How To Avoid Overeating | What I Eat In A Day

How To Avoid Overeating | What I Eat In A Day

I'm just walking because it morning and sometimes I think it's good to go it's like now that's like a veggie or a video interesting I think hey guys so I'm just going to the shop to get some ingredients to make chia cookies and I'm gonna go get can't even see me I'm gonna go pick up some food because I can't be bothered making anything this is so bad I really need to get back into the hub of cooking but you know when you're just starving and you just don't want to cook and wait for food so you just go by so I'm just gonna get a chicken uris just chicken and lettuce I'm pretty sure that's all that's in there and then yeah and I'll show you the cookies I got got it from Kayla it's in it's like her cookbook they taste so amazing um I'll show you what they look like and all that and yeah I'll talk to you soon it's really dark now I'm just having dinner it just look a small one because I'm still so full from that chicken URIs and making sure cookies later which I'll show you guys this is just like home made food it's really small my last to do someone commented saying that my like portions or something know that I'm eating unbalanced or whatever blah blah blah look if I force feed myself that's still unhealthy like if I'm not hungry I'm not gonna force-feed myself a huge meal so this is what I'm having baked potato a bit of cucumber and stuff and then I'm literally having a tiny piece of chicken thigh can you see that say blurry I love these like home-cooked meals cuz I so simple and like you just hits the spot this I'm gonna eat this and I'm gonna make my cheer cookies and I'll show you guys that later so one thing I wanted to UM like talk about is I guess how to not binge after eating out cuz for me this was like one of my um probably one of my biggest triggers because I feel like maybe naturally like am i covering them like I don't even know where the mic is wellness um yes I'm in PJs um one of our biggest triggers probably is or for me was like yeah eating out because I guess I kind of knew that I was consuming a lot of calories and I thought to myself well like everyone dead cuz you know a lot of food that you eat out isn't very healthy so that would trigger me to binge because I've eaten out so I've ruined the day so I may as well finish now but um I guess the one thing that helped me not be triggered by eating out like for example that thing that I ate early on today that sandwich and the smoothie like yeah that was high in kilojoules and calories but so what like I don't eat that every day um you know if I was eating out seven days a week along with other like big meals for lunch and dinner yeah okay I Pollock grande some weights or whatever over eat I don't know but um just knowing that than that tomorrow is a new day every day is a fresh start every day you have the opportunity to make like healthy choices to like you know get your body moving to do whatever you want like every day is a new start so you don't need to feel guilty by eating out it's just like a little enjoyment and it does not ruin your body at all like I've said this in other videos it's like you drop your phone okay there might be a little scratch or like a tiny crack but it still works it still works like completely fine but if you drop it and then you step on it and you step on it and you just keep stepping on it yes it'll start cracking cracking cracking cracking and then you've row under but what you eat out once or twice three times a week or you accidentally binge you haven't ruined your progress your body you haven't put on weight you're just gonna you might hold a bit of water for a day or two you know but if you go and poo or you wake up the next day you'll be fine again so I guess just kind of realizing that every day is a new start yeah and just accepting that you know you can enjoy your meal here and there out doesn't it's not going to ruin it any progress is really easier said than done but you just take some practice binge eating is it is a really bad habit and habits can be broken so binge eating can be too okay there and the sheer shock chip cookies they're bit that's a link from there a bit ugly looking but and normally I measure ingredients and stuff but I just kind of throw it together somewhere eating might be a little bit soggy but hopefully they'll be just right I use it all sugar I some that they used to put in coconut sugar but like I said coconut sugar isn't any healthy other normal sugar so just put a dash water them and you meant to put in vanilla extract extract but I didn't have any what else I think that's it so yeah we'll see what these turn out like fingers crossed they're fine okay I was just trying to take a photo but i suck at photos so these are the cookies turned it up pretty well I thought they'll still be soggy but they're not give it a taste test do not very sweet but there's probably good thing you don't want to be over us overly sweet I think they're just right if you want to make it sweeter will they add in a bit more sugar and a bit more chopped chips I'm happy with that I honestly feel like I just had a bowl of Bolognese and like shoved my face into it what people Italy need this much I'm really gonna try a lot more and I guess do more than just show meals like maybe record some workouts and all that but yeah I hope you guys enjoy this please don't forget to Like and subscribe and I'll see you soon


  1. How do you not have more subscribers?! I am struggling with bulimia at the moment and I am finding your videos really helpful. Thank you xx 🙂

  2. It is weird but for me, eating out is a lifesaver. When I have a meal prepared by a restaurant , it feels special to me and I never really question the calorie content. This is why I got so annoyed when it was suggested by some guys calories should be listed on menus to make people aware. Luckily (for me) this idea never took hold. When I'm in a restaurant, I'm fine. At home on the other hand, I'm hopeless. I have to have prepared meals/sandwiches. If I do them on my own, I get crazy about portions. Is that enough or too much hummus? Too much/too little spread? And say, I felt it wasn't enough and I have a spoonful more topping afterwards, that's when the binge commences … I think probably more out of annoyance I didn't get it right than anything else. I reckon I don't trust myself whilst I trust others to get portions right.

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