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  2. Bro pregnencyku try panrapo enna diet try pannalam and thoppai epdi kuraikurathu wife 75 kg iruka. Solution sollunga bro

  3. Anna, nan slim ah irupen na.. But belly matum konjam iruku.. Hostel la iruken.. Athanala Indha juice kudika chance ila na.. Vera idea konjam solunga Anna.. Waiting for your reply anna

  4. Bro indha drink oda daily um abdamon exercise like plank crunches panuna result kedaikuma pls rply

  5. Brother I really appreciate for responding immediately..an admirable quality amidst your busy schedule. Off late i have started watching your videos. Kindly post more healthy weight reducing videos.
    Will this drink be enough for dinner. Won't we feel hungry

  6. Ennaku and my husband Ku Belly fat over ah irruku but Pregnancy Ku try panravanga kudikalama sir please konjam sollunga

  7. Thanks bro ☺
    Baby ku try pandravanga idha kudikalama bro?? And one more qus.. Cycling pandradhunala yedhum prob aguma pls reply me bro.

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