Ditch The Scale! | How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

Ditch The Scale! | How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

– Today, I’m going to show
you how to lose weight without losing your mind. (uplifting music) Are you blinded by the scale? Part of our conditioning as
women include the number gods, especially how much we weight. And society and the marketing world feed off our insecurities. But what’s healthy, I mean really, who
cares how much you weigh if you think you look and feel great? Now, that being said, do you
feel you need to get fit? Maybe lose a little body fat, tone up those muscles? Well, here’s four of my
best tips to get lean. First, ditch your scale. Measure your body fat, not your weight. It’s more important to
your metabolic health to gain lean body mass and lose extraneous body fat. Here’s how. Get out a tape measure,
and find an online tool, the Navy Calculator is a pretty good one, to calculate your body fat percentage. And more importantly, your lean body mass. Every inch lost from your waist and hips is equal to a percentage of body fat. Including inches of fat lost from your thighs and your upper arms. But the Navy Calculator
doesn’t take that into account. There’s really no online tool that will be as accurate
as underwater weighing. But it’s a good start. If you’re overweight, and you
want to feel and look better, you need more lean body
mass and less body fat. Or you might be a fat, skinny person that looks leaner than she really is. Strong, lean, toned muscles weigh a lot and sturdy, dense bones weigh even more. The same pound of fat is
2 1/2 times as voluminous as your lean body mass. That’s because muscle
weighs more than fat. For instance, 20 years ago,
when I was a triathlete, I was 12% body fat, and 124 pounds. When I stopped competing, my
weight lowered to 118 pounds but my body fat increased to 18%. That’s because fat doesn’t
weight nearly as much as muscle. So the number on the scale does not reflect your body composition or your fitness level. A healthy goal, for most women, is to have a good base of lean body mass, at least 76%, with less than 24% body fat. So how many inches do you have to lose? Second, start working out. Do some type of aerobic exercise, three times weekly, for
at least 20 to 30 minutes, to help increase lean
body mass and burn fat. My Hit Exercise Routine
is the easiest way I know to get lean fast. And don’t forget to add strength training. You can use your own body weight, or isometrics, yoga, Pilates, or you can lift weights. But be sure to get a trainer to help you learn proper
weightlifting techniques so you don’t hurt yourself. I have never been much of a gym rat. For years, I had horses and the barn chores that go with them. They kept me pretty fit and strong. But my last horse passed a few years ago and now, I’m just not as
strong as I used to be, nor as toned. And my body fat’s a little higher now that I’m through menopause, even though I weigh just a few pounds above my most fit body weight. So, my plan is to do Hit Hip Workout three times per week. Because my knees don’t
appreciate me running anymore, I do power walking. And I use a hill for the
speed part of the workout to really get my heart rate up for about 20 seconds. That’s it. I even incorporate some isometric
exercises in my warm up. Push ups, tricep dips, using low walls along the
way to my sprint hill. The whole workout only
takes about 20 minutes. Then two days a week, strength training. Again, I love isometrics, and yoga to slim my core
and build muscle in my arms, legs, buttocks. What exercise do you plan to do? Third, lower the amount
of carbs you consume to encourage your body to
use your body fat as energy. My Insulin Resistant diet will help you lose that extra body fat, but maintain your lean body mass. It’s the starchy, sugary carbs that you either use for energy or store as body fat. Join me in cutting out the
bread, pasta, and baked goods. Fill up on lots of vegetables
and get enough protein to maintain your lean body mass. At least 1/2 gram per
pound of lean body mass. If you’re 100 pounds of lean body mass, then you need 50 grams of
protein to maintain it. Sign up for my Hormone Reboot Training and get access to my best
fat busting exercises and diet plans. You’ll already feel a
difference in your clothes and you’ll see a difference in your tone. But please, don’t weigh yourself. The scale is not telling you the truth. Let’s say you do strength exercises and you gain two pounds
of muscle and bone, while losing three pounds of fat. Your weight would only be down a pound but your body fat would be down 3%, and you’ll probably be down a pant size. It’s so much more important to feel comfortable in your own body. Please don’t let the scale rule your life. Strive to get fit and love your body. I’ll see you in the next video.


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  2. A tape measure is very important, so I'm glad that you started out with this. Body fat is the issue that people should be paying attention to. I wish that more people emphasized this. 😊

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