How to Gain Weight fast? 7 Tips for Assured Results

How to Gain Weight fast? 7 Tips for Assured Results

Hello Friends! Welcome to Fit Tuber. The basic funda to gain weight is that the
calories consumed should be greater than the calories burnt per day. But that does not mean we hop on junk foods
like Pizza, Burgers because they are high in calories. After all, health is most important. Our goal should be to increase healthy weight. So here I share with you my 7 tips that will
surely help you gain weight in a healthy manner. First, Increase your carbohydrate intake. How much? Well, it’s very simple. Just find out your weight in kilograms and
multiply it by 4. Now, these are roughly the amount of carbohydrates
(in grams) that you should be consuming per day. Let’s say my weight is 60 Kg. Now, if I want to increase my weight, I should
be consuming 60*4 i.e. around 240 grams of carbohydrates per day. Now, when I say carbohydrates, I mean complex
carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are basically whole
grains. I have talked about complex carbohydrates in detail
in my grocery shopping video, the link to which is down in the description. Now, you may also ask how to calculate the
amount of carbohydrates that we are eating per day. Well, there are a lot of free apps that will
help you count your macros. Some of the most popular are myfitnesspal
and healthify me. You can download them. You can even google. You know google has an answer to almost everything. My second tip is to eat frequently. If you want to stay in calorie surplus, it
is better to eat 5-6 times a day. No matter how much you try but it will be
extremely difficult to stay in calorie surplus when eating just 3 meals. Also, our body has it’s own capacity to absorb
so we should not be overeating. So, eat every 3-4 hours. Third is workout. Workout is extremely important when it comes
to gaining weight. This is obviously because we want to gain
muscle mass and not fat. I would suggest you to go for weight training. When you do weight training, your muscles
break and after you provide them with proper nutrition they rebuild stronger. This is how you grow. Focus on heavy weights and lower rep ranges. Like 12,10 and 8 in three sets. Heavy weight does not mean that on the very
first day you pick up a 20 kg dumbbell. Keep your workout sessions rigorous but short. Let it not be more than 45 to 60 minutes. Also, you should focus too much on cardio
training. Once or twice a week is more than enough. If you are that kind of person who does not
like to go to a gym, you can do body weight training which is popularly known as calisthenics. If you can’t spare any time for gym, in that
case, I have posted some home workout videos. You may follow them. Next is protein. Now, as you will be working out, you will
need a lot of protein. Keep it to twice your body weight. For instance, a 60 kg person should take 120
grams of protein daily to build muscle. Next is very important, supplements. Well, the only supplement I would recommend
you in this process is whey protein isolate. Specially, if you are a vegetarian. Have a scoop of whey protein powder with water,
post workout. It will really maximize your muscle gains. Remember, post wokout, whey protein should
be taken with water and not milk even if you are trying to gain weight. This is because post workout you need fast
recovery and milk will slow down it’s absorption. Then, I have talked about this in my previous
video and I would like to repeat that please DO NOT buy mass gainers. I have already shared with you how to make
a mass gainer at home, please add it in your diet. You can have it once or even twice everyday. Next is sleep. Now that we have talked about nutrition and
workout, the third most important factor is sleep. You should know that body actually grows when
we are sleeping. So, after all that effort that you have put
in throughout the day, your body deserves at least 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Water. Water is most important no matter what your
fitness goal is. Because you are consuming too many calories
throughout the day, drinking enough water (8-10 glasses) will help that food get absorbed
easily. So friends! follow these 7 tips and I don’t
see any reason why you will not gain weight. Also, I would suggest you to go through the
description of this video as I have added some more information regarding this topic. Friends! I hope you found this video to be helpful. Well, if you did, please do give it thumbs
up. Also, please do remember to subscribe to my
channel. My name is Vivek, I thank you so much for


  1. Hey, I am very skinny and so are my parents. Im almost 17 and vegetarian. I'll start gymming this april(mid april). What daily diet should I follow and can I gain weight considering above limitations? If yes, what is the maximumweight/fat I can gain in a month's time?

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  3. Frankly, you deserve more views :/ And the ones who dislike like eating burgers and no workout a lot :3
    I subscribed! Thanks for all your videos.

  4. please suggest me which Brad whey protein is good ??
    my weight is only 50kg and height is 5'5'' and age is please help me to gain weight..from last 2 month I have started gym.

  5. Hi Vivek
    I've been a follower on quora as well as FitTuber. I've been looking for a weight loss technique. If you could guide.

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  7. I want to thank some stranger on quora who mentioned your amazing channel.I'll follow your directions as I have to gain lot of weight I look like a 10th class kid but actually I'm a collage buy.

  8. You really nailed it bro.. i have watched almost all of your videos and are very helpful. Your are gonna Famous soon.
    BTW Thanks..:D

  9. I use to do Yoga for Bronchitis. But i am loosing my weight day by day. My age is 21and weight 44 kg. What should I do to increase my weight?

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  12. Great video sir , but I have one query. I nearly reach my goal of fat loss ( from 25% to 12% ) but now I have to gain muscle. Will the tips given by you will increase my body fat percentage. I want to built muscles without increasing body fat percentage very much.

  13. great video!!
    maybe the only reason hindering the development of your channel is that they are not in hindi.
    nonetheless kudos for your work!!

  14. i Loved your channel so much 😘 u share very good information to beginners 😇 thanks for all the previous videos n all deit plans for mass gaining 😊

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  16. hey Vivek which whey protein isolate is cheap and best? please suggest some options! kindly make a video on it!

  17. You're inputs are so well refined and crisp to the point. Great job and Thank you so much for sharing knowledge in a simplified manner

  18. will u plzz share yr whatsapp number. ..need help fr my brother's weight gain regime in a correct manner

  19. Hi,
    Nice Video and I like the way you cover all points so simply.
    I have 2 questions, if you could answer that will be great.
    One- how to do pull ups, I have been trying on this but couldn't succeed so far. I can hang my self from bar but not able to pull my body up completely.
    Second- how to get abs?my problem area is belly fat, and every time I get closer to it but could not reach there. Though I follow my diet and gym still not getting what is missing to reach me there.
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    any other tips ,i dont want to go to gym .

  27. Bro i am from srilanka. Your videos have some good points. Thanks alot. I am thin amd want to gain weight and grow height. I am 21. Please give me some advice. Please

  28. I'm very thin now..I'm trying to become slightly fat ..I don't even do much physical activity, but still I feel my body is not absorbing all the nutrients in the food I'm eating, as im staying very thin and also feeling weak, but I also try some nutritious food, I just don't feel like nutrients are being absorbed properly.pls help with your view here fit tuber

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  31. Sir meri beti ki age 26 years hai. Height 5 feet 6" aur weight 40 kg. Aap samajh sakte hai kitni dubli hogi.kamar ke neeche ka part theek hai par kamar ke upar ka part develop nahi hua.dekhne mei bahut bura lagta hai.humre paas bahut paisa bhi nahi hai .achchi diet ke liye .please help kijiye,usko khul kar bhookh bhi nahi lagti.aur har cheej diejest bhi nahi hoti.

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    A powder high in nutrition, protein but low in budget.
    I search it but get no idea.
    Waiting for your positive response.
    Atleast comment me the name of that product if you can't make video on it. I Just want to know

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