Forever 21 Sends Diet Bars To Plus Sized Customers

Forever 21 Sends Diet Bars To Plus Sized Customers

for our 21 has come under fire because apparently they've been sending out Atkins diet bars to their customers specifically plus-sized customers the company has since been accused of subtly fat shaming its customers and they had to apologize welcome back to IO I'm Shelley Deborah and I want to know what is your favorite store to buy clothes from if that story is forever 21 I definitely have some news that might make you think twice about shopping there again by the way subscribe the spiciest news updates on YouTube and follow the io team on Instagram cuz I need more followers and like I would really appreciate it so okay so imagine this you put in an order online at one of your favorite clothing stores a clothing store that also prides itself on manufacturing plus-sized clothing but then when your order arrives you look in the box and you see that you've also been sent like a weight loss bar what do you do you tweet of course forever21 shoppers took the Twitter to express their distaste about being sent to diet bars Atkins diet bars no less here's a tweet I went from science 24 to 18 is still a plus-sized girl so I ordered jeans from forever 21 open the package when I looked inside I see this Atkins bar what are you trying to tell me forever 21 I'm fat lose weight do you give these to non plus-size women as well and another hey forever 21 do you include weight loss Atkins bars and all of your shipments or just in the ones for ladies over 1x it actually turns out that forever 21 was sending Atkins bars out as a special promotion to all its customers forever 21 respondent in a statement from time to time forever 21 surprises our customers with free test products from third parties in their e-commerce orders the freebie items in question were included in all online orders across all sizes and categories for a limited time and have since been removed this was an oversight on our part and we sincerely apologize for any offence this may have caused our customers as this was not our intention in any way so does that like make it better no it doesn't I'm not sure if you guys know what the Atkins diet is but it's basically like the keto diet that requires a limited intake of carbs and it emphasizes protein and fat as the primary sources of dietary calories plus veggies and some good carbs it's a pretty successful fad diet and it's one of the most popular in the United States the die bars that were sent out with the orders was the Atkins lemon bar which just advertised as a way to stick to your low-carb diet if I were a customer that got one of these die I'm like might be happy about it I would have been like yo dope I love free I'm hungry right now so like awesome but then if I weren't the most confident person thought I am I might have started feeling bad about my body here's a tweet that explains this a little better apparently forever21 sends out Atkins bars with all of its orders which sends a wildly dangerous message to all its customers not only is it fat shaming it could also trigger people of all sizes who have eating disorders this is as dangerous as it is inappropriate what do you guys think is this offensive or do you think people are way too easily offended let me know in those comments for now it is time again the only reason why you're here comment on Ivan responding some comment from our video a woman smashed his laptop on boyfriend's head after he looked at another woman eat AFER's said just the specific things that Charlotte says makes us come back for more you're not like here for the news you're just here for my funnies that's the pride thing crisis killer said why does Charlotte look like 11 from stranger things season 3 more like 11 looks like me cuz I did it first song Ling said I love how entertaining and for Marla made stories thank you so much you are very welcome my dear anytime Deanna said god dammit this was a funny video Charlotte you get a raise tell that to Landon okay that's it for me thanks for watching and click this playlist to keep watching leave a like subscribe and turn on notifications I'll see you in future IO video bye


  1. bunch of fatty losers complaint about forever 21 , what a joke.
    come on , go fcking get some exercise then reduce the weight,
    dont fcking just sit there and keyboard fighting what forever 21 did to you,
    forever 21 didnt do anything wrong .

  2. They should have had the option to decide. Like would you be interested in a free diet bar? That’s just rude sorry and yes it’s free food and we all love free food but it can be offensive to some people..

  3. I have a Fabletics subscription (and I’m plus size) and they send me free “healthy alternative” candy in my orders all the time. I always get those Justin Nut Butter Cups with my leggings or bras and they’re SO GOOD! I really don’t see how this is any different. I wouldn’t be offended if any free food came as advertisements! But then again, it takes a special kind of person to actively shop at Forever 21….

  4. I would boycott them if they had sent them only to plus size customers but since they sent it to everyone I don't really see the issue. They have sent freebies out before :/

  5. I’m a size 2 and I got an Atkins bar… if it was only with plus sized orders I’d understand the anger. Still, it was delicious and I ate it up!

  6. I ordered small size clothes and it came with a lemon Atkins bar, it was actually delicious. Lol people get too offended and are overly sensitive these days.🙄

  7. I'm on a modified atkins diet and I personally love their bars and shakes. They keep my epileptic seizures in check.

  8. I can understand why people freaked out about this, but I feel like it was just a huge misunderstanding that was blown out of proportion

  9. What is forever 21 trying to say to these people oh I don’t know that they’re very generous to be doing that and food last time I checked costs money for them to pop in a free bar of food like that really is a kind thing for someone to do I simply wouldn’t get offended by it I’d actually thank them.

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