Dad eats my diet for a day

Dad eats my diet for a day

there is gentlemen this is the moment you've been waiting for you could have that good morning everyone today is the long-awaited highly anticipated daddy it's not dire than the day oh yeah huh so looking forward to it he has been paying off for a long time but we finally pinned him down aren't we dad we have a second one hey you oh yeah this would be morning for breakfast I have peanut butter on toast I have given dad an option of three years I would alternate I choose whatever one I'm in the mood for and you've also got a hot water there dad never has a water he also fundamentally disagrees with peanut butter on toast in the morning oh yeah absolutely they know where that's come from play is wrong today I'm gonna stop I think I'm gonna finish this so that you can pick tuck in tuck in with wha your peanut squirrel food this is so wrong taking this in the morning I did this morning I look like the other one but someone at all yeah I do dude that's why right I think I should spread it so I could even bog off I am capable of doing tasks like eating corrugated cardboard there marketeers good the – a coffee in there how was that water comprehensive review front I'm to be kept dry my force gonna be a long breakfast it's not that bad is that bad Cheers my dad used to say it's like sticks shaman's to blanket which is the same and that's what it feels like making shavings on a blanket what does that mean by shaving your legs I don't like wood shavings well that's we think the peanuts on toast that's what I think but you all think your dad said it it's a saying that is in the biggest wrong okay the answer is disgusting yeah most Rahman I the raddest time I really moisturized mouth I can hear it go so mistake number one was agreeing to this in the first place mistake number two this on my toast rather than this on my toast if I did this every day I'd love to get out port now really just to eat my breakfast I made a good entry Chloe wait to see well he always wanted to do it jack ah melon are you ready that's for the water first gonna have to put this in and then water you wouldn't do that breakfast again then absolutely 100% no and it's disgusting and out of ten will even score I'll give it zero ok the hot water Adira hot water rafting yera water hopefully we can redeem this and we can have not such a charming change at lunchtime you've upset me negative our breakfast should be the best meal of the day and it's disgusting time dad would normally go for a coffee and a snack at this point I'm just gonna have some there lots do that yeah thank you what you want you give it seven see it's going more got lunch ready so here we have a Subway sandwich you have to drink that whole thing of water because I'm drinking some water you curse curse and some coleslaw this has olives chicken bacon tomato lettuce all that and you've got some prawn cocktail crisps to be honest I thought lunch is okay isn't it well then you don't really eat sandwiches but what are you doing yeah chug it send it sänger say about porta news what's your new favorite flavor of breasts you up there donatin soon yeah it's a pleasure all the flavors you're gonna pick plain I love playing pain for me is that you up there I go for a margarita again you need that again yeah this is my subway recreation it was better than the brushwood fret when the British were the Sultan thing shakes why change the distribution of the salt imagine a lever of salt vinegar vinegar I've gotten the best onions vinegar hat and was very well fried like not be a rough ride you know I don't like him with a big chunky old batter on it not your hand the onion young light light batter actually despite my husband just really good to compliment Hey so for pitting I think we're gonna go for a brownie I feel like no one is enjoying these brownies that's what my still then I'll tell you anyway no that one I might have been true or something a min juice just avocados brownies oh wait wait wait she'll make it that's just the boss accent oi you give that one that man out of them for me honey we're slowly going up on mid-morning so that went up to that bad yeah I had that g8 with a nice oh yeah Tesco is all that one the testers want to write I thought everyone as I recognized his little snack time it's a peach oh it's not a good paint can you I'm gonna pick a better one I hate to live with grace you know for my exertion excursions and I had two of these two it extremes and the most I probably should have bought a whole pack because they're really good but dad please have some you wanna try one you know one before your pliers you have to yes because you had one not to South you I know you oh it's done of eight things back from this morning I say that was just low update and probably won't how those things have dinner now we shouldn't get anybody long young getting hungry died I'm not gonna lie to you you wait into the barbecue every done she does it the new barbecue oh here it is what have we got chef dad the first time it has been used do you think will take some adjusting preparing dad play absolutely your size faster evenings olives how did you feel about the Holland's mmm-hmm he is just so hungry oh yeah they've gone so it's not correct because there right dad rabbana call this ice cream chocolate orange sea salted caramel peanut butter cookie one ice cream of all ice cream you're not having any of this you always need so much of it some expensive ice cream really glass on the end control of the scoops and big bowl doesn't really like a massive you're taking to make you can't say I'm taking the REC I see someone or to the matter is on necklace because the dinner times are our house is so all over the place like one minute people are bicker in the next minute people are laughing in the next minute someone's talking about something random and in litchi can show in this clip so this is family life of the booths but my middle name is Jacob good anything supposed to be known about tolerable is the word popcorn and take that his snack oh good these good I think these one for dad one for me this will be funny I don't think I'm just gonna bring you a snack so I'm going to set this up here and what was your response where's the family back it's a tea smells like kindergarten okay getting the comp we don't even have Kim got in an England I went to kindergarten you undergone oh he lived in America for bread and for anyone that asks there's a lot of you are pretty here he lived in America for a year no but he got this year first of Dane because people have said that today they like the zebra stallion know what's he think of the white talk for for us to do in any way what is it I lived in there water so you decided it was royal the king blue Henry Thanks the history of it um like in common if we should go and visit the first ding I've never been Hawaii but dad knows all the cool spots yeah it's got so we started for the day pretty low and it's gone up yeah anything was better than that I with cinnamon series hopefully to start with cinnamons no one support if we're to start with curiously cinnamon yeah that would have been perfect day like Tara attend a nine out of 10 hmm oh he's into my dairy free food that's awesome hot water it's gonna be too hot very bad man over here it's not water I commend it really hot water fantastic that's very Jennifer is that little baby's pack of these and we just watched a movie so I mean it over savory snack and now I've cracked out the salted popcorn anything a bit hungry yeah didn't know people on Portland beep so it's few days later I just once forget dad's debrief on it it was breakfast was horrendous as you saw absolutely everything horrendous but it was so at 10:00 for breakfast it would be one ok I think I said zero yes the water was palatable it miss – coffee dinner lunch was good which was ok that burrito finger you made some way yeah healthy and enjoyed that hey did you like coconut wafers the chocolate coconut wave they were reasonable the barbecue is that was ok three lots of different ice cream however one was tasteless and water and the best one was Ben and Jerry's peanut butter do you think you could even tell us dairy-free know you could appreciated the little bag of white chocolate but I felt like a kid from year one but you didn't notice go for it you couldn't tell ya cuz they were real with the video already and you are very methodical to her I really haven't the concept is that when he just pause it so I don't think about like thoughtful gamble on like you do that's why I'm not a YouTube sensation you are your YouTube sensation clearly we will see from the like so what Emily likes to be on the other one it's 2,000 that's 60,000 when we ask for 5,000 anything so I really want to film with you cuz I'll see you an art seat sir yeah I want to film me verse you following a Bob Ross tutorial I'd smash it no he would agree in painting you've got a degree in making bread [Laughter] I'm saying yours happens to be a first that's okay but when you're talking about Bob Ross I'm gonna smash it Thank You Jesse that's the pancakes all over again it's like you've never watched it you need to watch it also I'm up for the challenge so what do you say at the end of the vlog have you up from do you remember from last time this is the moment I've been waiting for what do we tell them to do two things watch on review a lot you follow me on Twitter I'm stating the subscribers at the end of a video by Homer let us know what you think that's nice fun yeah and subscribe unsubscribe away and follow me on follow me on youtube on Instagram do you a piece outs out love you love you know love you to know love you beside Ally I don't know what I'm supposed to say jeepers jeepers [Applause] love you bye give him a hint crap I love you Lowe's yeah let me know it's pea sauce by doing oh yeah right say peace out punks be thanked punks so we were just questioning dad what he meant by love youtubers I meant love YouTube because this wooded suburb a great


  1. If you butter the toast first with a generous amount of real butter then add the peanut butter it’s makes it much less dry and very tasty! Most people I suggest this too respond with but u don’t need it coz peanut butter is butter but once they have tried it they never go back and often wonder why they hadn’t thought of it before! I realise You might not be able to do it as u can’t eat lactose but maybe your dad could try it again this way, though I doubt he will. Also side note I too drink hot water during the day 😂

  2. you dont need no proof that he is her father
    for real the amout of things they have in common and the things they laught about and shit holy guacamole absolutely adorable

  3. Watch on, watch a lot, review a lot, and follow me on YouTube.

    That's not a bad outro Grace, you should consider it 😉

  4. You paid £5.50 for cookie dough ice cream?! Clearly your family is a tier above mine. Only have Ben and Jerrys (and other branded things like Kettle Chips or Pringles) when the supermarket has them half price 🤣🤣

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