Does Calorie Counting Work? Ask a Health Coach – Ask Alex #4

Does Calorie Counting Work? Ask a Health Coach – Ask Alex #4

Hi I’m Alex Napoli and this is
Health Coach TV the show to watch if you want to learn
to love yourself as you slide into your skinny jeans and this is “Ask Alex!!” Today’s question comes from Layla and Layla
writes. *reads letter* “Hello Alex, I’ve been on a number of
different diets that have all failed miserably.” I’m really sorry to hear that. “I’m wondering if it’s because I’ve never
been very good at keeping track of or counting calories. So my question is: Do I need to count and
limit calories in order to lose weight?” Thank you so much for your question
Layla and you’re right! A lot of diets do count on calorie
counting as it means of losing and maintaining a certain weight. I
personally am less enthusiastic about the practice. Let me explain. The first reason I don’t
love counting is because it discounts the fact that not all calories
are created equal. A hundred calories cake is going to
impact your body very differently than a hundred calories of coconut oil. But according to calorie counting, a
calorie is a calorie. So it doesn’t really matter if you’re getting them for
good or bad sources as long as you’re at a specific number and that just doesn’t
work for me. The second reason that I don’t love
calorie counting is because it’s annoying. Keeping track of every little thing that
you eat and counting all up turning into a math project. Food is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Not a labor some tasks that
you have to think about every day. Besides, our ancestors didn’t even know
what a calorie was and yet somehow they were able to maintain healthy weights
throughout their lives. If you look at your friends who are
naturally slender, they’re not killing themselves over counting calories. So
really it’s just annoying and we don’t need to do it. And I’ll tell you why in a minute. The third reason that I don’t love
calorie counting is that its actually been scientifically debunked. So the
idea of “calories in – calories out” which is you only gain weight if you eat more
calories than you burn. This is not true. Our bodies are much more complicated
than that. And according to this theory if you eat just 5 extra calories a day, you would be
constantly gaining weight. And like I said before, the friends that you know
that are just naturally skinny, they’re not counting calories. So I’m sure
there’s days they are eating more calories than their allotted but they’re
still not gaining weight. So the thing that you really want to be
focusing on instead of all this counting of calories, is actually just eating
whole simple foods. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, meat, poultry. Things like that prepered simply. So not a lot of extra
added unhealthy fats, not a lot of deep-frying, just simple
cooked food is really going to be much more beneficial in helping you lose
weight in the long term, than just counting
calories. So Layla, I hope that’s been helpful. Now I’d love to hear from you and from
everybody else. Do you love calorie counting? Has it worked for you in the past?
Or do you just hate the hassle? Let me know in the comments below. If you
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inspired you to ditch the calorie counting app and to just embrace whole simple foods, to help you transform your life from the inside out.


  1. Interesting but not particularly accurate with regards to eating 5 extra calories a day and your mention of constantly gaining weight.
    This is because the body will reach a point of homeostasis with regards to weight gain as more calories are consumed.
    The extra calories you consume will add weight, however that added weight also means your body has to work harder which is why the 5 extra calories will help maintain you at a particular weight rather than constantly adding to your weight.
    I know this from experience because I have used calorie counting to successfully lose weight.
    As for calories being of different types – it's sort of true in the sense that different people will metabolise different types of food at different rates. That said a calorie really is a calorie.

  2. I personally love counting calories! It really brings awareness, and I have lost 32 pounds in 6 months because of it! I use the MyNetDiary app, and it takes a matter of seconds to use, so I don’t obsess over it. Honestly, I can see myself keeping up with it for the rest of my life, but I don’t think it’s for everyone. People need to do what works best for them. 🙂

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