Wrong with a fat mannequin. It makes since if you are selling clothes in that size. Just common sense

  23. I don't think the issue is the mannequin. I certainly have never looked at a mannequin and wished I looked like IT. The whole issue is making workout clothes to fit the overweight/obese population, demonstrated by the mannequin. Nike is creating awareness that they offer those additional sizes. WHY is that an issue? Everyone deserves cute, comfortable, sweat-wicking workout clothes that rub the right way (We love the Nike DryFit line!) ! It is really mean to somehow banish obese people who want to exercise to only work out in baggy tshirts and sweats. No one feels cute in those! I absolutely do NOT think it is promoting obesity…it is promoting workout opportunities for EVEYONE!

  24. You always make awesome videos and I agree with everything you say 💯%!!! I also think they should make a mannequin that's petite and small like us little people!! We always get underrated, hehe but we're still here!!! 🤩😋🤪💐🥰😍💖

  25. I worked for Nike. Other than some of their products being made by slave labor and letting me go over my mental illness, it’s a really good company. Their shoes come in multiple different fits for different types of feet. A large portion of their clothes are now made out of recycled water bottles primarily the leggings. They do a large amount of charity work. Every single store location has required charity work that they do. It was the most fun job I ever had and I got healthy being there.

    I know this is not really insight on the whole plus size thing. One side of it for me says yes this is great for people who are so stuck in their own heads that they need a visual representation to move forward. In the same merit though a company is not required to cater to your unhealthy lifestyle. If this encourages more people to try to be active and healthy then awesome.

  26. Where's the plus size men mannequins at? What I don't like about the "body positive" movement is that its mostly geared towards women. Where's the obese man on the cover on Men's Health? Where's the obese man on Sports Illustrated? I doubt it would happen. I think the body positive should be inclusive of every body and not just obese women's bodies. And this mannequin craze is ridiculous. Lets talk about whats happening in Sudan, screw the mannequin.

  27. 1:55 🤔if you think about it, then characters from Disney movies and such SHOULD BE as UNREALISTIC as possible. If a Disney princess or a Pixar movie female had such a crazy waist/hip you would look at that as a freakish body.
    But draw that female with REALISTIC wide hips and here you have actually body image issues.
    Why? Because then it's easier to compare that to you the same way that you would compare your body to a pornstar.

  28. 1:27 many fat people do though.
    You see posts on social media of fat people complaining about anything. "Lack of representation" you know…
    I myself sometimes look at a mannequin (the stick thin ones) and expect clothes not to look good on me because of that.
    You don't think an overweight mannequin will motivate fat people?
    Come on. Quite the opposite.

    3:47 oh! I was right..

  29. Who is the reeee…ard that thought this promoted obesity?
    Sport clothing is literally the only type of clothing obese people should be wearing, you f…ing…

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