LOSE BELLY FAT WITHOUT EXERCISE | 5 Weight Loss Remedies You May Not Know

LOSE BELLY FAT WITHOUT EXERCISE | 5 Weight Loss Remedies You May Not Know

okay my bad a Haji bitches I'm Robin this is on the cheap tip and today is suck-it-up Thursday now this is usually a Sunday video but I decided to switch days because christmas is coming up and I'm not gonna be making videos that week and I want you to go into the new year sucking it up and we're gonna suck it up by learning ways to get rid of belly fat now belly fat is also known as visceral fat and that's the fat that forms around your organs and even though your body needs a certain amount of visceral fat when it has too much that's when you get the pregnant belly it starts descending or ascending one of those so today I decided I'm gonna show you five super foods that are gonna help you get rid of that belly fat the extra cheat just around the side you know what I'm talking about I know what I'm talking about I got quite a lot so let's get started number one garlic now I was a little shocked by this I did not know that garlic helped in any way lose fat but apparently it does garlic is known to increase your metabolism which helps to burn fat but some studies show that there is a direct link to getting rid of visceral fat that's the fact we want God now they say to eat this on an empty stomach so you would want to do this in the morning when you have nothing in your system and basically you're gonna chomp down on a few cloves of garlic I don't know how great that's gonna be for your social life but your body will never look better I also heard that you can make a tea of this of some sort of time if you're interested in knowing more about that I'd be happy to make a video so let me know in the comments below I just want to please you I just want to help you out number two mushrooms now mushrooms I'm not a huge fan of as seen in my most recent military diet video but mushrooms contain a good amount of vitamin D and vitamin D is known to be linked to decrease abdominal fat if you like mushrooms go ahead I'm gonna pass on that one sorry mushrooms not a fan number three seaweed I love seaweed I love seeing salads I love seaweed that goes around the sushi especially sushi I like food general basic like except for mushrooms seaweed contains a substance called oh I know I'm gonna have trouble saying though cop a cop in this work Japanese researchers found that it helps to shrink belly fat by five to ten percent I'd be happy with one percent so stock up on that seaweed now before broccoli ring this is another one that I am not too fond of I like broccoli but broccoli rabe it's not as wasn't double taste that's putting it lightly I guess you can cook it to make it taste good if you have any recipes let me know now broccoli rabe contains another word that I can't pronounce so for Feeny say that ten times fast I tried now this substance is known to stimulate the production of hsm not HSN that's a network I love me some home shopping about the same HSL is an enzyme that helps to release fatty acids from fat cells which is good for you say good back back I guess I gotta get me some broccoli rabe now number five a coconut oil now a lot of people know that coconut oil is a really good fat because it helps to burn other fats and the reason it's a good fat is it because it contains medium-chain fatty acids which doesn't allow the body to store as much fat it also helps to boost your metabolism and burn up to 120 calories a day that's a lot of calories that's like a half of warping out so instead of your normal oil use coconut oil it's just gonna help you amend if you didn't already know that a lot of people know that but anyway that's all tip but I hope that you liked it and if you did make sure that you comment down below and let me know and also make sure that you subscribe to my channel and hit that alarm button so you know when my next video goes live and I'll see you next time happy holidays and Merry Christmas and Hanukkah and whatever I don't know I'm doing this but anyway bye that there is a dull I'm not a few huge someone left a comment saying that I thought I was so funny that it was embarrassing I never said I was funny I said I was crazy and drunk most of the time


  1. Mushrooms & broccoli rabe help with losing belly fat? Awesome! I will make it a point to include them in my diet more often!

    Btw: I’m pretty sure it’s not a long A in “rabe.” It’s pronounced like “Rob.” Oh, the irony! 😏

  2. Thank goodness that garlic is help for abdominal fat because I absolutely love it! I absolutely agree with you on mushrooms though. Thank you, Rob!

  3. Yess make a video of you trying these plzzzz I want to know if they really work 😂 love ya ❤️ thx for the vids

  4. Hi, By The Way Garlic Tastes Horrible By It's Self. I Always Enjoy All Your Videos, You Do A Terrific Job On Your Videos. Merry Christmas.🎅

  5. Great advice, with dinner and desserts over the weekend im gonna take some tequila shots to help burn the fat..😄…Merry Christmas!

  6. I love your videos soooo much, keep it upp!! You have to do video about diet maybe ?, or how to help stick to your diet. Its a good click bait ! Ohhh and that tea great idea. Merry Christmas x

  7. I'm definitely curious about that tea.. It doesn't sound too pleasant, but I'm willing to try it if it works 😀
    Merry Christmas to you too Rob

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