India’s Village of Bodybuilding Musclemen

India’s Village of Bodybuilding Musclemen

COMM: Welcome to Asola-Fatehpur Beri. India’s Muscleman Village. Here local men have swapped
agriculture for bodybuilding, in the hopes of securing jobs as bouncers in nearby New
Delhi. 00:41
COMM: Most boys take up wrestling from a young age, hoping to make it to the Olympics. Others
simply see it as a way into security work. 00:59
COMM: Their gruelling workouts last two to three hours each day, and include lifting
motorcycles and tractors, and sessions of yoga. 01:09
COMM: The trainees eat a specific diet to help them bulk up, which isn’t easy considering
most of them
are vegetarian. 01:31
COMM: It’s thought that security work now provides the primary income for 90% of the
families in the village. 01:53
COMM: Many feel that the work of a bouncer is misunderstood. But they believe that their
approach is helping to change attitudes. 02:16
COMM: And it’s not just the mean who are happy with the villages new muscle man reputation. 02:33
COMM: As India’s economy continues to grow, demand for security is increasing, and it’s
hoped the muscle men of Asola-Fatehpur Beri, will continue to fill these jobs for generations
to come. END


  1. Well everybody's doing it how are they going to be a bouncer when everybody that goes in there is a bodybuilder too

  2. It's not about body building but gaining functional strength and skills to take up a demanding profession. Good going.

  3. So we’re gonna ignore the guy who’s arms didn’t even look attached to his body? Dude had a wingspan of about the Eiffel tower

  4. None of them are impressive at all you saw a kid do with the adults are doing they are barely picking up simply heavy objects 0 form terrible diet just ignorant

  5. These villages are the power house of India, and our Hinduism is the backbone for inspiration and hardwork.
    Har Har MAHADEV
    Har Har Haryana

  6. They look weak because they are on that all veggie diet. These guys are no more fit than a platoon of soldiers in the Army. In fact military far more than this.

  7. so this is like 300 but the indian version. where they train all their life to become the perfect bouncers.

  8. They all look buffed not fit. But i understand, looking at their diet it not high in protein and they lack supplements as well. Respect

  9. This is pretty cool! They should have some strong men go and visit them! Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson would be amazing among others.

  10. Кремниевая долина своя, теперь еще и на пальму первенства в бодибилдинге претендуют.

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