How to Change Your Perception of Obesity | Childhood Obesity | Political Correctness

How to Change Your Perception of Obesity | Childhood Obesity | Political Correctness

maybe people should try to walk up those stairs that might give us some appreciation my name is Ellen Roberts this is everyday I'm day fitness like subscribe good enough kids were right over there click all that's new subscribe to my second channel Alan Roberts in my opinion course went above look the end thank you very much also a bumboat the end is gonna be the link to damn collective coaching that is my wife myself and our team we help people that need to lose 50 pounds or more get two healthy weights we give them suggestive macros or Justin calories suggested activities based on their lifestyle and help hold them accountable while teaching them the skills to hold themselves accountable so they no longer meet us if you need to lose 50 pounds more on how I suggested that actually brought me to this video recently I had somebody one of our former clients do an appreciation walk and he did people at 65 pounds on his back which is the way he left with us and took him I'll walk just to show him how far he'd come it kind of seals the deal he reminds them of where they came from right and I've had tons of people send me videos or say that they're gonna do this you know this appreciation walk which is awesome all you motherfuckers rock but be safe if you've lost 100 pounds do not put a hundred pounds on your back and go for mile walk that's not fucking safe and I want everybody to be safe while doing this now this leads me to the thought that this brought me to the lady at the front the very video at the front I was not trying to in any way degrade her I want to use her as an example for people maybe if people had to spend a month in an obese person a morbidly obese person shoes maybe they would gain some perspective because there's a lot of people in our coaching process we come across a lot of people who say the people at work are always trying to give me bad food even though they know I'm trying to lose weight the people and I'm talking morbidly obese people who their family and friends and the people that around them their co-workers often say just live a little or one slice won't kill you if you know a person that is 400 pounds who loves pizza and all of a sudden they give up pizza the chances are as they've realized that Pizza is going to fucking kill them don't be a fucking dickhead and tempt them with it it is like tempting and alcoholic with their favorite brand of alcohol you dumb ass motherfuckers so my suggestion to everybody that has ever done that to anybody why do you not take a little bit of appreciation take a month out of your life and put a backpack on or a vest on with let's say 20 to 25 percent of your body weight in it up to 50 pounds people up to 50 pounds let's be safe about this shit and walk around and do all of your daily activities for a month then come back and tell me how your knees feel how your back feels tell me if you think that anybody that is morbidly obese is actually healthy tell me that because I really would like to know because I do not understand how society has gotten to the point where we are so woke that lying to each other to make them feel better about themselves is actually a good fucking thing yes I know I come across harsh and yes I know people don't like it and yes I know people think that bla bla bla bla like I give a fuck I'd rather tell people the truth and try to save their life then watch them die by telling them a fucking lie your motherfuckers should be ashamed of yourself in the guise of being super polite and nice and clinically correct you're killing people you are leading people to early graves if you think that this woman is happy no matter what she portrays and by the way I'm not trying to shame her I am NOT trying to make it seem like she is a bad person I'm sure she is considered pretty by many I'm sure she is a perfectly sweet person she is morbidly obese and the stairs are about to fucking kill her the stairs are whipping her ass that is so that is the walk people should understand and take if you are if you're a morbidly obese person and you still believe it healthy to resize and you feel great in around with that you put 50 pounds or 25 pounds or just some extra weight on your back and walk around for a fucking month and see how you feel if you are a morbidly obese person and you have children do you want this for your fucking children if you are not a morbidly obese person if you are a person of a healthy weight but your children you're feeding them whatever garbage that they want you're taking the fast food every fucking day like one in every three people eat fast food in our country every fucking day a crazy statistic if you think that is okay put you put the weight on your back and walk around and see how your knees in your back feel and then look at your fucking kids and see if you want that for them and if you say you're good with it if you're the oh no problem yeah you're okay with your kid taking years off of your child's life by feeding them garbage and letting a child be morbidly obese without doing every fucking thing you can to have them not be one in every five children in our country one in every five does not even drink water they just drink drinks like shit like shakes and energy drinks and caffeinated beverages and soda and like that wouldn't every find that is fucking unbelievable to me we have reached a stage where we would rather lie to ourselves lie to our friends and lie to our family members to make sure that they're feeling okay that we don't hurt their feelings while watching them go to an early grave you fuckers are amazing you really I know I don't even understand how we got here it is catastrophic to me that we have reached a point where we would rather not have a harsh conversation with somebody in order to save their feelings I you know what feelings are important mental health is massively important you know what's really good for mental health getting your body to a healthy weight because it actually helps hormonal e it helps you make them feel better about themselves of accomplishment this bullshit bullshit of what it is this bullshit of people saying well somebody's got to worry about their mental health first before they actually can get healthy is fucking stupid in no fucking way can you be addicted to some sort of food or have a meeting that I have an out-of-control unchecked eating disorder like any 350-pound up person has or there were less or whatever if you have an unchecked eating disorder or a food addiction and you just let it run wild you cannot get mentally healthy you cannot you have an unchecked eating sort of an unchecked addiction it is not possible for you to be mentally healthy and not address your addiction and not address your eating disorder it is not fucking healthy period is no no fucking way it is like saying that you know an anorexic person who is about to starve themselves to death needs to feel good about themselves before they start eating food we would never fucking accept that we would never fucking accept that we would never accept that an alcoholic needs to need to you know need to feel better about themselves before they stop drinking we would not fucking accept that that is ridiculous talk that is the talk of fools but yet we say it all the time well the person needs to feel good about themselves so then they can lose weight or then they could be healthy or they just need to feel good about themselves if you've got an unchecked eating disorder you cannot fucking feel good about yourself wake up wake up I'm talking to you out there that has an unchecked eating disorder an unchecked food addiction to wake the fuck up you can lie to yourself all you want but you cannot actually believe it and think that you're doing good mentally when you just let the fucking addiction ruin your life take your life from you York you are letting it take your life from you and you are the fuckers out there that know somebody like that and you're the motherfucker that says well you can have that piece of party it has a piece of cake we just want you to be happy you need to wake the fucked up and realize that you are putting a nail in that person's fucking coffin wake the fuck up people it's fucking ridiculous because it's now getting to the point where children are obese that that kid it's unbelievable the issues that it causes unbelievable it's a systemic societal issue that we are just we're making to be okay because we wouldn't feel good about themselves any motherfucker out there I challenge you strap 25% of your body went on up to 50 pounds and to walk around for a month and then you see how you feel until then shut the whole fuck up and that's just my two cents no matter my name is Ellen Roberts hit me up on Instagram but every day Fitness hit me up on Twitter never they fit him also on Facebook and every day finish no internet that every damn day Fitness not net and if you're ready to stop being lied to I'm your motherfucker goddamn



  2. I've lost 66lbs so far and I can't imagine putting in back on on me. I mean…. Carring heavy groceries is killing me 😛

  3. When i was only 10 kg heavier (154 lbs), i had pain in my left knee when going up the stairs and stuff. I wasnt even much overweight. After losing these 10 kgs, i now way 135 lbs and dont have any knee pain anymore. I can do heavy squats and so on without issues. If i had already such an issue with just a bit of overweight, then it must be really painful for obese people

  4. I specifically hate ppl whose body is already well developed that make fun of overweight or skinny ppl in the gym. It's a ton amount of anxiety that they battle with in their mind to finally decide to go to gym. Let's respect each other 🙄🤔

  5. Don't need to do one of those walks-when I weighed 15 stone plus I was out of puff really easy, climbing stairs was nearly impossible etc & that was just being overweight, have to figure in my asthma on top which causes problems-especially in the winter, but I was carrying several stone too much. I cannot understand somebody like ALR who weighs about four times what I did then as a 6 foot adult male-how she manages to even stand & how she isn't disgusted seeing what I did which prompted me to lose weight a decade back is beyond me. When I was about to bust my 40 inch trousers as I had done my 36 & 38 inch button/zip ones I knew I had to change.

  6. I'm of a healthy weight, but I was overweight by 33lbs. I now exercise, eat 1500 per day and only eat chocolate once a week.

    I got offered a chocolate bar while at work , I said no but it took being told 3 times before they stopped asking. I am trying to watch my sugar consumption, and that 1 bar would have took me over my sugar for the day.

    When people are trying to lose weight, I don't pressure them I respect it.

  7. I only lost 40 pounds and I noticed a huge difference in my ability to get around. I’m not sure I want to haul it a mile…

  8. It's seriously bad nowadays. Like, to the point where it has become a national security risk to have this many people obese in the country. They're simply too big to do anything if someone decided to invade. And on top of that, what about emergency situations? What if your house caught fire, but you're 800+ lbs. and can't get out of bed?

  9. I just love you so much and your no nonsense way of talking about this problem. I've been overweight my entire life and people like you help me not give up on my fitness journey. I don't want this life for anyone especially my children. Thank you for being there for me and every person who is overweight or obese even when they can't see that your harsh words are really love and caring.

  10. Yes! I was at Walmart once after I lost over 200lb looking at the 50lb bags of dog food and thinking, "I walked around carrying 4 bags like this weight-wise!??"

  11. I have a 2yo crazy girl.
    Last month we were leaving the house and she ran towards the street (thankfully there was no cars driving)
    I caught her but I can’t imagine what could happen if I was obese and was not able to safe my kid if there was a car coming.

  12. After working 6 days in a row, and exercising only 2 times from that 6 days. I got home, got in my PJ's decided not to push my self any further, with 2 more days to go before i get a day off. Then I see this. I decided to put on my work out clothes, and going to ride my bike to the gym (which is a 3 mile ride and another 3 mile ride back home). I'm obese (not morbidly) (BMI of about 32), but came a long way, I feel like i've been getting lazy lately, I really need to get my act together. No more excuses, if I can move, I can exercise still.

  13. I'm going to do the appreciation walk tomorrow I've lost 55 pounds since January. It's a wonderful idea thank you for the inspiration.

  14. Always a appreciated to wake up and listen to some common sense in social media. It is always that issue, common sense, ain't that common

  15. The video of that woman climbing the stairs was uncomfortable to watch. I felt like I needed to look away because I was seeing something inappropriate.

  16. I dont think you’re wrong. But i think the method has flawed logic. ie I would struggle to wear stilts for a month but that doesn’t mean it’s bad to be 6 foot 3!

  17. Worked in nursing home. Residents, their family and other coworkers (in birthdays/celebrations) would bring in junk food. I'd say no. Residents /their family would get their feelings hurt, coworkers say one bite. So I'd just lie and say I had diabetes. So they would stop asking. 🤷 I don't work in that industry anymore.

  18. Wow 1 in 5 don't drink water, do you know what it is in other countries? Like the UK, Australia etc .
    Great video

  19. I''m around 105 pounds, 5'3""…and I carry my 2 year old in a baby carrier on my chest on walks. After 30 minutes he's gets very heavy. I've carried him this way since he was a newborn so he's steadily gained weight and now, at 25 pounds after 30 minutes, It's hard. My back aches before anything else, but I can't imagine having him on my chest every minute of every day. That certainly is a wake up call.

  20. You look younger today than the video I watched last year, anyways awesome contents as always. I remember walking like that at leg days @ 0:00 – 0:08

  21. I walked around with a 20 pound vest on and I thought it would be easy, but after an hour, I was getting very tired and I just wanted to take it off.
    I never want to tempt an obese person; I want to support and help them.
    Fast food is a poison and it will lead to a weight that you can’t just take off.

  22. I've lost 25 lbs now, with 20 left to lose. After every gym session I carry two 25lb plates around the track a couple of times to remind me of the weight I lost and the weight I still need to lose (and to improve my grip strength 😉)

  23. Thanks boss, your videos rock and are very entertaining. The dislikes are from Tyrone and his imaginary friends

  24. Perspective is absolutely everything. Over the last few years I've lost over 70 pounds. When I was heavy, I never thought about all the effort and energy my body put into simply carrying around so much excess weight. Now if I'm in the gym, I'll sometimes just pickup a 70 pound kettlebell and just be absolutely shocked how insanely heavy it feels. Can't imagine I had this with me 24/7 for so many years.

  25. You made me finally track my fucking calories instead of just guessing them, the video you did about those stupid 10000 calories challenges really made me realize how many calories the shit we consume have. You are one of my favorite YouTube channels right now, not only because of the facts you deliver, but because of your who gives a fuck about hurting people’s feelings attitude!

  26. I did my walk with 100lbs as it was when that's what I lost. I safely paced back and forth a few laps with the bar on my back to see what I used to be walking around like. It was crazy.

  27. i work at wendys & i cant honestly stand how i see the same fucking customer every fucking day at the same time ordering a 1000 cal combo meal, it honestly baffles me

  28. Thank you for educating me. I’m 60 lbs over weight and I haven’t done 💩 about it. Just excuse after excuse.

    Facts are Facts……period.

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