Muscle-Building Science: Aerobic Exercise and Muscle Loss  bodybuildingadvise

Muscle-Building Science: Aerobic Exercise and Muscle Loss bodybuildingadvise

okay here's a question here from Rudy from Nebraska is it true that doing aerobics causes muscle loss and if so what can be done to prevent such laws again this is a popular idea with bodybuilders who will refuse to do aerobics because they think it's going to cost across the muscle that the basis for that is that aerobics tends to increase cortisol cortisol is Adrian alarm on that has catabolic effects on muscle but the truth of the matter is that you'd have to do a lot of aerobics there really cause a muscle loss but there is a bit of truth to that which I'll get to in a second what they found in this study is it related to cortisol you have to do more than 60 minutes straight of aerobics to get any kind of significant cortisol rice when you're doing aerobics but as far as interfering with muscle growth there is some truth to that because when you do resistance exercise with you and when you do aerobic exercise different things happen the muscle when you do resistant exercise you increase a muscle protein synthesis effect so that which leads to increase muscle size or hypertrophy when you do aerobics the visit there's a substance that that's released called ampk that actually depresses muscle protein synthesis but you get other benefits you get increased motive mitochondria which are the organelles are cells where fat is burned the energy is produced you get increased capillaries that you can increase blood flow but generally speaking aerobics and weight training tend to go against each other as far as building muscle so you don't want to go crazy on it but i feel that a certain amount of moderate aerobics is not going to harm muscle building so if you do for example 30 minutes or less or better yet you know consider doing an interval type of aerobic training which is basically alternating periods of high and low intensity if you do about 20 minutes of that you're going to get most of the benefits are and cardiovascular effects of aerobics with little or no muscle loss in fact there are some things that show you it actually promotes muscle protein synthesis oh it works inc

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