Hip-only Soft Exosuit for both Walking and Running

Hip-only Soft Exosuit for both Walking and Running

♪Music♪ The latest hip exosuit developed
at the Wyss Institute and
Harvard SEAS can now assist with both walking and running. This
is a new milestone in wearable
robotics. During walking, a person’s
center of mass moves like an
inverted pendulum. It is highest at mid-stance
where the leg is relatively
straight. During running, the center of
mass moves like a spring-mass
system. It is lowest at mid-stance when
the hip, knee, and ankle
are flexed. The onboard microprocessor
detects changes between inverted
pendulum and spring-mass behavior to adjust
the assistance. With each step, the cable
actuation works in concert with the biological function
of the glute muscles. Biomechanical and physiological
measurements were used to evaluate the exosuit’s impact
on human performance. Results show that the exosuit
reduced the energy required for level-ground and incline walking
as well as at a range of
different running speeds. The exosuit’s simplified,
versatile, and nonrestrictive
design allows users to move
naturally. The team has demonstrated that
the suit maintains these new
capabilities in complex
environments. They are now developing a new
generation of exosuit that is
lighter, smaller, and quieter, paving the way for real-world


  1. What does it actually do? Besides "reducing the energy required for level-ground and incline walking"? By which factor does it reduce the energy? This video left me with more questions than I had before.

  2. How about you tell us what percentage of energy was saved? Is this functional in a firefighters environment? what type of power source?

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