I Gained Weight. Body Confidence Hacks After Weight Gain

I Gained Weight. Body Confidence Hacks After Weight Gain

so I've gained some weight recently not a lot but a few pounds enough to feel noticeable at least to me and everyone goes through this everyone wakes up one day and is maybe a few pounds heavier than they were the week before it happens it's just part of life but a few extra pounds doesn't mean you're any less worthy of loving yourself and feeling comfortable in your body so today I'm gonna be sharing my top tips on how to feel confident and body positive after weight gain first don't blame yourself gaining weight is not a crime we're given this idea that if you gain weight you need to lose it immediately it's the absolute worst thing in the world and that's just not true don't get upset or angry at yourself for the bad eating choices that you made in the past or not sticking to that workout schedule punishing yourself or blaming yourself for the weight that you've gained doesn't actually help anything get to know your new body get naked look in the mirror touch your tummy grab your thighs this is the body that you're in this is your current body get to know it and love it instead of wishing that it was different if you've gained a significant amount of weight go shopping get yourself some clothes that fit and flatter your current figure and make you feel confident instead of trying to make yourself wait to do that until you're thinner do you deserve to feel confident and beautiful right now as you are and squeezing yourself into clothes that are 2 sizes too small every day is not a good mindset to get into it can easily take you out of that body positive confident mindset if you're getting dressed in the morning and you feel like nothing in your closet fits you stop delaying the weighing what I knew I was gaining weight or I hadn't been eating as healthy I used to absolutely fear stepping on the scale it was my worst enemy I was afraid that if I weighed myself I would see how much weight I gained and I would break down and cry and feel horrible about myself but don't let the scale rule you gaining weight is not the worst thing in the world also whether or not you weigh yourself and see that number on the scale doesn't change how much you actually weigh so if you want to weigh yourself just weigh yourself it's no big deal no biggie don't stress about it and remember that that number on the scale doesn't define you at all that it's just a number it is a representation of mass nothing else don't wait to love yourself don't tell yourself that you don't deserve to feel good until you lose that weight that you've gained it's easy to think oh I'll be so much happier if I lose 10 pounds or oh I'll take that beach vacation with my friends when I have a flatter tummy but losing weight doesn't magically make you confident and it doesn't magically solve all your problems love yourself right now as you are and make that conscious decision every day because you are just as valuable and a size-two as you are at a size 20 you still deserve love and happiness and beach vacations and confidence no matter how much weight you gained if you want to lose the weight that you gained go for it you can totally do it and if you don't want to that's fine too you don't have to you're still just as worthy and if you decide that you want to take the step and lose that way make sure that you take it slow and make healthy lifestyle changes when I was in high school if I would gain weight I would rush into a crash diet workout regiment to try to lose the weight that I gained as quickly as possible so that it was like it never happened but that is super unhealthy and spoiler alert it never really worked out for me it just cost me – yo yo yo yo e is where you put yourself into a hardcore diet and exercise program to try to lose weight as quickly as possible maybe lose a little bit of weight but it's not in a healthy way and it's definitely not sustainable you can't possibly stick to a regiment like this forever so you inevitably fail and binge you gain weight and the cycle repeats itself it's really unhealthy and it's not a way to get sustainable results that will actually help you to lose the weight that you want and be healthy the best way to do that is to make healthy lifestyle changes to change the way that you think about food and workouts in a way that's sustainable and that's actually going to make a lasting impact on your life and your health eat healthy I feel so much better about myself and so much more confident when I eat clean regardless of how much I weigh cut junk foods and fast foods and try to cook them home with natural ingredients as much as possible not only does it make you feel better but it actually will make you look better because you won't be as bloated from all the sodium and things that they put in fast food and make sure to drink lots of water your body needs it and your body will thank you that eating healthy doesn't have to be about weight loss eating healthy is just about fueling your body with things that it needs to do what it does best be a body confidence comes from within three years ago I was 20 pounds lighter than I am now and I hated my body I was critical of every bump and line and ounce of fat I didn't want to be seen in a bikini I didn't want to wear form-fitting dresses now I'm bigger I've gained weight I'm a size 10 but I love myself and I love my body and I feel so much more confident make the conscious choice to love your body and love your figure and embrace your curves every single day and you will feel so much better about yourself thanks so much for watching if you want to see more of body positive videos make sure to click that card right up there or the link in the description for my body positive playlist also if you want to follow my daily weight loss journey and see all the ups and downs the real aspects of it you can follow my vlog channel see Erin Steven IRL I'm sorry if my voice seems a little bit crappy in this video I am getting over the flu but I really wanted to get a video up so here I am sickness and all I hope you guys liked it I am gonna be going back to to new uploads every single week for 2018 get ready for it I'm excited I'm gonna be posting Tuesdays and Fridays I did a pull on the community tab and that is the day that you guys chose thanks again for watching and I'll see you on Friday bye [Applause]


  1. You’re so much more than a number on a scale 💕 love your body as it is right now, instead of blaming yourself. Weight fluctuation is totally normal! I hope this video was helpful to you, it went up yesterday but I had to reupload it because of a glitch in the Youtube system. Thanks for watching!! ✨

  2. I absolutely love this video😩 I adore you & your confidence & I rlly needed to watch this. Keep slaying, you’re a queen!!💕

  3. This helped me so much. I was never confident, after I watched this video I am super confident. 😊😊

  4. Thank you, I recovered from an ED and it's been a year and I just weighed myself and i regret so much, and I was about to break down I really really needed this.

  5. When I had anorexia, i didnt eat much. I hated the way my 98 pound body looked and wanted to keep losing weight and losing weight. Now i have gained 20 pounds in a year and a half and I am so much happier. I still have my days where I think I'm fat and dont want to eat but most days, I look in the mirror and thank myself for getting healthy

  6. I just got pregnant and gained a ton of weight. This is the most i've ever weighed and the least active I've ever been. I have a very severe eating disorder and it's been so hard for me to even look in the mirror. I watched this twice in a row to try to cement it in my brain. I want to lose weight and try to be healthier but I also don't want it to be out of absolute hate for myself. I hate that I can't just accept my body like this and understand that it's normal to gain weight during pregnancy and just calm down. It's been so hard for me and I'm really thankful you made this video.

  7. I am reviewing this video because I have to admit to myself that my body has changed in the past two years. It is hard, a little bit noticeable and enough to have old jeans and shorts that do not fit me anymore. I don't really know if I should keep that jean that has been in the closet for 2 years or just admit that my body changed and give it to charity, to give space to pieces that fit my new body.
    What do you think? It is hard for me because would implied admit that I gain weight in the past two years and I will not come back at the size that I had before (only one size but still, hard for me).

  8. I literally just had a mental hate raid on myself about gaining back the weight I lost over summer/fall. I've been working out, but with the cold weather..motivation to leave the dorm is lacking. Needless to say, I needed these reminders❤ (I opened YouTube and this video was right there; it was a sign haha) Thank you for making this video and giving out such positive vibes and support❤❤

  9. In the thumbnail when you had the blue skirt and short shirt on you looked soooo pretty and I loved ur hair ~ you should do a hairstyle video on ur cutest hair styles ur maddd creative!!!💗🤪🥰

  10. I wish I knew someone like you when I was younger. It has taken me years to accept my body the way it is, your absolutely right being healthy is not necessarily being skinny.

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