How to Gain Weight the Right Way

How to Gain Weight the Right Way

As popular as weight loss videos are, it’s
time to look at the other side of the scale. The notion of gaining weight has escaped the
grasp of many naturally skinny individuals. It seems like no matter what they do, they
can’t put on a single ounce of extra mass. And it doesn’t help that people on the internet
and even supposed fitness gurus, are telling you that there’s no way you can gain weight
because of your “genetics.” Fortunately, such a blatant claim is blatantly
false. Undoubtedly, there are genetic differences
to each person’s body, BUT, barring any diseases, anyone can not only put on mass,
but huge amounts of muscle as well. Fundamentally, it comes down to two things:
1, eating the appropriate amount of food, and 2, having a proper workout plan. Yes, you might be thinking, “I’ve already
tried that and it doesn’t work!” Thing is, it’s as much of an excuse as a
person overweight saying that they’ve tried all types of diet and still can’t lose weight. Fact is, nothing will ever escape the law
of thermodynamics. Energy cannot be destroyed nor created. It can only be converted from one form to
another. That is, for weight gain, one must eat more
calories than he or she burns. And some of you might think that not all calories
are equal, and it’s true. The three caloric macronutrients that we humans
consume, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, serve very different purposes, but they all
are essentially energy for the body. Eat more than enough and the body stores the
excess away, and you gain weight. So, increasing calorie intake is the name
of the game. You’ve probably heard people and perhaps
even fitness pros tell you to, just. eat. more. Heck, DOUBLE what you’re eating now and
you’ll gain weight in no time! And yes, it’s true, but it doesn’t always
work. Understand that you have spent your entire
life eating a certain amount of food, thus, your body has adapted to expecting a certain
amount of food. We as humans are a very habitual species. Meaning, we don’t like change. And when there’s change, there is resistance. And what’s a greater change than something
like doubling the food you eat? Knowing this, the proper approach is to change
things gradually. If you’re eating a sandwich for lunch with
three slices of turkey, try four slices next time. Drink half a glass of milk in the morning? Try three quarters! 8 ounce of steak for dinner? Try 9! It’s all about small changes now adding
up to huge changes later. In terms of calories, it might be roughly
one to two hundred more calories per day. After a few weeks, ramp it up to two to three
hundred, and after a few more weeks, three to four hundred! You get the pattern. And yes, food type matters, too. You wouldn’t want to just gobble down bags
of chips all day, even if it works. More calorie and nutrient rich foods, such
as fruits, nuts, and oats, would be a good idea. More protein if you’re shooting for more
muscle, such as 1 to 1 and half grams per pound of bodyweight. Aim for healthier omega 3 fats and higher
carb intake. Just be careful with too much carbs, as it
can lead to insulin resistance over time, and in extreme cases, lead to a little thing
we call “diabeetus.” Unlikely, yes, but possible. And if all else fails, then yes, taking supplements
can help, but choose the ones that are higher in proteins and fats. Many mass gain supplements are just sugary
concoctions, which technically can make you gain weight, but not in the healthiest manner. And of COURSE, if you want to build muscle,
eating is only half the battle. The other half is in the gym. Whether it’s lifting weights or calisthenics,
your training should consist of heavy volume and progressive overloading. That means pushing moderately heavy weights
many times, and next time, push more weights than you did the first time. Rinse and repeat. Avoid things such as cardio, since it burns
too much of your precious calories, and heck, even try to cut down any physical activity,
such as cleaning your room or washing dishes. As miniscule as it sounds, all of these activities
can add up to a solid number of calories. But… good luck convincing others on your
unfinished household duties for the sake of your gains. And if you’ve paid very close attention,
you’ll notice that all of this advice is essentially the same as the principles of
bulking. BUT, people that are naturally skinny will
have to be much more diligent in following the bulking guidelines than your average individual. You can learn more about bulking in the video
here. Finally, if there’s anything you’ve learned
from this video, let it be that anyone, including yourself, can in fact gain weight. Apply the right calorie approach, and it most
definitely will happen. If you found this video helpful, please like
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  1. Hey guys, wanted to clarify the protein recommendation. I'll be honest, I was too quick to suggest 1g to 1.5g per pound of bodyweight. My thought process wasn't that, "Oh, you definitely need this much to put on muscle!" It was all about just having enough calories with an added emphasis on protein since it's very common for people to not eat enough protein in the first place. I would personally recommend roughly 0.8g to 1g of protein per KG of bodyweight for average individuals, with a bit more for people training extensively. Sorry for the confusion and hope this clears things up!

  2. I have been going to the gym for mabey about 8 months now mabry more and I started at 109, im in 9th grade btw and with a strict workout plan increasing the weights gradually I have gotten up to 126 as of now and my goal is 140 I just increased my calories from 2,970 to 3,500 and in the next 5 weeks I should be approximately 136 and I have increased in strength an incredible amount I now sometimes lift as much as adults I also do now idk if this is impressive but I do 3 sets of 15 reps pushups with a 25lb weight on my back is that good I also just started deadlifting and squating with a bar. If I can do it so can you. I also recommend seriously for beginners is to spread your meals out accordingly throughout your day because I used to cram in 1,500 sometimes mabey 1,700 calories all in dinner its terrible I felt the urge to throw uo and my stomach in the mirror was deformed and I woke up at night and you know when you throw up a tiny bit in your mouth yeah…. But good luck to all.

  3. Im a skinny guy and i feal preatty stuiped right now. Tomorow i will eat 4000 kallories beacus fuck being skinny

  4. Well here ya go i was a fat guy and rn im a normal weight boy and i watched how to lose weight and here ya go im watchin how to gain :DD

  5. Yo I eat more than my brother wich is around 90kg and im only 60kg it just doesn’t work

  6. Ive been drinking 2 mass gainer shakes plus eating normal everyday for 2 weeks havent gained anything

  7. I’m a 13 year old 5’5 male and weigh 94 pounds. Im trying to gain weight so I’m not made fun of for being skinny, can someone help me out?

  8. Kinda simple. Just never get hungry, always have a filled stomach. You dont need to eat more than you can or just try to force food down, you just make sure you never go hungry and starving. When youre hungry for a long time, you lose weight, when you keep eating and arent hungry, you gain. Worked for me.


  10. everyone keeps asking me "do you starve your self?" "why don't you eat??" GOSH I SWEAR I EAT BUT I CANT GAIN WEIGHT!!!!!!!

  11. Im a heavy eater yet im not getting fatter :/ im a fit person not skinny and i want to maintain my body its just i dunno whats happening to me lol im a healthy person though got proper hygene so got no wormy worms in my stomach

  12. Skinny people have a lot of problems
    But first is problem in our brain we dont like it,everyday we thinking about Kg.
    Guys who are skinny will get this comment.😢😢

  13. I mean one day, I'll focus on gaining weight. It's hard tho for my mental health when I've accepted who I am but everyone doesn't agree with my body… It's like I can never get over that struggle because it's always brought up.

  14. I am about 25 years old here in a month.. and I been going through lots of gastro problems, sicknesses. It's killed my weight and I already was underweight in the first place being 110 lbs and I'm 5'7. I dropped to 98 in less than 2 weeks. I want to be 120 lbs or more…And the medicine that they have me set on right now for my illness is restricting when I can eat. How am I supposed to freaking gain anything if I can't eat throughout the day with snacks in between!! I have been so sick of being little as I am my whole life. Being picked on for it for years and years. People thinking I have a disorder or I'm doing some type of drug. I don't have either of those issues.

  15. Carbs won't necessarily lead to insulin resistance unless they contribute to excess body fat, or are high in the Glycemic index

  16. Eat granola. Honestly it has helped me so much! Also set timers to remind you to eat. You’re probably skinny because you don’t feel hungry often.

  17. I have fear about insuline resistance, I am 57 and Im eating 330 grs of carbs! Should I change it? I need it to get my daily calories.

  18. At the beginning of the year I was 147 now I’m 170
    My tips r here
    – count ur calories
    – you need to eat more (like actually eat more)
    – drink protein shakes (twice a day) 2 cups milk 2 scoops of protein and 4tbsp of PB depending on the type of powder milk and PB it should be around 600-1,000
    – you need to actually go to the gym (when I 1st started I went at 2am cuz I was so embarrassed to be seen there)
    – lift heavy weights and make a note in ur phone so you can always lift more than you did last workout

  19. Didn’t help if you have a irritable colon and therefore can’t really put on weight by eating (more eating means more doesn’t get properly consumed).

    Still was able to gain weight by just training hard – so there is really no excuses to be made!

  20. 0:19 Thats stupid because my family members have genetics to just be big people. Anf yet im probally the lightest in comparison as im underweight xd.

    At the same time tho i wanna follow all of this but im lazy as frick and its too much work

  21. Such an excellent for skinny people just like me would be:

    Measure your weight weekly, after go to the bathroom and before eat anything.

    Snacks in a little amounts are ones of your better options.

    Juices, protein shakes and shakes in general, drinks are your allies, your body is ready for the next meal after 20-40 minutes after the last drink.

    Hit the gym and sleep like a baby, if you do all these staff it is impossible do not gain weight and muscle

  22. i so skinny. and hard for me to gain weight. i eat high carb meal for 2 years 6 times perday to gain weight and now i get insulin resistance and Diabetes hahahahha F it.

  23. It's all about NEAT and eating. You have to eat close to 3000 kcal daily and most importantly move less. Skinny people move a lot unconsciously so they kick their metabolism to burn fat. Search about NEAT you will understand what i mean.

  24. What is the point of trying to gain weight here? If you eat more calories than you spend, you will gain weight in the form of fat. I read that many bodybuilders try so hard to cut down the percentage of fat in order to have shredded bodies.

  25. Gradually increase the quality as well as implementing QUALITY to your diet so that your cells stop starving. Frequent compound training for the anabolic effect and if scared of losing muscle mass from your progress, implement intermiittent fasting partually for muscle and metabolic preservation.

  26. I am trying hard but Doesn’t work I will try and try 😢😭😣😖😫I got bullied from thrre guys but I will forgive them

  27. I'm known as "skinny fat" and my goal is to do 45 min of running along with some squats, push ups and situps from monday-friday, than eat breakfast. on saturday and sunday, i'll do the exact same thing, but instead of 45 min of running, it will be an hour of running. hopefully I can gain some muscle 🙂

  28. I’m not skinny but I’m here so I know that all I need to do is the opposite of what he said and not gain weight😂😂

  29. Just do a dirty bulk and eat AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Your stomach will get used to what you're eating and how much you're eating. Clean bulking is stupid as Fuck. Go eat muffins and drink chocolate milk all day long. But try to not get diabetes in the process 😉 I'm dirty bulking right now and I've gained like 8 kg (aprox. 20 pounds I think) in 4months and I feel amazing and energetic. Oh and I don't have diabetes 😀

  30. I've been skinny my entire life. However the only thing I've found that works is the Gallon of Milk a Day diet + deadlifts. I gained15 pounds of muscle in 3 weeks. It works

  31. I’m a 15 year old who weighs 115 pounds can anyone help with what I have to do to gain weight and a good exercise plan ? Thanks 🙏

  32. My body type is the one that gains weight only on the lower part of the body. My thighs and legs are pretty toned for my weight but my ribs on the upper chest are peeking through, and my arms are super thin. Everytime i eat tons of food to gain weight, i would always get huge fat belly within just few days instead of gaining weight equally all over, it makes me just give up eating a lot everytime that happens. Is there any way to gain weight without having to deal with belly?

  33. If you drink protein shakes 5 times a day spinach and chicken deadlift squat and bench as much as you can you’ll gain weight I weigh almost 230

  34. Being underweight is the only thing standing between me and getting laid. I'll work hard and let you guys know if I get laid.

  35. I gained 10 pounds this summer. Just eat a lot, add more food gradually, and eat snacks in between meals. Or you can set a goal to how many calories you want to eat daily

  36. Umm so I saw this a few months ago and began eating kfc exclusively an now I gained 15kg but I can barely run ahaha

  37. literaly when i binge eat i czn never gain weight i still hzve a theigh gap and i only put on weight on my stomach

  38. I weighed around the 120 in Dec 2017 and I weigh abou 203 right now by end of 2018 I was 185
    I was eating pretty much everything and lifting weights

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