Magnesium Magic! Helps with weight loss, anxiety, headaches, and MORE!

Magnesium Magic! Helps with weight loss, anxiety, headaches, and MORE!

hi everybody today I’m gonna talk about
magnesium and if you want to find out how this one mineral can help you
lose weight stick around and I’ll tell you. I’ve done a lot of research on
magnesium lately and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s pretty magnificent!
it’s the calming mineral and it does so many things for our bodies that we have
no idea how important it is magnesium is It’s the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body it is more important than calcium, potassium, or sodium and it
regulates all three of them. millions of people suffer from deficiency in
magnesium daily and they don’t even know it. an estimated 80% of adults suffer
from deficiency of magnesium first of all magnesium supports energy production it
creates and repairs our own DNA and RNA is also required for the synthesis about
highly important antioxidant I told you about in one of my other videos, glutathione – which is extremely powerful. the fact that magnesium supports energy
production is one of the main reasons it helps people lose weight. there’s no
single pill that can help you with this but magnesium supplements can certainly
they can help by correcting a magnesium deficiency it helps your body function a
lot more efficiently and that’s because it’s a macro mineral that supports over
300 enzymes system and it reinforces the effects of vitamin D both are very
important in sustaining bone strength made museums also important for skincare
and since I’m aesthetician I thought I’d throw this in towards the beginning
that’s because magnesium helps break apart the different fats and oils that
we have in our bodies and can also reduce our skin’s oiliness it can help
reduce stress related skin irregularities such as acne and rosacea
magnesium also helps fight depression in randomized controlled trial
and depressed older adults they found that 450 milligrams of magnesium a day
improved their mood as effectively is in a antidepressant drug magnesium can also
defend against type 2 diabetes this is huge and it does that by maintaining a
healthy insulin function which is another reason it can help fade in
weight loss it helps lower our blood pressure and it also helps prevent
migraine headaches it helps reduce overall inflammation with its
anti-inflammatory effects did you know low magnesium intake is linked to
chronic inflammation which is just one of the big drivers of Aging obesity and
chronic disease it also helps improve sleep and prevents insomnia one of my
favorite benefits it helps relax her muscles and can help with constipation
problems while calcium on the other hand can cause constipation magnesium is what
supports bone health not calcium that was actually made up by the dairy
industry 60% of your magnesium is stored in your bones and it helps maintain your
bone density and it also helps improve pms symptoms by improving mood and
reduces water retention here’s some signs that you may be deficient in your
magnesium you suffer from muscle cramps and spasms you crave chocolate you have
anxiety and depression you have constipation you have headaches
especially migraines if difficulty sleeping you suffer from
high blood pressure you have acid reflux or you have an irregular heartbeat so
like with anything it’s best if you can get most of your magnesium through food
alone foods that contain good levels of magnesium include spinach and other
green leafy vegetables whole grains nuts meat milk pumpkin seeds almonds avocados
dark chocolate and figs and just plain water can be a great
of magnesium hard water but is highly variable harder water contains magnesium
salts which can also help your body meet its daily requirement some of the
warnings that come with magnesium however some people have experienced
indigestion and gastrointestinal disturbances after taking magnesium
salts these salts however are used in laxatives so some people may experience
cramps and diarrhea when taken in high doses that’s why products like philips
milk of magnesia contain magnesium hydroxide as well as many other
laxatives out there it works my personal preference is a USANA product called
Magna D it’s combined with the right amounts of calcium and has added vitamin
D so I get the benefits of all three of these in a product that I completely
trust here’s a chart of what the National Institutes of Health recommend
for daily intake and that about covers it I hope you guys liked my video I hope
you learned something I certainly have in researching
magnesium and its amazing benefits I love it
I’ll never stop taking it I had no idea I was probably deficient in it myself if
you have any questions please leave your questions or comments below give this
video a thumbs up if you liked it and I look forward to seeing you next time but
bye everybody


  1. If I need to take 320 mg how do I break that down to the Trace mega magnesium drops. It’s 1 ml drop. Does anyone know?

  2. Thanks for your video. I have natures made magnesium citrate. Will that help me sleep and turn off the anxiety?

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