Good Job Huffington Post | Everything We Know About Obesity is WHAT?

Good Job Huffington Post | Everything We Know About Obesity is WHAT?

really good job Huffington Post why you bleed I'm Alan Roberts this is Everett M de Finnis life subscriber click that notification will share my videos thank you very much want to keep the swearing down or eliminated hopefully eliminated we'll see what I can do in this video because I want as many people to view this as possible and I want this video to stay up frankly I'm Huffington Post recently published an article written by some idiot in my opinion of course stating that everything we knew about obesity was wrong this non-medical professional decided to say that everything we knew about obesity is wrong up into this point because people cried during during interviewing them when he interviewed people for this he said he's never had so many people cry that's because they made themselves unhealthy but anyway that's just my opinion of course he did say and I quote yes nearly every population level study finds that that people have worse cardiovascular health and thin people but individuals aren't averages studies have found that anywhere from one-third to three-quarters of people classified as obese are metabolically healthy so I find it amazing that in two sentences back to back he won dismisses nearly every population level study as being just averages it's no big deal and this also non scientist then goes on to cherry-pick a few studies to say that one-third to three-fourths of people that are obese are metabolically healthy and by that he means a medical term metabolically healthy obese people and that means they don't have diabetes or hypertension I don't of that I find it hilarious that he says studies don't matter in one sentence all the nearly every population level study don't matter but these cherry-pick studies these are what I went to show you because you know people can be healthy while obese if you would have spent just one minute maybe looking for things that don't actually just agree with him if you would actually approach this in an unbiased way a non pandering way to not pander to the 100 million obese people America and the fat acceptance movement everybody that he could have found this study or this analysis of studies done on the Nurses Health Study on more than 90,000 women followed for three decades found that metabolic a healthy obese women that is those without diabetes hypertension or high cholesterol had a nearly forty percent increase in a risk of cardiovascular disease compared with metabolic a healthy win over normal weight so his dismissal of once again nearly every population level study showing that obese people have worse indicators for cardiovascular disease developing cardiovascular disease up to forty percent as shown by the nurses study forty percent more likely to develop cardiovascular disease is a huge number it is a huge number that he just dismisses as its averages but then goes on to say that you can be metabolically healthy if you also take a look at the nurse's study he also decided to leave out that in addition a substantial majority of metabolically healthy obese women 84% became metabolic II unhealthy during the course of the study so in other words if this journalist and I do use air quotes when I say journalist because it might be no of course you can't consider yourself a journalist if you only look for the information that proves your point if you only write biased articles using information that prove your point you can be a writer but you cannot be a journalist anyway if this writer would have looked for just two minutes you would have found that 84% of the 1/3 to 3/4 of obese people that are deemed metabolically healthy will eventually become metabolic unhealthy he would have realized that the term is only a moment in time just as a person could be deemed a metabolically healthy obese 84 percent of the time they are going to become metabolic and health you know why you don't see old obese people because they die because they either develop cardiovascular disease and die from that they develop diabetes or some sort of other metabolic disorder or a multitude of other things and they die unless they lose the weight that is just the truth they do not stay metabolically healthy this he later goes on to talk about how you know there's the unhealthy fit people and like you know 1/4 of thin people are out arcus also considered unfit it's basically the changing of an argument away from the fact that being obese is bad for your health it is a pandering on a level that I find irresponsible of a large quote-unquote news publication and this is not political remind you I don't think that just because they're deemed as a Democrat or as a progressive news periodical or a conservative one I don't care because I see both sides the aisles not doing a damn thing about the obesity epidemic that it's about to crush our economy and our civilization basically if we keep going there's going to be a trillion dollars spent on diabetes in America a trillion dollars in the four or five years now that number will keep rising from the three hundred and forty billion dollars we have now to close to a trillion dollars that our health care system simply cannot sustain and articles like this that allow people to think well I could be metabolically healthy obese is ridiculous to our society it is pandering to sell a periodical by making people feel good about themselves now I know that people consider me harsh but guess what at least I tell them the truth which this article in my opinion of course is not it is a misleading article to make people think that they're okay when they absolutely are not because being obese is a death sentence that people are gettting giving themselves it is suicide via food period I understand that people want to feel good about themselves and they want to read articles that make them feel good about themselves they want to look at people and say well you know that person is obese too and they're they're happy they're not they're not we're not even talking about metabolic a healthy obese does not even talk about the joint issues that people develop the the incredible stress that their knees their back everyone that is put on there is a reason why ninety percent of the people you see riding around in scooters you know in the grocery store or anywhere are obese there is a reason for that people and the reason is it is not healthy for you no matter what this idiot that parades himself as a journalist says and that's just my two cents on the matter my name is Alan Robert says every damn day fitness hit me up on Instagram I never did a Fitness hit me up on Twitter never fit I'm also on Facebook and any fitness and I'm on the Internet at everyday I'm Dave fitness net just because it's printed doesn't mean it's true god damn


  1. I can't believe that these pc cucks pretend that there's an actual debate as to whether obesity is healthy. It kills people end of story.

  2. Oh no its political. They are trying to pander to the lazy young people and make more fanatics. Too bad they are all to fat to get in the voting booths at this point.


  3. So what percentage of normal weight people are metabolically healthy? I sincerely hope it's more than 1/3. That's very bad if 70% of obese people are metabolically unhealthy! Not to mention how many become metabolically unhealthy if they stay in the obese range.

  4. There won't be a trillion in diabetes expense, rather there will be a rapid decline in life expectancy and mass die off of the unhealthy as the medical system collapses

  5. The mobility cart thing is true. I've seen more fat people in mobility scooters than old people. My 75-year-old mom, who should be using one, still struggles to walk and uses her cane out of dignity.

  6. So many of my health issues have been made so much worse from my weight issues. If we all don't get completely honest we can't fight and win against this epidemic. Yes it's hard. But honesty is the only way out!

  7. Apples and oranges. I didn't hear any refutation of the claim that they are metabolically healthy. Not even that 84% figure does that, as is hinted at here. One hundred percent of healthy people eventually die. Should we include that in some mortality studies?

    That being said, isn't 1/3 to 3/4 a HUGE amount of wiggle room when someone's looking to nail down a point?

  8. I lost 135 pounds and have kept it off. Believe me, I feel so much better. No more joint pain or sleep apnea. It's not easy to lose a large amount of weight, but it can be done.

  9. When I was on the CCU, coronary care unit, all the patients were larger. One was massively obese and only a few years older than me. He was in his late 20s/early 30s and in the CCU following an MI or unstable angina. They die younger. He also have the most amazing sleep apnoea, it was quite worrying at times.

  10. My Mother-in-law who is undoubtedly morbidly obese will be 70 in a couple months or so. Some folks too mean to die.

  11. Everything that needs time,effort,discipline and practise is consider problematic these days.
    Because people are more lazy and than ever and always try to put down the people that put effort into what they want because they hate seeing other people have a better life even if they worked for it and deserve it.Society is more selfish than ever.

  12. They don’t stay metabolically healthy. They die, often before they know there’s a problem. I weighed 310 pounds. I’m 135 pounds. He’s an idiot. Excuses are killing them. As I’m writing this, you’re saying exactly what I’m writing. Lol Absolutely love your channel.

  13. There’s a difference between a woman who is kinda plump but beautiful and somebody who has the body mass of an elephant…BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

  14. I never got how you let yourself become obese.
    I had to work like a mother fucker to gain weight when I was bulking, and I ate nothing even close to clean food either.
    Sure I worked out, but still.

    Are these people living without mirrors or something???

  15. "Metabolically healthy obese" is a dishonest argument. It's saying these people do not have a sickness right now. It completely ignores that these people are at a significantly higher risk to develop problems later on. This is like saying "metabolically healthy smokers". They exist. But they're at a much higher risk of developing problems down the road.

  16. In my family, obese members don’t make it past 50 without some kind of heart attack or heart surgery or disease diagnosis. So it definitely catches up to you. My uncle just had a quadruple bypass at 56. But according to the FAM, he’s healthy at his size.

  17. BTW I don't know if you address this because I didn't watch your whole video, but the "studies" that Huffington post cites involve measuring obesity strictly by BMI. Which as we know does not distinguish between muscle and fat. Which means that a person with above average muscle mass with average bodyfat% (picture non-pro football player build) could technically be classified as obese when only looking at BMI. These people would obviously be athletic to have an above average muscle mass %, therefore it is not surprising that they are at a healthy metabolic rate. This is the category of person that is skewing the "study". If the study wanted to actually only look at people that are obese with fat, it would have to use a better measurement than just BMI

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