Day 12 - Intermittent Fasting & Accountability | Weight Loss Journey 2019

Day 12 – Intermittent Fasting & Accountability | Weight Loss Journey 2019

hey everyone today is day 12 of my July weight loss journey and I am weighing at 192 0.3 pounds so I was totally wrong about yesterday I thought I would be at 195 pounds just because of all the crap I ate but I'm at 182 which is exciting today we had a potluck at work and so I didn't bring my lunch I knew I should have but I didn't so when I went to work I was like at the potluck and it was like mainly all sweets all carbs I decided to just go to a local healthy food restaurant I order some Thai turkey lettuce wraps and they were so bomb they're expensive there were like $12 but I ate about six lettuce wraps worth of it so I was gone about that and I didn't want anything in the potluck but I decide to do like have some here and there just so I can like participate so I grabbed myself a plate I had the jello with Cool Whip and cherries I had I had three chips of salsas the weight I had three chips with three different kinds of sauces because I wanted to try each dip so I had that and I had like a random piece of chicken then um I knew that I was going to have a very Carvey dinner so this is that's why I was trying to avoid the potluck in general I went home and I ate the leftovers of our Chili's dinner last night and so I ate all the I ate a majority of it except for the fries but then I also this is like the worst part I also ate some candy I feel like I ate a lot but I want you like two pieces of the Reese's Cups I think some of the Reese's Pieces and some of the Nestle Crunch whatever it is so I ate those and what I'm proud of is okay when I grab them my thinking was because I had that car be dinner I like mess up already but I think it was when I grabbed them I was like planning on eating them all I really was like I was about to pop on a movie and just eat them all and then as I started eating them I got more and more like disgusted with myself and like self-pity I just stopped eating put it aside and walked away from it so that's a huge accomplishment I feel like and plus I got I was like really full from the dinner anyway so I might as well stop and not like force myself to eat just because it's like so good and it's like right there no one is sleeping over at Grandma's today so I'm just gonna go ahead and use this entire evening to catch up on my laundry catch up on chores clean the bathrooms it's all like housework stuff all right so I think that's pretty much it for today I'm sorry all my videos on like the weekdays are short like less than five minutes and that's because I really don't have anything to film I like go to work eight hours a day and then go home and it's like pretty much the same thing every day so basically I'm just like filming what I eat that day so I'm sorry about that that's gonna be like most of the videos for the rest of July but I believe that is it for this video if you liked it don't forget to give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel or more updates on my weight loss journey and I'm gonna keep zapping the weight


  1. I don't mind your short video's and you filming your domestic life. Honestly I feel so out at work when my colleagues even those with families speak about what they do in their evenings. My evenings and weekends are all about getting stuff done. Just glad to watch a video made my a person living an ordinary life while still making a daily effort to achieve their goals.

  2. Great work honestly we tend to apply the saying " go big or go home " way too often when we veer a little from our fitness plans; even if you didn't have the healthiest most lean dinner doesn't mean that the entire plan was ruined and now it's possible to just eat whatever afterwards. Also, veering a little from the plan doesn't cancel all the effort you've put into your journey so far so don't be discouraged at all, if anything I don't even think you've missed up you used moderation in order to accommodate a certain event. And remember small successive changes and you'll reach your goals soon enough.

  3. Omg! That is awesome – yay weight loss 🎉🎉🎉 Work festivities are always hard! Like you said – we have to participate and not be rude 🤷‍♀️ I’m happy you had self control and didn’t eat all the candy 🍭

  4. Let's goo Helen! That's a huge win – walking away from a moment where feelings are making you eat – not hunger! That right there is growth! What you just told your mind is that I don't have to associate one choice with total failure. I can have some and not all. Each and every time you do that, you re-wire the internal mental program that drives binge eating.

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