Joe Rogan - Carnivore Diet Fixed Mikhaila Peterson's Arthritis

Joe Rogan – Carnivore Diet Fixed Mikhaila Peterson's Arthritis

so you and your dad are both on this whacky diet mm-hmm you're both on this whacky carnivore diet and this is probably one of the most controversial things in relationship to in relation to food today when when people discuss diets you know there's a lot of people that are vegetarian or vegan or trying ketogenic diets or paleo but when you say carnivore that is one of the ones where people just universally seem to like step back roll their eyes most people don't think it's good idea they don't even know why they don't think it's a good idea and then you tell them about people like you or my friend Chris Bell who has similar autoimmune issues and he's had hip to hip replacements he's only 36 Wow and I think he had both of them done by the time he was 30 right pretty sure because he's had him for quite a few years you know massive joint pain all sorts of issue and you when did you got a hip replacement how old were you 17 in an ankle replacement 17 that's crazy a rough year that's crazy what so your whole life you've had arthritis issues or yeah so I started walking kind of funny when I was 2 according to my mom and she brought me to the doctor and they said she's just having growing pains or something when I was 7 I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and I had like 37 joints affected and then I was put on immune suppressants in grade four so I was actually the first kid in Canada to be put on this biologic called Enbrel so i was on an berlin methotrexate for ever like leading up to the hip and ankle replacement and they did help reduce some of the pain but I still ended up with no cartilage in my joint and hip my hip and ankle when I was 17 and this is just from the effects of arthritis and the inflammation swelling and just to to cartilage up so I wasn't even particularly swollen I didn't have a very like inflammatory visually inflammatory Rytas so my rheumatologist who'd been at SickKids for 20 years said that I had the worst arthritis she'd ever seen so it was very severe it wasn't particularly like swollen my joints just disintegrated Wow what do they think causes something like this they didn't know so it was eventually after the hip and ankle replacement the diagnosis was changed to juvenile idiopathic arthritis so it was literally like we don't know Wow and how did you go from these medications pharmaceutical medications to getting into this carnivore diet thing what was this this path Wow okay I'll give you a background of the path we were very like science oriented especially dad so even though mom kind of wanted to delve into diet and was like we should go sugar-free or stop eating you know whatever make sure you'd whole grains like all that stuff we never gave diet a chance because there was no scientific evidence for it so I basically got sicker and sicker and sicker and I ended up by the time I got to university I ended up with arthritis was severely depressed I was on antidepressants as well I had idiopathic hypersomnia so I was sleeping about 18 hours a day my whole body was itchy all the time that's started when I was about 14 and so that was when I started University and then my diet just got disastrous in university and I was like drinking all the time and eating like pizza and beer and I gained like 30 pounds in the first year and ginger ale alot of ginger ale anyway I gained about 30 pounds in the first year my mental health declined even further and I didn't really know what was going on and then I started getting skin issues so I started getting rashes cystic acne and I was like okay I can deal with like four really awful health problems but I can't deal with things affecting my skin on top of that there's too many things so I went to dermatologists and they basically told me I was anxious and like causing these rashes by itching so that was the dermatologists opinion which was very unhelpful anyway I spent a lot of time I was eventually prescribed adderall for the hypersomnia so I spent all my time googling reading papers trying to get a background on skin disorders and eventually I came across this celiac disease rash online and that's what I had it looked exactly the same so I cut out gluten I read a whole bunch about like the effects of gluten on the gut and thought oh there's actually some evidence that gluten isn't good for people why aren't people being told this like why didn't my doctor test me for celiac disease because celiac disease couples with autoimmune disorders all the time like they test type 1 kids for celiac disease but for some reason they don't test kids with arthritis for celiac disease so I cut out gluten and that kind of helped maybe like 20% but it was hard to tell because it was the summer I was like maybe I'm just feeling better from the summer my rash kind of went down but it was still there and then so September 2015 my mom dragged me to a naturopath and they gave me this sheet of foods and like try this elimination diet and I looked at the sheet and thought this doesn't make any sense like why can I eat lemons and not oranges and why are almonds on there but other nuts are off so I cut so I thought okay if I'm gonna do an elimination diet which I didn't believe in at all I'll cut down to what I considered safe foods and I had no idea what I was doing so I just thought okay vegetables are pretty safe I'll get rid of nightshades cuz people talk about them being bad nine shades what is night shades night shades like tomatoes eggplant those kind of foods for some reason there I just knew that they were them referred to as night shades I feel like literally everybody has heard them referred to as night shades no have you heard him I've heard the term but not I couldn't tell you what I wouldn't have been able to say when tomatoes and eggplants I don't think the YouTube comments decide don't let them decide okay like calling demons for help anyway I cut down so I was eating mostly like green vegetables I was still eating rice at that point because I thought everybody eats rice rice is safe and meat but I cut out like dairy most grains soy sugar processed foods and then in the next month my joints got way better than my skin healed and my skin never healed like for a couple years I'd always have these flare-ups it never went away and that was just on a like relatively low carb diet just like just less I don't know I was still eating rice right but it was still mostly meat and vegetables and I thought okay maybe there's something to this and then I made almond flour gluten free sugar free dairy free almond flour banana muffins and I ate a bunch of those one night and I woke up in the next day my wrists were sore and I thought okay maybe that's weird and then I had a bunch more of the muffins because the muffins were good and and then I went away to a cottage that weekend and I couldn't walk because of my knees and I never had flare-ups that badly like I used to get my shoulder was always sore when I slept so I took tylenol 3 at night for sleeping and my wrists were stiff but I never had like a flare-up like I couldn't walk so that was that weekend so then I went back to the diet and got really strict with it and then things were better like my skin was better I I lost this was weird I lost 5 pounds which wasn't a lot but I went down three pant sizes so it was all bloating that I didn't realize was bloating cuz it never fluctuated so that was the first month and then 2015 and I started trying to reintroduce foods because I was having cravings and I missed going out to eat with my friends and everything so I tried to read the first thing I tries to introduce was sour patch candy because I was having really intense sugar don't look at me like that I was having really intense sugar cravings and I the packet and I thought okay no one's allergic to thick sugar there's no dairy there's no gluten there's no soy this will be fine and I really wanted to eat them and I had those and the next day my whole body was itchy again and it was like like mosquito bites everywhere edgy so I thought okay maybe maybe that was a bad idea so I waited a couple weeks and I tried to reintroduce almond butter organic almond butter because I wanted something fast protein fast and then I had it's like abdominal cramping diarrhea then this bitch came back Jesus Christ yeah so for the next year well I'll slow down we've got some time so that was that was the almond butter so then I waited a while and I felt pretty good and this was November 2015 and then I started feeling really good and I went off of my antidepressants and I had been taking antidepressants since I was in grade five a really high dose of an SSRI which had been very helpful but did you wean yourself off and do it under a doctor's supervision no I didn't did I I wound myself down so I went down to half and then I went to a quarter and then I went to an eighth and then I stopped taking how long two weeks there was nothing really a week it was two weeks yeah I didn't have withdrawal symptoms like I think I was lucky that way and so you died at this point was so at that point I was eating rice occasionally but it was mostly like broccoli salad chicken beef fish you know olive oil apple cider vinegar salt pepper at that point I was also eating pears and apples so it was kind of like paleo kind of term very restricted paleo dairy-free and so you're feeling good you're off your medication your joints feel better no more rashes no more rashes yeah so everything seems to be improving I was shocked when the depression lifted because I thought that runs in my family that's familial we have some sort of brain chemistry problem that can't possibly be diet I thought I thought the skin maybe that was diet because this gluten link and then maybe because of the celiac gene that I got tested for maybe the arthritis was part of that but I never thought mood was associated with it so that was a surprise in November anyway I went off of the antidepressants and then I'm about a month later I tried to reintroduce soy and this is when things started getting really weird that year so I was having why you reintroducing things if you're having all these positive benefits I was having cravings like crazy and I would miss eating out and I thought there were probably like four or five foods I was really sensitive to and I if I could just figure out what they were I could eat pretty normally I didn't realize like I didn't know what was going on yeah if I had known I would have done it much differently but I tried to reintroduce soy because at that point I still thought soy was a health food so I ate a huge meal of like edamame beans and bean sprouts and miso soup that I made myself so it was gluten-free and soy sauce and tofu I literally ate soy in every forum and I had the same kind of reaction with almond butter I had immediately got bloated I had diarrhea like within maybe 20-30 minutes of eating it and I thought okay that sucks I guess I can't eat soy and then about four hours later my other legs got itchy and then my whole body got itchy and I was like okay that sucks I'm clearly I'm reacting to soy and then the next morning the depression came back and it came back like that was the worst depressive experience I've ever had I was medication free and it came back in the morning and I got in the shower and I just like I bawled in the shower and thought how could I be so naive to think that my horrible autoimmune disorder and the depression and everything was caused by food like what an idiotic thing to think how could I be that hopeful and then I had to remind myself okay no you ate a whole bunch of this food then you had this like digestive distress then you got itchy and now the depression is back there's clearly a pattern here but it was hard to think like that when I got that depressed so that day was like I spent a lot of that day crying the next day got worse and this is this is when it gets weird so that night I went over to my parents and I was just like I don't know what's going on right and they're like well you want to take a car back to your apartment I said I don't think I can drive like I can't I just can't think I don't know what's going on so just my brother drove me home and I was like on the verge of having a panic attack for no reason right it was just like my heart rate was increasing I was trying to find my keys and I turned around to look at my brother in the car and his head was a like a kind of a demon this I know how this sounds but he had like a demon head for about a second and a half and he looked at me and then he turned and then it was my brother again so I was standing up for like yeah about a second and a half of hallucinations um that year yes before that no that year yeah after this I'll get into it so you ate so and started trippin yeah two days later I know how it sounds that's how it sounded to me too have you found comparable stories so so obviously I did as much research as I could possibly do to SOI no to gluten to people who are schizophrenic from gluten yeah there are people with celiac disease who have schizophrenia induced by gluten so I found that but I didn't find anything for other foods but skewed to schizophrenia include hallucinations I rarely visual but I did find a case study of a woman who was seeing demons from her celiac disease gluten know when you say you looked over and you saw your brother and his head was a demon head like describe it like no I found mmm no it was like you know when it's really dark in a room huh and I don't know if this you've experienced this but it's really dark in the room and then you kind of see things in the dark mm-hmm it was more like that it was dark at night and it was like I was so Oh anxious so distraught you're a mess and maybe you just caused yourself to well sometimes idea okay yeah I mean I saw it like I can remember what it looks like but it wasn't a vivid demon or something it was like but it was there okay so you're freaking out I'm so I'm freaking out so I'm like okay that's not good so I find my keys and I go upstairs and then I went into my bedroom like shut the blinds turned on all the lights and then like smoked as much weed as I could possibly smoke to try and calm myself down and then hate under the blankets all night I would think that would be the worst thing to do you see a demon you'd think that but then if you spoke I've had that comment before but enough and it calmed me down okay so then I spent the next couple of weeks basically stoned because I didn't know when it was gonna end I didn't know what was going on and I couldn't find anybody on the internet who had had the same experience as me and then about two and a half weeks later it started going away and so let me say it you mean the depression depression the arthritis it wasn't just the depression that came that's just the worst no I didn't go back I mean I didn't eat soy again but I went back to the initial diet I was eating so essentially just this one meal this one great meal of soy threw you off for a couple weeks Radek yeah like almost for like three weeks but after two weeks it started getting better okay but the symptoms were like so there's deplorable the itching started I had bloating and then the depression came back and then about a week later my skin started breaking out and then maybe 10 days later my arthritis came back so I wrote all my symptoms down every day because I was going crazy and I didn't know what was going on and I wanted to write it down to see what was going on ok so then it started lifting and I started feeling better again and I was like ok thank god that's over and then waited a while things were good again my symptoms went away and then over the next year I tried to reintroduce foods over and over and over again and I was making like I tried whey protein powder and that nothing ever got to as bad as that so experienced but I had a number of other experiences where it was the worst depression I've ever experienced and it was on the verge of seeing like I don't know seeing faces in things okay so you're having all these health issues how do you get to the carnivore diet so I decide about a year later I decide hey maybe I don't want to keep cycling in and out of a horrible autoimmune mental problems maybe I'll just stick with the original diet mm-hmm and then I got pregnant and so then my autoimmune symptoms flared again during the pregnancy yeah like right away as soon as I found out I was pregnant it was like before I found out I was pregnant that my autoimmune symptoms came back so my legs were itji again I was my joints were stiff my skin was breaking out my anxiety was back and it was hard to tell well what part of this is pregnancy and what part of this is an autoimmune disorder so throughout my pregnancy I cut down on all the carbs I was eating so I cut out fruit I cut out sweet potatoes I went down to meat and greens and I think dad was on here one time he was on a meat and greens diet so that was during that part so we're both on a meat and greens diet mostly because we didn't realize you didn't need greens to survive so we were eating meat and greens and then I had just say mostly because we realize you didn't mean we didn't realize only he wasn't options yeah yeah we hadn't realized that we didn't know that so it was meat and salad and it was a very simple salad with like olive oil apple cider vinegar salt pepper cucumbers lettuces spinach pretty simple salad and then meat and fish so we did that for about a year and then I had my daughter and then I didn't get better so then I found out okay so these symptoms aren't really pregnancy related it's just me now for some reason I've lost the tolerance to these foods I used to be able to eat and in your just eating salad and meat yeah and I'm still having autoimmune so there's now symptoms that you used to have not when you're eating not nearly as bad not nearly as bad like my fatigue wasn't back my anxiety was manageable without medication but you hadn't achieved the levels of I didn't know that you had and you were eliminating things from your diet earlier yeah exactly exactly like I reached a really good point and then I got pregnant and I couldn't reach that point again okay so then this is 2017 so it's like November and I'm getting really frustrated about being itchy I'm just randomly itchy again we randomly are eating meat and meat and salad yeah and I thought okay maybe I just have an autoimmune disorder and I can't control it with diet anymore maybe this maybe I'm just stuck like this and so I googled like out of desperation I think I googled allergic to everything food wise something like that into Google and I found this story about Charlene Anderson who's been mentioned a couple times and she'd been diagnosed with Lyme disease and has been eating nothing but like red meat for 18 years and there are pictures of her family online and I thought okay I know I'm not I think I googled allergic to everything except meat oh so I found her then I found that Shaun Baker episode you did and he'd been doing it for two years and I think that night I thought screw it I literally have nothing to lose here I'm only cutting out salad so that's when I switched over that was December and then I switched over and the itching got better pretty quickly like within the first couple of days but then my digestion just got totally screwed up so like bloating and diarrhea every time I ate and after about a week I thought okay this is a bad idea obviously diarrhea every time you ate meat just meat just mean and salt dosed yeah so I thought this is a bad idea obviously this isn't working my body doesn't like it so I reintroduced salad again it was literally lettuce apple cider vinegar olive oil and salt and pepper that's what I reintroduce and I woke up the next day and the itch was back and my joints were stiff and I thought okay if I have to choose between itching and arthritis or diarrhea I'm gonna choose the diarrhea I was in a rough place I guess so I stuck it out and at six weeks of just doing this my died the bloating went away the diarrhea went away and everything started to improve so that was mid-january but I was still pretty skeptical because I thought I thought maybe the reason the carnivore diet worked for people was because they just accidentally cut out everything that wasn't working for them processed food sugar you know grains all that so I tried to reintroduce olives like organic olives in olive oil and that was February and then I had this itching came back with the depression my skin broke out and it was minor in comparison to like soy so you think essentially to give us the cliff notes you're allergic to everything yeah that fucking crazy it's crazy but then here's the thing I started this blog so the blog's don't eat that mm-hmm I started this blog because I thought if for some reason there's someone else out there like me and they're googling these things it'd be nice for them to know that they're not alone right and I found other people like this who are equally as sensitive I'm sure I mean look if you exist is there's probably quite a few people that have that issue look yeah it makes sense that we all have different tolerances and we all have different allergies mm-hm some people are allergic to cats some people have no problem with peanuts some people eat a Brazil nut and they die you just we yeah we know this so the idea this is one of the problems with diet is that people want to think that a diet that works for them works for everybody and it doesn't work that way and thing and people want you to follow their diet no matter what it is whether it's vegan or paleo people are very ideological with that they would love you for you to do exactly what they're doing so to reinforce what they're doing is correct there's a lot of pushback against this carnivore diet idea but I don't I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that someone like you might actually really be allergic to everything yeah I mean I was like very sick and from coming from that place to now I can see how sick I was and it was like I was dying under medication did you ever do anything with probiotics yeah I can't tolerate probiotics can't tolerate them No so the original idea was heal my gut mm-hmm repopulate with bacteria that maybe I'm missing and then maybe incorporate more foods right so what happened when he tried to go same autoimmune flare-up okay but this is the same autumn immune flare-up that you got when you ain't salad no not quite not quite as bad not it was different it was like with salad there's more of the arthritis mm-hmm and like body pain and then with probiotics would you get mood issues so like really volatile and itchy right so he still got the edge yeah so I think it was I probably had leaky gut mm-hmm and so the probiotics were just going everywhere one of the things your dad brought up to me when he was here was emulsifiers yeah yeah and then I started reading up on it after he discussed it with me and it's something that I've never even considered before but fast rising yeast and all these different emulsifiers that they put in and bread and and various foods mm-hmm they're terrible for you oh my god yeah terrible for your stomach in there they're so prevalent they're everywhere yeah soy lecithin it's in everything it's and everything yeah and then I started really paying attention to it and I've read several articles on it and in a couple of studies it's it's crazy how this is something that's never even discussed and it has all sorts of negative effects on your gut and your gut lining it's awful


  1. Been 6 weeks carnivore.. really lowered my body pain, back pain and bloating, digestive issues. Not to mention I'm no longer prediabetic

  2. She doesnt realise that plant matter is toxic. Plants do not want you to eat them so they have protecrion mechanisms.

  3. At what piont will people realise that science does not and will never give you the answer. If people got onto the primal diet reccomended by aajonus vonderplanitz or similar. There would be no disease(barring environmental toxins). If the is no disease there is no big pharma.

  4. The theory goes that the undigested food the leaks through the gut wall. It then goes to the next most acid resistant thing from the gut wall, the cartilage. Acid and bacteria then digest the food and the acid dissolves thr cartlige. Bacteria eats the dead cartlige cells. Ect ect

  5. I'm suprised she kept the baby when she was under so much physical and mental trauma. I would have aborted for sure.

    And anyone else seeing a correlation with the salt? Is it possible she is reaction to the salt.. like the soy dish would have been filled with salt. As well as the almond butter. Have you tried eliminating salt and testing it out.

    Also the fact that these symptoms seem to come back harder after the baby implies to me it could me stress related or environmental.

  6. I hope she becomes for nutritional health issues as her father is for mental health. We need more people pioneering this, we are so inundated with stuff in our food that is causing the sickness that lands us into the doctor office in the first place.

    Not to get deeply into it but I've had a similar story as her as far as a plethora of health issues causing me to fix myself when doctors failed me but one thing I discovered for my sugar cravings without engaging into bad sugars was a drink I make from frozen bananas slices ( slice them up and fill up a freezer bag separating them as much as possible) mix up some whey protein isolate, the frozen bananas, some organic cinnamon(Cinnamon oil is able to break down the biofilm of Candida albicans, not 100% sure if the powder form is as effective )..I even throw in some multi collagen. It is an amazingly tasty and healthy drink that has worked for me. Also I found drinking chicory root as coffee with nothing added is super good to feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut. The chicory root has something called inulin in which feeds your good gut flora what is needs to grow.

  7. Do not do this diet. It is likely to cause you cancer of the colon.
    Here is what will happen to your body if you follow Petersons nonsense. University of Chicago's Microbiome Center faculty director, Jack Gilbert, breaks it down.
    "Your body would start to have severe dysregulation, within six months, of the majority of the processes that deal with metabolism; you would have no short-chain fatty acids in your cells; most of the by-products of gastrointestinal polysaccharide fermentation would shut down, so you wouldn't be able to regulate your hormone levels; you'd enter into cardiac issues due to alterations in cell receptors; your microbiota would just be devastated."

  8. Man, I would love to meet this woman. I had the same exact stuff going on. When I eat soy or wheat, it does all of the same things to me, as it does to her. Soy is the worst though.

  9. I eat grass fed meat, but my concern about people eating so much conventional meat is all the hormone and antibiotic overload. The hormonal cancers such as Breast and prostate, which are very high in this country and the antibiotic resistance, are caused by all the meat that people in this country already consume. I can’t understand how eating all this meat can be good for anyone, Unless it’s grassfed/grass finished, I wouldn’t do it. I have only heard bad things about conventional beef for decades and now it’s a lifesaver. LOL!

  10. So basically she's just as hyperbolic as her father and actually started eating a more balanced diet rather than trash junkfood and she's amazed she feels better?
    This is only mind blowing if you've never thought about moderation.
    She seemed to neglect to mention her child during most of this too, odd for a young mother to do that, or the fact that these horrible ailments she was experiencing didn't prevent her from posting half naked pictures of her ass on instagram every day

  11. People don't realize that since plants are living things they don't want to be eaten. Since they can't move they produce antinutrients in their tissues to keep the nutrients from being absorbed. Natural herbivores can deal with them. Humans are not herbivores

  12. Oddly enough, I had a similar result when switching to a vegetarian diet. It didn't cure me by any means, but I have less symptoms now. It could be the result of something completely different, but I do know that autoimmune diseases seem to have a link to a nerve that senses a lot of what goes on in the stomach. Any irritant to the stomach can likely cause a flare up. I think most autoimmune diseases are from bad sensory processing, so any over-stimulation could potentially turn into pain, depression, or even hallucinations. That being said, autoimmune diseases have had very little research done on them, so treating them is largely luck.

  13. I am vegetarian. I believe What she is saying. It makes sense. In my estimation, she improved because she gave up sugar and many more things. But also she is allergic to a Lot of things. But I also think she was overprotected by her parents. Allergic children were overprotected by their parents. Ask you pediatrician. I happen to be a doctor also

  14. Why does the Peterson family reproduce if they have all these hereditary problems? They're only causing more suffering.

  15. She is that kind of girl I would instandly fall in love with to be honest ……she is so pretty but so humble and intelligent…..that's a rare thing these days. Even if it sounds wrong ….but her painful past makes her even more beautiful to me, because she has gone through some stuff and it made her tuff and greatful, also a rare thing with pretty women. Pain and suffering can transform a human into a monster or a hero. It makes you more aware of your mortality…….and I know what I'm talking about, because I have rheuma myself.

  16. the tomato + eggplant is in the Nightshade family, which is a poisonous plant with lethal consequences. Some people say we shouldn't be eating them because they're like 98% genetically the same or some shit.

  17. I am really concerned for the health of her child. I am a vegan and although I do empathise with finding so many foods inflammatory and although that kind of diet involves a lot of cruelty and environmental impacts I don't see it as unethical in any way if carnivore is your only option. What I don't understand is why Mikhaila would choose to get pregnant during all these health struggles. She didn't discuss seeking any advice on how she should eat while pregnant and I found this quite alarming, this kind of diet could really harm the unborn baby

  18. My knee started hurting when i was 17 now i am 21 MRA did not show anything… Should i go on a keto diet or carnivore???

  19. I feel like she would be a really irritating friend to have. She seems to be completely neurotic and self obsessed.

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