Eating Disorder Treatment Often Crucial to Recovery From Overeating, Weight Loss Surgery

Eating Disorder Treatment Often Crucial to Recovery From Overeating, Weight Loss Surgery

you're watching NBC Action News at 10:00 with Elizabeth Alex mark Clegg chief meteorologist Gary Lee Zack and sports with Jack Harry this is complete coverage this is NBC Action News at 10:00 and a daily struggle with food the eating disorder that often goes undiagnosed hi do you bite site the eating disorder thousands of Metro people may have and not even know well we've all been guilty of overeating at some point in their lives a special occasion or a holiday well but many people it's a daily event for them that puts their life at real risk new at 10:00 NBC Action News reporter Leah Brennan explains 63,000 people living in the Metro suffer from some sort of eating disorder according to national statistical estimates some eating disorder experts say doctors may overlook overeating but it can be just as deadly all day every day Shelley Toman thought of food until one day it started to scare me it really did health complications associated with obesity threatened her life Tomin had lap band surgery to drop weight and has lost 108 pounds she didn't drop the desire to keep eating past a full feeling if you take that one bite too many it's gonna make you sick yes I have been sick eating disorder experts say Toman and thousands of others may be doing more than eating themselves sick there's there's a whole lot of denial around compulsive overeating obesity or binge eating being an illness dr. Kimberly Dennis treats eating disorders at a residential treatment facility near Chicago called timberland Knowles in Kansas City she talked to health professionals about treating and recognizing eating disorders all of them compulsive overeating or binge eating disorder it is also fatal it just has a much slower it's a much slower gentler killer than anorexia or bulimia weighing in at 250 toman had back problems leg pain so severe she took muscle relaxers every day she also had high blood pressure high cholesterol acid reflux and diabetes you know I had to do something and I felt like I had to do it soon or I was gonna die and I've got two young boys and I want to be around you know to live for them tomans doctors treated symptoms of obesity but never said the obesity be its own illness an eating disorder specialists say that's part of the problem most mental health professionals and medical professionals don't include people with compulsive overeating oftentimes these patients are told that they just need to go on a diet they simply need to lose weight and everything will be okay it's not only not okay it's tricky not all over eaters have a compulsive overeating disorder there are distinct symptoms those with an eating disorder spend most of their time thinking about food they eat and binge in secret and then feel shame and ridicule themselves they've tried every diet they can think of and they eat despite health risks that list reads like a checklist for tomans life she's never being diagnosed with an eating disorder and because of the lap-band may never be specialists say that means therapy one key part of treatment may be overlooked for compulsive Overeaters oftentimes they haven't learned how to to work through stress so they use food and Toman says even if she had been told she had an illness she might have used that to justify eating more if I was told I had an eating disorder being fed off of that Tomin had to have a moment one day when she had a breaking point some it's a breakthrough that never comes yeah you have to be the one to make the choice you have to be the one to say it has to stop patients can do a lot to help themselves by being honest with doctors about the depths of their struggles a lot of people gloss over how tough their everyday battles with food melee are Leah Brennan NBC Action News


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  3. No 🙁 turned out that my health insurance didn't cover inpatient treatment for it……and now even if my mother did change it last month when she renewed, I have 9 month's left of school before I graduate and I don't want to delay that even further…….

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