Elevate Smart Coffee Review | Weight Loss Coffee

Elevate Smart Coffee Review | Weight Loss Coffee

Have you ever heard of a smart coffee?
you may think your daily cup of coffee is smart but I’m gonna tell you all
about elevate smart coffee stay tuned for my review so one day I was scrolling
through Facebook and a friend of mine posted wow I just lost two pounds in the
last two days just from drinking coffee and at the
time in my life I was really struggling with post baby weight even though baby’s
three years old I was really struggling with that and just typical stuff that
you deal with when you’re a mom and you work full-time you have a family and
married life and just all those wonderful things that just cause moms so
much stress and then if you’re also dealing with weight issues that causes
even more stress which causes you to gain weight and more stress and it’s
just a vicious cycle so when I saw my friend post on Facebook it really piqued
my interest so I asked her okay I you know tell me what is this that
you’re drinking that is it has caused you to lose weight and so she sent me a
message about this something called elevate smart coffee and at the time the
company had you could buy like three samples for ten dollars or a monthly
supply for forty dollars and any time I do something I jump all in so I went for
the full-on month supply for forty dollars
I’m not sure what the price is today I think it might be fifty but if you
auto-ship it’s cheaper so the cool thing is that if you auto-ship you get a
cheaper and you can change the shipment and you know if you change your mind
it’s you can cancel it at any time so take a look at the actual package and
I’ll show you to how I drink it okay here is my elevate smart coffee tub and
so I’ve already opened it a little bit this is the deliciousness take a whiff
oh my goodness it smells so good okay and
this is the scoop sighs now when you first start what I did I just did a half
a scoop and then today I use I’ve been using it for probably three months and
so I use a full scoop now so you can see that it is the tub is 4.8 ounces and
that is a 30 day supply if you do a full scoop and the instructions on this it is
an instant coffee so all you have to do is mix one scoop with four to eight
ounces cold or hot water and then you will dress it up like you would your
coffee you do creamer whatever you like there is a Lavasa tea also offers a keto
creamer so if you are on a keto diet that is perfect for this and I will drop
a link in the description to that keto creamer so this is the way I like to
enjoy my smart coffee and my smoothie so along with the banana spinach protein
shake some frozen fruits almond milk and then I’ll just add my scoop of smart
coffee into my smoothie and that keeps me going for the morning so my friend
that posted on Facebook she what she did with the smart coffee she added it to
her normal coffee and then fixed her coffee the same way that she typically
does on a daily basis so I have kind of a unique or it might not be unique I
just have an issue with coffee I can’t drink too much caffeine because
I get jittery and I don’t like the acidic aftertaste with coffee
it really just hurts my stomach and so the first time I tried elevates smart
coffee I didn’t love it I put it in my coffee it was just too much and so I
kept at it though because I had that full month supply so I was gonna make it
work so what I ended up doing was adding it to my protein shake and that’s what I
do every morning I’d get the same amount of caffeine that I do from a typical cup
of coffee so it saves me a little bit of time instead of drinking tooth
I’m drinking one and I still get the great protein and that keeps me fuller
longer and I get the caffeine that wakes me up in the morning okay so let’s talk
about what makes it smart coffee so this tomorrow coffee has something
called nootropics in it and I don’t know if that’s the way you say it
nootropics are no tropics but what it is it helps you with two things your brain
helps in weight management so with the brain health nootropics helped with the
cognitive function helps with your memory helps with focus mental clarity
and all those great things on the other side it helps with weight management
it helps curb cravings it helps keep you fuller longer those type here this
coffee the smart coffee referred to as happy coffee and that is because the
nootropics in the coffee help elevate the for happiness hormones serotonin
oxytocin endorphins and dopamine and so that helps you with all the brain
functions that helps increase those brain functions and weight management on
a daily basis now we need to look at the website like I hope you will I’m gonna
leave a link to the website in the description of this video below so there
are several other products the elevated brew is kind of their flagship product
but there’s also a pill called xantho max that they sell together as a package
so you get the xantham X and a and the elevated brew and that is a pill that
helps release the free radicals something like similar to what you get
when you exercise that also just works really well with the smart coffee to
help increase those happiness hormones and you’ll keep looking and there’s a
keto cream which is a keto based coffee creamer so the elevated brew is an
instant coffee and all you really have to do to drink it is mix it with hot or
cold water and so that coffee creamer the keto based coffee creamer will help
you I’m just getting a little bit more out of it the company also has some
really cool skincare products so take a look at it it’s a it’s an interesting
it’s an interesting company and I think you’ll really enjoy it so at first I did
not love it it took me a few tries but until I figured out how it worked best
for me and how I really loved it so now that I’ve used it for about three months
it’s helped me I’ve lost 10 pounds and there’s three months and I think that’s
made a huge impact so I the first three months I started the 30-day challenge
and that helped me within the first six weeks to lose eight pounds and in the
past and it’s since then I’d continue losing weight I’m keeping the weight off
and this coffee has been a huge part of that so it’s really helped with the
weight management for me and along the lines of the mental clarity and focus
and mood it’s helped a ton so that’s something that I really struggled with
when I first became a mom and now I am consistently in a fairly good mood of
course you’re gonna have bad days especially with kids you know it’s not
easy but at least I know that I have a baseline of just that really happy happy
baseline so I guess we can call it it will help with focus and clarity you
know I call it the break mom b-bring fog so if you walk into a room have no idea
what you’re looking for or why you came in the room check out this coffee it’s
going to help you it may take a week or two or maybe even a month until you get
to that level like I said I’ve been using it three months now I put it on
auto-ship so I’m never without it and I saved money that way and it’s always
available so that’s my recommendation I give elevate smart coffee a huge
thumbs up if you’re a mom and you need a little bit of help in the mental brain
cognitive brain function area give this coffee a try I think you’ll love it the
company did not leave out the non-coffee drinkers so if you don’t drink coffee
which I completely understand there is a caffeine free version and it’s actually
caught chocolate so it’s a chocolate which is kind of awesome you can make
hot chocolate you can put this chocolate and your protein shakes and you still
get the same benefits as smart brew in a chocolate form so I believe it has an
incredibly small amount of caffeine in it and that’s just from the cocoa and
the natural flavorings that comes with the chocolate so check it out online I
think you’ll enjoy it in whatever you try there is a 30 to 45 day money-back
guarantee I forget exactly which one but so there’s no risk and one more point
I’d like to make is that if you like it they are looking for distributors and
you can get it even cheaper and make some extra money on the side so I will
leave a link to the business side of that as well if you ever have interest
in that and if you have any questions please drop me a comment and I’d love to
know and see if I could help things hey everyone my name is crystal Nichols from
the crystal Nichols comm I do videos on healthy hacks for moms and families
because the healthy mom is a healthy family and so be sure to LIKE and
subscribe to my channel for future reviews and tips and tricks on learning
to be healthy from the inside out


  1. Go for the D.O.S.E.! Add Xanthomax and you really elevate your happiness hormones! Check out the combo pack (Smart Coffee and Xanthomax) here: https://elevacity.com/crystalnichols

    Hemp oil fan? Check out the amazing hempvelate: https://hemplevate.com/crystalnichols

  2. Not for nothing but you have an amazing smile. You are pleasant to listen to and very on point with all you describe. AWESOME

  3. i have been using smart coffee for 3 weeks today down 14 lbs, 237 start weight now im 223. I have always ate huge portions and now even from day one I dont even think about eating I almost have to force myself to eat dinner every night and I have been trying to stick with a low carb smaller portion type meal. Im a late night munchie kind of guy too, Ill normally wake up and have a second dinner late at night I have noticed even though I still wake up in the middle of the night Im just getting a glass of water or a very light snack, Peanuts or some cheese and crackers, beef jerky and I dont gorge like I used too. I have done 0 exercise I attribute my weight loss to the deficit in calories being since I eat so little compared to how I had normally eat before the smart coffee. 100 bucks a month seemed for coffee seemed like a rip off from the start but if someone had told me 100 bucks and i would lose 14 lbs in 3 weeks without exercise or felling hungry I would have glady paid up. might not work for everyone but It for sure is working for me.

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