1. Allah doc shahid ko sehat dy, aur bhae ap plz zra aram tahammul se bola karain, ap tou itny ghussay mein bolty hain jesay hum ne koi gunah kia ho aur hum per ahsaan kr ry hain ap ..

  2. Waise had ho gayi hai really such a sad news regarding dr sab he is precious person if ppl think MAY GOD BLESS him and get well soon haqeeqat Tv Bhai if I can contact with dr sab plz tell him he must tell all secret to a person who is like him sincere and tell
    All things I m really sad after listening dr sab is facing such serious condition really here no one gave care for him even I was w8ing for ur video regarding dr sab Bhai tell dr sab he should stay where ever he is

  3. Ap Foran Dr.sahab ko ye Homoeopatic Medicines puhnchaen…Mujhay Allah pe 100 % Yaqen hy k wo Theek ho jaen gy….26 saal ka Tajurba hy…1: Dilan 15 drops every 1 hour…2: Avena Stiva-Q k 15 drops Dilan k 10 min baad laen….dono drops sirf 3,4 sip of water me peean….Allah Taala Dr.Sahaid Masood sahab ko kulli Shifa aor Lambi umar Ataa Farmaen,Ameen(Dr.Malik Asif 0345-8654782)

  4. Shame on the government and shame on the Riyasat too. Nobody stands here for the true heroes. Ghattiya logo ko yaha nawaza jataa hai aur imaandar izzatdar logo’n ko chup karwa diya jataa hai.
    Allah (swt) dr. Shahid ko sehat daay aur unhe apni hifaZat main rakhaay.

    Iss mulk main choro’n aur ghaddaro ko koi jail main nahi rakh sakta lakin begunah Dr. sahab ko itna arsa jail main dal diyaa gaya. Who is responsible for that?
    Pakistan main tou aap logo kee jaan bhee lay lain tou bhee koi responsibility nahi letaa.
    Ikhlaqi girawat is on its peak.
    This is the result of not making people accountable for their actions on the right time. Every bad act of the elites and favorites is kept secret instead of punishing them.
    Justice delayed is justice denied.

  5. Allah Kareem Dr Shahid Masood Sahab ko Sehat o Tandrostee Lambi umer dain afiate o Salamte ka sath Aameen. Please say Aameen in reply Allah hamari Aameen Qubool Kar lain Dr Sahab ka liay

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