Loving Lyfe Episode 2: Workout Routine

Loving Lyfe Episode 2: Workout Routine

Upbeat Song Hi, everyone! We are Loving Lyfe, and today is… We are so excited! I, of course, am internet sensation, Nichelle D’Orizzo, and these are my Best Friends Yes, we have been friends forever We are so close, like peas in a bod pod So we’re not far into the new year yet So we’re still about about reinventing yourself New year, new you, new clothes new eye brows, new eye balls We’ve all just got a lot going on right now. Oh my gosh Nichelle is pregnant with twins Obviously, I’m huge And Ashleee is going on tour for her new parenting book, “They’re Just Not That Into You” And then I’m thinking about going blonde, so… We all have a lot going on right now Big year Anyway, we wanted to get started and share with you some of our workout tips We get asked all the time, like literally everyday, constantly being asked how our bodies look so amazing We get compliments all the time My doctor said I’m too skinny and I almost kissed him So, we decide to be dope and show you how we get our woke bods I’m all about fashion but a hot blank canvas is crucial to looking chic Yeah like you wouldn’t paint the Mona Lisa, on a fat person Like maybe the Sistine Castle So, here are some our let’s get started! Ok guys, we wanted to keep this workout super simple so even you can do it So all you need is and exercise ball some free weights a treadmill, 3 elliptical machines per person in your party and then a Bowflex MC5000 The MC400 will not work so DO NOT try to use it And then make sure that you’re dressed to so, like, I’m wearing these super cute slashed leggings. Very cute Are those from Jane? Of course Mine are actually from Jane too Did they slash your leggings the way they slash their prices? Yep! Also, I’m wearing these sick healed boots for winter Exercise hack: when you wear heels while exercising you get twice the burn which means you get twice the exercise cuz you burn twice the calories There you go My gosh, you’re getting such a good burn That’s amazing! Secret My shirt zips Ok, before you get started though make sure you snap a pic to document your progress because you’re gonna be totes proud of all the gains you’ve made But seriously it’s so important to get the lighting right like I usually bring my husband Chab along just in case there are no windows You guys look so good Chad, that is too low. You know that looks bad! Sorry babe I told you to never go low Backlit now Chab Yeah, can you get a scrim? There we, oh that’s perfect Oh that’s great! You’re shaking. Sorry babe This is why you need to workout more too Just like, 8 or 9 more That is too much! Ok guys, let’s get our sweat on! I’m 4 months pregnant with twins obviously, and I’m already trying to lose the baby weight and we’re around her a lot so I don’t want to gain any sympathy weight I usually don’t spend any time around my pregnant friends until they’ve already lost the baby weight and they’re skinny again but I really love Nichelle and so, I’m gonna try and workout as much as possible and then harbor just enough resentment so that I don’t have any sympathy You guys are really sweet friends My favorite move that help me lose the weight when I had my son Porterton is just your banded lunge So what you is you take, like, this thing, and you put it, your feet hold on, both your legs I got it. I GOT IT! And then we do a lunge So put one foot forward and one foot directly behind that foot then you just go down and up the more your knees move the better and let’s just do a set of 5 4 2 and 1 and that’s all you have to do for your workout It’s that good Chab! What? Want me to do overhead? So, I’m a big believer in target exercises and focusing on specific areas in your body My neck is my best quality and that’s because I’ve nailed down a technique that I call Ready? Oh, sorry guys, like, I’m gonna be a little lightheaded there Now, as with any necksercise If you are a beginner DO NOT ATTEMPT without the help of a spotter, it’s very important I got you, girl Nichelle, can you spot me? Oh yeah And Bentley can you spot me too? Oh yes, girl And other side OK, great, my turn I am usually running around town all day long with the kids so my exercise time is my “me” time So, I like to get out what my therapist calls an “ungodly amount of aggression” By boxing OK, ladies Chab, get in here OK, so back up First, so this is what we do You do right, left, uppercut left, right, uppercut Whoa, you changed it OK, let’s do this (Ungodly aggression) You’re good! GET OUT OF HERE! (More ungodly aggression) But I also do barre. Obvi. I mean, we all do. Thanks for watching, guys Don’t forget to subscribe And just remember, the real secret to being fit, is just CONFIDENCE! And your genetic disposition and access to fresh, high quality produce So, anyone can be fit! And don’t forget that no matter what size you are, just LOVE YOUR LYFE!!! But seriously, work out Yeah, cuz if you’re some sizes… Thanks for watching, everyone! Do not try any of those moves at home Make sure you subscribe to our channel This show is, in real life, sponsored by Jane and if you want to support us you should support Jane because this show would not have been possible without them They have hundreds of deals High-end clothing, accessories, home decor Thank you, Jane, we love you! Love you, bye! Make sure to check out our next episode Pew, pew, pew


  1. We hope you enjoyed Episode 2, and that you consult your physician before trying these advanced moves!
    Check out Episode 1 for more really, really accurate and safe life advice: https://youtu.be/TAs0_ZaYV6Y

  2. Okay I get that these characters are fake and caricatures of some YouTubers and instagram influencers but is this a message that we should allow to persist, even in comedy? That you can’t be beautiful without being skinny? Cause as someone who has never been skinny and has struggled with my weight my whole life, watching something like this, even though I know it’s not real, can still be damaging and I’m sure there are other people that feel the same way.

  3. 5:48 Even while terrified of his beautiful (and a little scary) wife, Chab still smiles…..

    okay so he might not be smiling… but my point still stands!!!

  4. Lol when Whitney…I mean Bentley did the neck exercises and then they all spotted each other and said 'other side', I lost it.

  5. "I like to get out what my therapist says is an ungodly amount of aggression."
    Proceeds to murder pillow pads

  6. If you look at the subtitles for 5:29 they say " (Ungodly aggression)" and now i can't stop laughing for no apparent reason

  7. The shirt looks like the one Mallory wore in "Naturally" while you guys were still doing studio c. Also, the last time I remember her "working out" in a video was in "P90x" on studio c. Big improvement!! You go girl!!!

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