Easiest Diet & Weight Loss EVER! Lose Weight Healthy Dieting Tips | Psychetruth Nutrition Info

Easiest Diet & Weight Loss EVER! Lose Weight Healthy Dieting Tips | Psychetruth Nutrition Info

Life Wisdom i spent the last few days watching you
tube videos about people who weigh three and four
hundred even eight hundred pounds it’s no secret that America is getting
fatter, it’s estimated that sixty four percent of americans are overweight with about half of those being clinically
obese even childhood obesity is skyrocketing and now one in three children is over
weight. So clearly most of us are struggling
with weight gain and we’re struggling against afood
industry that seems dedicated to selling us more crappy foods. So recently we did a video recommending
that people eat more like a our grandparents ate when they were our
age and in this video I’m going to tell you how. A quick look at obesity rates in this
country might help explain why we would
recommend that we eat more like our grandparents. Prior to the 1950s, less than
ten percent of Americans were obese and that rate increased steadily until
the 1980s when we saw a pretty steep increase in. obesity. At this point the obesity rate is three
times higher than it was just fifty years ago so what’s so different about the way the
grandma ate when she was our age and the way we’re eating now let’s take a look Grandma ate real food and that was prepared
in a kitchen but most modern processed foods are
actually created in a laboratory by scientists a quick look at the back of the food
label will tell you whether that food is made of food or is made of chemicals things like monosodium glutamate (MSG) high fructose corn syrup polydimethylsiloxane, brominated vegetable oil, EDTA, TBHQ, most of these chemicals didn’t even exist when your grandma was your age. now this rules out all the fast food the
processed food junk foods just add water instant meals or
microwave meals but it doesn’t necessarily rule out
bread pasta hamburgers pizza french fries or any of the foods that you
really want to eat. You just have to make sure that they’re
actually made of real foods and were prepared in a kitchen rather than in a laboratory by scientists. Grandma’s food mostly came from her own
backyard or maybe her neighbor’s backyard but most modern foods travel anywhere from thirteen
hundred to five thousand miles from the farm to your table. grandma may have every once in a while
gotten to enjoy some food that someone brought to her or maybe the milkman had
to travel thirty or forty miles to make his delivery but most modern foods are traveling
significantly larger distances and most people aren’t eating foods that
were grown locally In 1870 one hundred percent
of the apples consumed in iowa were grown in Iowa, but in 1999 only fifteen percent of the apples consumed in Iowa were actually grown in iowa. the nutritional content of a food decreases
over time and it decreases significantly when
foods travel a significantly long distance. in many cases chemicals are even used to
preserve the foods. civil engineers use the term food
miles to describe how this mass transportation of food affects the environment and our energy
usage your best bet is to try as much as you
can to eat locally grown foods and depending on where you live this can
be somewhat difficult the website www.localharvest.org will actually let you search for farmers
markets by zip code Another option would be growing your
only food or even starting shared community gardens in your city. Grandma’s food came out of her oven or maybe she ate them right out of the
dirt. but most modern processed foods come out
of drive-through windows cardboard boxes plastic wrap or even electronics snack-dispensing
robots close to one hundred percent of the food
that grandma ate when she was your age she actually had to cook and prepare
herself maybe she was lucky enough to have
someone else do the cooking but the point is that if most of the figure eating is coming
out of a microwave or plastic container and you’re not feeling particularly
vibrant and healthy, then that could be your problem and if your mouth is gaping open at the
thought of having to actually cook, then you need to snap out of it millions of people are doing it right
now in most of them aren’t as fat as we are and millions of people have survived
exclusively on cooking their own food before us so just suck it up Grandma wasn’t exposed to hundreds of
food advertisements day after day but we endure temptation after
temptation every time we turn on the TV walk down the street or even go out to a
ball game next time you’re watching tv count how many commercials you see for
junk foods or restaurants and pay attention to what kind of foods
there featuring in those advertisements chances are most of those foods didn’t
even exist when your grandma was your age once i started becoming aware of how
relentless their marketing is and how much they assumed that i would
just be a “good little overeating consumer” it became a lot easier for me to
recognize those temptations and consciously divert my attention. grandma only ate when she was hungry or when she could afford food, depending on
her situation. but in 2000 americans were
eating an average of five hundred calories more than they were eating in
the 1960s, and that fact alone can explain the
obesity epidemic. But why are we eating so much more food? of course there are a lot of different
factors like the temptations i mentioned earlier but we should also remember that junk and
processed foods are full of Empty Calories and that
means these are calories that turn straight into fat but they’re not going
to fill you up they’re not going to leave you satisfied and you’re going to be
hungry again pretty shortly after eating them. Until only a few decades ago food was grown and supplied by people,
hundreds of thousands of them but most modern foods are actually manufactured by
machines or grown on factory farms by small numbers of people. Since 1999 over three
hundred thousand farmers have gone out of business in1980, it was estimated that
eighty percent of the meat consumed in America was being produced by only four
companies, and it’s also been estimated that up to
ninety percent of the foods found in grocery stores are produced by only ten
companies In the 60s and 70s Secretary of Agriculture, Earl Butts, orchestrated significant changes in
federal farming subsidies and food manufacturing policies, all in an effort to boost US
production and income. The system ended up fueling large
agribusiness producers at the expense of small farmers Butts was also a supporter of chemical
pesticides and chemical fertilizers perhaps it’s presumptuous to link the
significant changes in food production policies with the skyrocketing obesity rates only
a decade later but i’m going to do it anyway your best bet is to opt for local or
organic foods as much as possible. Grandma got a workout preparing her food.
Whether she was milking cows, churning butter or working in the garden all day she was burning a whole lot more
calories than we do walking to and from the car or handing our credit card to the
cashier the farther back in time you go the more physical labor was required just for everyday survival dishwashers microwaves and other modern
conveniences are convenient but the lack of physical exercise is
certainly taking its toll whether you take up gardening or just try
to cook more meals at home there’s an added bonus that you’re going
to be burning some calories in the process cooking at home can even be a fun family
activity too where you get the kids involved in helping you cook and even
helping you clean Grandma ate her food at a table I’m being pretty presumptuous here, because
i don’t really know where your grandma ate her food but i do know that she didn’t eat in a car or while sitting on a counch in front of a television or computer screen It’s likely that most households ate
meals together and chances are they actually sat at at
table The point here is to actually sit down and relax while you eat your meal, eating while you’re stressed out or
while you’re multitasking or running errands can literally cause you to gain
more weight. When you’re stressed out your body is releasing cortisol
and cortisol inhibits digestion so if you can actually sit down relax
enjoy your meal you’re not only more likely to feel full
and satisfied afterwards but it’s also going to help you digest that food
better and it’s going to contribute to you not being such a fat ass. Grandma was a meal planner and chances are she had more than just one mouth to feed. She was constantly in a state of
preparing food and thinking of what she was going to serve everybody and she’s probably kind of a Ninja of meal
planning, it became so subconscious that she really
didn’t even have to think about it that much the point here is that most of us eat whatever we drive past or whatever we
see we have tons and tons of junk food at our beck and call anytime we wanted but grandma didn’t have that she just
out of necessity prepared foods and people were a lot healthier because
of it so if you’re horrified at the thought of
putting meals together just get over yourself and realize it’s just not that big of a deal. Grandma ate vegetables gosh darn it! But according to the UDSA less than ten percent of the average
American’s caloric intake is coming from fruits and vegetables. In our video on the average American
diet we explained that twenty five percent of
the average caloric intake is coming from added fats, so these are things
like margarine processed, partially hyrdogenated oils, and other foods which literally didn’t
even exist when your grandma was your age It’s also estimated that up two
17 percent of our coloric intake is coming from added sugar, so Americans are literally eating more
sugar than fruits and vegetables combined. If there’s one thing that you
take from this video it’s to please please please, Eat more vegetables!! Many people say that they can’t eat healthy because they just cant afford it but i think that’s a big load of bull and in a future video we’re going to do
the price comparison fast foods verses the raw ingredients it would take to make
them yourself. i personally think don’t eat very much
meat but it’s not because of philosophical reasons it’s because modern factory farming
methods makes really unhealthy meat. in a future video i’m gonna talk more
about factory farming and what’s wrong with the meat we eat. if there’s something that you’d like to
see us make a video about please leave me a comment and let me
know what that is thank you so much for watching today please be sure to give me a thumbs up if
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channel and be sure to friend Psychetruth on Facebook. www.Facebook.com/psychetruth to see the original video where we
recommended that people eat more like our grandparents did when they were our
age, check out the video a diet that really works how did Americans get so fat? To find out more check out our video on the
Average American Diet. If you’ve ever like you just can’t resist junk foods it could be because they’re
literally designed to be addictive to find out more check out our video on junk food addiction. to see my complete playlist of videos on
weight loss nutrition and wellness check out the Ultimate Corrina Playlist.


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  3. Excellent video and very informative. It makes perfect sense why grandma was so thin and healthy when she was our age. My grandma live to be 86. Her eyesight was a little poor, but she was in great shape for being that age. She had one heck of a great memory. It wasn't until she had to go to the retirement home that her health rapidly declined.

    I remember her saying that she never ate sugar. (Meaning the white table sugar). I researched and found that our ordinary white table sugar is a neurotoxin and it is bleached white. I honestly believe that is why her memory and concentration skills were almost perfect . She never ate it at all.

    Even growing up and when I stayed with her for the weekend and such, I never saw her eat anything with sugar or anything in a box or bag (instant meals, fast foods, and such).

    I stopped eating the white table sugar 4 years ago and I have noticed the difference in how well my own memory and concentration skills have improved. I wish I would have known about this back in my college days and even high school. I would have done better than a 3.63 GPA.

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  5. 1) You gotta eat. (mostly food "as grown")
    2) You gotta move. Long aerobic and weight bearing exercise is what we humans were meant to do. So, join a gym, go for hour-long walks on most days, and learn to love it.

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  8. Grandma had to go through the ordeal of chopping the chicken's head off as well. That can certainly offer a differing perspective to your food.

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  17. We are small farmers, we raise wheat , soy beans , navy beans and pinto beans. . It is tough to keep up. Coop farming is taking over and the amount of chemicals and GMO seeds is astonishing. We do the best we can but yields make you money . The prices for what we raise is the same or lower than it was forty years ago but the overhead of production cost rise's expedentally . Sad really as we have seen many farm auctions . Big coop farmers who have billionaire backers even other countries like Japan and China are buying up all the local land , pushing the family farmer out. I am concerned about tiling as well , the residual run off of chemicals concerns me . It flows into rivers and dams polluting fish and game animals. Easy to see this is the case when water algae grows out of control. I also am concerned about the leaching of residual chemicals into the ground water and aquafers contaminating drinking water and wells that livestock and people use. I live the life and see all of this first hand and it is scary as hell.

  18. Jesus, I don't know particularly what it is, but there's something about her that I find extremely attractive! Weird as she's not my type by any means. Have a few great ideas of how to burn a few calories with her. 😉 BS aside, great videos Corrina, and much appreciated. You're awesome.

  19. I have been growing more and more o fmy food, last year I grew my own butter nut squash. this year I plan on growing more using heritage seeds. I don't usually watch regular tv only roku or internet where the commercials are very little. also I found over the years from other researchers that obesity is the bodys survival mechanism to survive lowere nutrient foods and high glucose which leads to resistance to glucose and cause high insulin levels that lead to all theproblems you mentioned. as for how many caloires they ate in the past you cant know that because people were eating their own grown foods and I doubt they could know who what getting what or eating what.

  20. You have great info but feel some of your remarks are degrading and prejudice. You appear to be knowledgeable in food and health. Maybe your goal for your self would be to work on your own issues of being appropriate and professional.

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  23. 7:35..didnt know tyat.
    So, that's what happened to western wear as a whole?
    Cowboys are connected loosely with farming..
    Now I rarely see cowboy/western stuff…just sports stuff

  24. People at what was put in front of them when you sat at the table. Today it's all about convenience and if kids whine about not liking what food is on their plate then mom and dad will give them some processed food or fast food to get them to shut up. My parent gave me two simple options: Eat what is on your plate or starve…and the latter was usually a token option.
    Processed foods are just convenient and look cheaper in terms of the amount of time spend heating them up vs actually making a meal from scratch, but when you look at all the ingredients, you see that there is not much in term of actual food in them.

    Thanks Corinna!

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  30. Lol Grandma was never consumed by the woes of social media and the brain eating addiction of LIKES and FOLLOWERS haha!

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